It's the third month that this battle has been going on. Friends are lost every day, and now I'm bound with my friends from middle school, which I haven't seen for eight years...

The day was September 11th 2019, and after a serious bombing, my helicopter crashed into a jungle not three feet away from an Amerlian camp. And just as I thought that things couldn't get any worse. Out from one of the tents were, Anai, Ruth, and Sliva, and in the middle of them. MY best friends from middle school, was my arch nemesis, Amber. That was a shock; behind me Joli and Ral (both guys) came out of the helicopter.

"Hey Lorelei, you ok?" asked Joli, he was covered in dirt and his red flight scarf was burnt at the end. Joli was about 5'9, had dirty blond hair down to his ears, and had dazzling blue eyes. My childhood friend Kait insisted that he had a thing for me, but I could only see him as a brother.

"WAIT!" came a voice from the smoke, a figure jumped out and landed in front of me; those Ninja moves, no doubt about it. It was Ral. Ral was6'2, good build, he had long black hair tied in a ponytail, and sea green eyes. He wore black cargo pants, and a cream colored t-shirt, with a black as midnight scarf that covered his shoulders and half of his face.

Now, you're probably wondering why I was going into detail with Ral, but not Joli. Well truth be told I really love Ral, he was there when nobody else was, and well I'll just leave it at that.

"Joli I'm fine. Ral what it is? I know who they are even if they are the enemy" I replied and glanced over at Ral. He wouldn't move but relaxed his position a bit.

"Well well well, look what the war dragged into the battle. Little Miss Lorelei, who hmm what was it? Ah that's right, the one who left her BFFs and joined the war without even telling them that's right!" Amber sneered.

"What about you Amber? What are you doing here? Why are they here?!" boy, was Amber pushing my buttons. The only reason I joined the war was because my home country was involved. I didn't plan to be in it for eight whole years!

"Me? Well I'm here for my country, these girls didn't know what to do once you mysteriously disappeared and were put on TV fighting the enemy's enemy.

"Shut up Amber you Bitch, you have no right to say that." She had no idea what I had been through, I had a duty to serve and a home to protect, my parents had been killed in front of me six years ago, and after that it kinda got hazy, until I met Ral and Joli.

Anyways that's a completely different story for a completely different time. Back to the task at hand; Amber was about 5'3, caramel hair up to her shoulders, at the moment she wore sky blue cargo and a lavender long sleeved shirt. Let me tell you, her black pumps and red lipstick did not make her environment fitting. Her eyes were coated in mascara and eye liner. Plus it was hard to see if she had skin or if it was a layer of foundation and blush. Two words to describe her, ick, and gross.

I was about 5'2 ish, and black hair down to mid back, but it was momentarily tied up in a pony tail. My outfit consisted of combat boots, a brown t-shirt, and black cargo pants. on my belt i had 2 pouches, one had a first aid kit and the other had some dried fruit , a lighter, and my piccolo(which i played from time to time). I had a few knives in my boots, and a iron pipe in my hands, but other than that Ral and Joli insisted that they carry the camping gear from time to time.