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Klyde's POV

Marley looked at me for a moment. "Omigod Ky…" She breathed. "You're amazing…" I blinked but then she put her mouth to mine again.

"Marley." I pushed her away but she came barreling back. Those types of girls made me sick. Sometimes I wish I didn't look like that Alexander Ludwig guy from Abercrombie, girls seem to go nuts about it. A little while ago this girl was whispering something about me being her fantasy Alex guy. But I knew how to deal with them now. I pushed her away again and when she pursued my lips again I delicately put my finger to her lips. She stopped for a moment stunned. "This isn't working ok? I don't like you." Marley's eyes saddened. The only side effect was they started crying. I hated seeing a girl cry no matter how desperate they were. Marley didn't exactly cry. In fact it was the total opposite. Her expression changed to pure hatred. She bolted up and darted out of the room. I blinked and got up. I heard an exasperated sigh from the register. Jessica always did that when someone came from the back crying or having a look on their face, mostly a girl. I smoothed out my hair and apron and went through the doors. Jessica gave me the look.

"Marley? Really?" She asked shaking her head. "I imagine you'll have Savannah next?" I snorted and she shrugged. "What?" She said. "I'm only stating the facts. I bet she'll be next in the back."

"It's an educated guess," I said being the smartass I was. "Not a fact."

"No. It's a fact all right. Marley will be going around saying how incredibly sexy you are and Savannah will be all over you."

"She wasn't sad though." I pointed out. "She was really-"

"Look. I don't want to hear it ok?" Was that a depressed expression on her face? I couldn't be so sure. "Sara wants you working or she'll fire you. I don't mind that since I'll get your share as well but I think you do."

"Whatever." I headed to go wait the tables.

Jessica's POV

Why did my life have to be so miserable? Every single freaking time I work here he is here. It absolutely fucking sucks. Erin had suggested this job to me so I could get more money but Sara forgot to take the poster down and blam. Klyde had generously signed up. Now, almost every day, he gets a girl in the back of the shop. It makes me sick. Not only that he makes over three fourths of them cry. I didn't know him that well at school but I heard the rumors about him and girls. Although now I'm like his mother ordering him around to do certain errands for Sara. The shop doesn't walk to Walmart every day to get supplies. I'd be happy if he got fired or quit, even happier if he left and terrorized the girls of the other town. Heck, I think I'm the only girl in the whole town who hates his smartass tone bad boy look and charm.

"Quite the gentleman." A girl giggled paying for her food.

"More like the devils son." I muttered giving her the receipt.

"Why's that?" She asked curiously overhearing though I knew she already knew what I was talking about.

"If you want a ticket to the backroom I can give it to you but I'm afraid there is a whole waiting list full of girls from Western High." She grinned.

"Yes I know. Marley already well informed me." I grinned. I was right.

"And your name?"

"Savannah." Could this day get any better?

"Ah. Savannah." I pretended to look at a list. "You're not on here but would you like to sign up?"


"Have a" -I laughed briefly- "nice day."

"You too." She left.

My eyes followed Klyde as he served tables. Yeah right. I couldn't possibly feel the same way about him…could I?

Klyde's POV

"Ack!" Jessica's hand backhanded my head. "What the hell is that for?" I asked.

"Pay up." She said. There was something on her mind, I could tell, but I didn't know what because her eyes betrayed nothing.

"For what?" I snapped.

"Savannah came in today and is signed up on the list." Jessica said nonchalantly. "Thirty."

"What!? No way!"

"Pfft." Then, for some reason, I saw every riveting detail about her. She was small but broad. Her hair was tied loosely in a messy ponytail and her brown eyes were droopy as if tired but piercing at the same time. Her lips were parted slightly and…no. What the…? She laughed. "Pay up I said. If not there will be a lot more hitting and poking ahead."

"What if I like being hit?" I could tell she fumed. She never liked me when I was like this. But then she smirked.

"Do you?" She raised her hand again. She knew me so well.

"I don't know. Do I?" She smacked me again.

"Ow." I muttered.

"I guess not," she said. "Oh, and make that fifty. Get that to me by tomorrow."

"Wha…?" She left the shop.

Jessica's POV

I didn't mean to hit him. I guess somehow it relieved all my anger, but I didn't exactly know what I was angry about. I was putting napkins on a shelf when I heard them.

"Savannah. How'd you get in here?"

"I remember Jessica giving me a ticket. Am I wrong?"

"Employees only," he said.

"Marley's orders." I was out of sight from them.

"Hmm? I didn't know they went that far."

"They do." I heard clacking.

"Savannah. I. Don't. Like. You. I don't like any of you skanks." I could tell by the tension in the air she was stunned. Although I think that it stunned me as well. "I like someone else." I stepped out from the shadows before anything could happen. They both looked at me for a second but Savannah looked indifferent.

"Who?" She asked.

"What?" I asked trying to sound confused. Klyde shrugged.

"Who?" Savannah asked one more time. Suddenly I was pulled by Klyde towards him and felt his lips against mine. My eyes were wide open in surprise and so were his but his eyes depicted more than just a 'help me get out of this thing' situation. Savannah bolted out the door and I heard tears hit the concrete floor. He kept kissing me for a moment but I pulled away.

"You owe me a hundred. You're lucky it's not a million Klyde." I said kind of bitterly. I went back to my job but somehow I thought all day about him.

Klyde's POV

If I could hide myself in a cave for the rest of my life or cry in a corner I would. She looked at me disgusted when she forced herself away from me. I sighed as I sat on the park bench. The shop was closed because it was Memorial Day. My head was down and I was staring at the dried gum on the sidewalk. I didn't notice the person at first but then I stood up. The person grabbed my arm. "Wait." She said in her normal sweet voice. I looked at her and blinked.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?" I asked curiously.

"For snapping at you yesterday…" Jessica trailed off. "I only did because I was surprised. The truth is…" She couldn't get what she wanted to say off her tongue. "I like you Ky," it was the first time she used my name like that. "I've liked you since you started to work at the shop. Although I know that you like someone else-" I then kissed her before she could finish.

"I like you too." I said between the kisses. "I've always liked you. Even when it came to the hitting me and teasing me." She grinned on my lips.

"Your million dollar dept has been paid off."