A/N - Hi, this is my first story based on norse mythology so i would really appreciate any reviews or criticism you may have (no matter how small). i hope you enjoy and find this story fun to read :)

Chapter 1 – the beginning

In the beginning there was nothing but the yawning void ginnungagap. In the north the 12 elivagar streams flowed from ginnungagap and coalesced, where they froze and became the frigid ice glaciers that made niflhiem. Whilst in the south muspelhiem bloomed forth a sea of fire and lava where volcanoes erupted and sparks of light flew in all directions. This was the earliest universe the dark frozen glaciers of the north and the bright explosive volcanoes of the south kept apart by the vast swirl of power which bore them.

From this state first life was born and the beginning had begun.

From muspelhiem a great volcano rose and shook violently, lava trickled down the rocky slopes of the volcano as the terrain around it quivered. Then as tremors became more violent a huge explosion of fire and lava erupted from the summit. Where the tip of a sword appeared whose blade shone brighter than the lava around it. As the sword rose the tip sloped out to reveal the width of the immense blade, then the strong stone hilt, then the hand, the hand of the first conscience to be born. The hand rose higher still as an arm was freed of the volcanoes summit. The skin of the arm was a dark brown matching the rock of the volcanoes with lines of scarlet creating a web of colour across the hardened skin. The arm reached towards the heavens of muspelhiem bringing forth haunches and shoulders so broad the summit of the volcano swelled larger and larger. The back of the neck was emerging from the rock when the front of the mountain which bore this life convulsed and ruptured forth exposing an entire torso. As rock flew around it the immense being drew its head backwards and let out a shout so loud to shake the terrain once more. The sword still raised in its hand flared so bright that it pierced the void of ginnungagap as a beacon to the beginning of life upon the universe. The shout rippling across muspelhiem causing many more eruptions was long and lingering and echoed even after the being had moved its head forward and shut its mouth ceasing the movement of its throat. The blade of the sword, still flaring, was then directed down and driven into the ground. The being held onto the stone hilt of the sword, lava bubbled around the sword where it cleaved the rock and the surrounding terrain quaked as it heaved itself out of the land. The remains of the volcano shattered allowing the first of its legs to kneel onto the rock. The being then heaved harder still and the second leg was freed from the rock. It stood in the rubble of its birth mountain the web of scarlet veins upon his dark skin pulsing with a vigorous rhythm embedded into its core. It then opened its crimson eyes and looked upon the land which he now inhabited. The first memories where now formed within this first conscience and it took its first step upon its homeland.