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Chapter 4 – Sinmara

"I cannot believe I had to be sent to cover this one" Sinmara said to herself as she climbed the rocks in the direction the pillar of fire had erupted. She reached the top and breathed in deeply.

"I thought that's what lackeys were for" this wasn't the first mountain but nevertheless Sinmara continued. She looked at the sky of dancing sparks and breathed in the air once more. The smell of the charred rock was much thicker now. She was getting closer.

'I hope this one doesn't struggle' Sinmara thought to herself. The fire giantess despised having to fetch new fire giants, let alone carry them back.

'The powerful ones are always interesting though' Sinmara visualised the tower of flames illuminating the sky as she began her decent down the mountain. When she had once again reached the rocky ground she observed the towering mountaintops around her. Sinmara was very tempted to leave this one behind. She didn't like tracking it was boring and a waste for her talents. Not to mention the climbing. Sinmara sniffed the air and found the charred smell came from her left. Sinmara turned and saw to her delight two piles of blackened rocks with a figure collapsed between them.

'Good no more climbing' Sinmara thought to herself as she approached. She looked at the piles of rocks ran her fingers over one of the blackened stones which broke away into dust at her touch.

'I was right this one will be curious' Sinmara then directed her attention to the figure slumped on the ground.

Great. She was carrying this one back whether she liked it or not. As she got closer she realised it was the figure of a man he was defiantly a good one or two heads taller than she and his colouring was different to the others. There was definitely a browner tone to his skin compared to others she had fetched which made the scarlet veins across his skin even more striking. Also unlike other giants and giantesses she had fetched there was no hair on his head. She turned his face with her foot.

"Hmmm not to bad looking either" Sinmara said to herself as she observed every detail of his face. The line of his jaw and prominence of his cheekbones. the width of his mouth and the relaxed expression of his face as he slept. Sinmara leaned in closer for a better look, the grey locks of her hair falling either side of her face.

"You really aren't that bad are you?" Sinmara said to him when she saw a glow out of the corner of her eye.

'What do we have here?' Sinmara turned her head and brushed her hair behind her ear. She saw lying by his side a sword. It was exquisite. The hilt and the blade were the same slate grey colour. Sinmara moved over and picked up the weapon running her hand up and down the blade. The blade had unnatural warmth to it and she noticed it had a slight orange glow that pulsated in a slow rhythm. The sword itself was plain with no carvings on the hilt but the weight and the feel of it in her hand suggested great power.

"I think this will make good compensation for all the mountain climbing to get here" Sinmara said as she began to walk away.

The grit under his fingers. The smell of charred rock in the air. The sound of the volcanoes erupting. All these senses slowly came to Surt as he began to wake. First as a blur as his consciousness came from the black of sleep. Now each sense was clearer under the faint red of his eyelids. Surt opened his eyes and lay there staring at the blackened stones. Behind his eyes memories flickered like embers. A deadly avalanche of stones. The blade of his sword cutting through the air before him. The path of the rockslide cleaved in two as the remainder hurtled either side of him harmlessly.

Surt turned over onto his back and sat up. Surt felt clouded and out of focus. Surt stood up and wiped his hands together to shake off the grit on his fingers.

He felt himself sway on his feet. Surt tried to steady himself but his eyesight became hazier.

"This is a nice trinket you've got here" Surt snapped awake at the sound of another voice. So many emotions welled up within him.

'I'm not alone!' Surt thought with excitement. Surt rubbed his eyes and everything came into focus. The figure was much slender than he was, sat with its legs crossed on a ledge with something glowing in its lap. Surtalogi!

"Give me Surtalogi now" Surt demanded in a panic. He didn't know what it was but he felt violated that someone else was holding Surtalogi. The figure leapt of the ledge and landed in front of him.

"Well that's no manners for a greeting" the figure replied. Putting a hand to its chest it continued

"I am Sinmara"

"I am Surt. Again give back Surtalogi" said Surt imitating the Sinmara's gesture. Sinmara brought Surtalogi up tracing the edge of the blade with her fingers.

"So the sword has a name. Curious" Sinmara said, ignoring the question.

"I said give it back!" Surt raised his voice, becoming angry. He took a step towards Sinmara, instantly his head spun and his sight clouded again. Surt groaned as cupped his head in his hands. Surtalogi bloomed to life in Sinmara's hands. She marvelled at the colour pulsating from the sword.

"You really shouldn't get too irritated I don't think you have the energy for that after the power you displayed earlier" Sinmara said matter-of-factly turning her head to look at Surt who was now on his knees.

"Just give me my sword. Please" Surt groaned. Sinmara dropped Surtalogi to the ground and kicked it across the ground to Surt.

"See what happens when you ask nicely?" turning her head to the side. "How did you get a sword like that?" Sinmara asked. Surt picked up Surtalogi and instantly the cloudiness was cleared from him mind. He stood once again and felt rejuvenated and much less panicked.

"I assume you are feeling better?" Sinmara said mockingly. Now that Surt was much more composed he could take in the figure before him. Sinmara was certainly different to him. Her voice had a lighter tone compared to his own deep gravelly voice. As he looked at her up and down the differences didn't stop there her body was a cascade of curves compared to his square, blocky build. Her skin was coal-black laced with ruby red veins. He was stunned by the clear orange colour of her eyes and further amazed by the grey locks that flowed from her head. Not to mention her body was hugged by an ankle length grey dress that looked like it was made of stone but flowed with her movements like silk.

"Are you a different creature to me? And what are you wearing?" Surt asked.

"Ah. Very quick with questions I see" Sinmara looked at Surt with patronising eye's.

"Although I've never been asked those questions before so I guess I will answer them. I am not another creature we are fire giants however you are a male and I am a female. As you have noticed the..." Sinmara paused putting her hands on her hips "differences"

"As for my dress it's to make sure the other gender doesn't stare" Sinmara raised an eyebrow her eye's drifting down to indicate at Surt's nakedness. Surt looked down at himself. He never thought of 'covering up' he didn't see it as necessary since there was no-one else around.

"So by other gender does that mean there are others? Did someone else make your dress?" Sinmara looked toward the ground.

"No. I've been travelling around for a long time now. I made the dress myself using my magic" Surt found it curious she felt the need to wear clothes if there was no one around maybe the female of their race thought differently? What intrigued him the most was the mention of 'magic'

"What is magic?" Surt asked.

"Hmm, I think your reaching your limit on answers for now however I can give a demonstration if you're that desperate" Sinmara replied exasperated. She took a step back from Surt and raised her arms. Sinmara then took in a deep breath, closing her eyes and raising onto the tips of her toes. Abruptly she dropped to her heels and exhaled. As she did so a whorl of sparks surrounded her and danced up into the sky. Surt stared in wonder as the sparks continued to dance, bouncing of the mountains and the ground around them. The sparks continued their eye-capturing scene until they eventually faded and Sinmara opened her eyes.

"That was impressive Sinmara. I've never seen something so amazing" Surt praised.

"That was only a minor show of my abilities" Sinmara dismissed with a wave of her hand. She started walking towards the blackened rocks behind Surt and waved her hands over them.

"What are you doing?"

Sinmara turned and looked at Surt "making clothes I'm not going to be looking at you naked while we're travelling together"

Surt was taken aback at the sudden invitation.

"Why? You only just met me. I thought I was the only living thing in existence until now surely it must be the same for you?"

The pile of rocks before Sinmara began to mould together and take shape of a tunic and trousers. She took the garments and lifted them before Surt.

"Put these on they should fit. Because you interest me and even though I have my abilities I still need a certain amount of brawn"

Surt took the clothes from Sinmara and dressed. They felt light and comfortable on his skin. He paced in front of Sinmara. They didn't restrict any movement and he liked the dark black of them. He could get used to wearing these. He then turned his attention back to the woman in front of him.

"Brawn? But if we are the only fire giants in existence then there is no threat" Surt pointed out

"Until now you didn't know I existed so something might be out there that needs the two of us to combat" she lightly slapped Surt's face mockingly.

"That's why your brawn you can't handle brains" Surt felt insulted by this.

"What if I decide not to go with you since I don't feel like be patronised all the time" Surt retorted.

Sinmara turned on her heel and started to walk away "unfortunately you don't have choice. Come on" She called behind her clicking her fingers. Surt was shocked by her sudden departure and decided he may as well have some company while he explores the land that's his job to protect. So with a huff Surt started walking after Sinmara.