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The Future That I Want

Chapter 1: This is Me and This is What I Want

Year 2027.

Technology had changed and developed so much that even the most impossible tasks were made possible. Of course, some of these technologies were never released to the public to avoid breaking the balance of the world in which they all lived in. People were also more conscious in taking good care of their natural resources while still able to have the super high-tech machinery and devices they all love to use. The children of this age had more benefits and knowledge of how the technology of this age goes. And one of these children would be Francine.

Francine, if you look at it, would be just one of those girls in a class who was obsessed with technology… and science as well. She loved inventing things… while most of them don't really turn out to what she expected… some of her inventions actually work. Lately, she also had been developing a device in which aside from her and her family, only her best friend, Hannah, knows.

What really made Francine stood out from her class was how she had two mothers and no father at all. She was one of those children who were born utilizing science's advanced technologies. While some thought it was weird, others thought it was amazing.

Her parents, were quite strange as well. They had their own quirks as well.

First her birth mother, to where Francine was conceived. Francine always called her 'Mama-san' as her birth mother was highly interested in anything that was Japanese, especially anime and manga. Her Mama-san was also working part-time drawing comics of a series that was plotted even before Francine was born.

Next would be her second mom, whose cells were converted into a sperm cell so that it could be injected into her birth mother to be able to conceive a child. Francine would refer to her as 'Mom' as her Mom was always so serious with her work and always looked so formal. Her Mom was actually a CEO of a company leading today's technology advancement, the Rustford Business Technology Company.

Francine's Mama-san, Avegaille Stewart, and Francine's Mom, Nicole May Rustford… the two of them had gone through a lot before they got married and eventually coming to where they were now today.

Francine Nicholai Stewart-Rustford… that was her full name… the Nicholai part was her Mama-san's fault as she didn't know it was a masculine name. But no one really cared anyway. Of course, some people would just call her Francine or her nickname 'Nikki'. Either way was fine with her.

Francine also had a little sister. She would be Lanette Monica Stewart-Rustford. Lanette was only four years old as of this year. What was more interesting with her little sister was that she was mute. She only relied on the netbook she carried around to communicate with people around it. She had to type what she wanted to say for people to read it or hear it if Lanette chose to have the auto-audio mode so that the netbook's software would read it out through the speakers. She was still learning how to read and transcribe the words she heard into written text. There was another secret about Lanette that only her Mom knew, as Nicole May was the one who conceived her.

And all of them lived in a small town called Centralville.


After school, at Centralville Middle School… one of the public schools in the town whose reputation has grown due to its students excelling in various competitions. The same school Francine's parents attended when they were her age. Francine was walking home together with her best friend, Hannah Parker. The two of them planned on spending time doing their homework together at Francine's place.

Francine had known Hannah since they were three-years-old. Unlike the other kids at school, Hannah had a unique two-toned hair. Her bangs her blonde while the rest were black. Other kids thought she was some kind of rebel because of this. Hannah couldn't care less and just went with her life as normal. But Hannah had a tendency to grope Francine's breasts to surprise her, which embarrasses Francine especially if Hannah does it in public.

"So, what do you think Francine? Shall we do History homework first so it'll be easier to do the rest later?"

"Eugh… not History… I don't see the point of studying what happened in the past when it was already finished…"

While Francine excelled in majority of her subjects, History was always, and had always been her problem since she started going to school. The thought of studying past things wasn't her interest and preferred looking forward to future events and developments of life as we speak.

"Hey, don't say that, you know how your parents are going to be furious if you keep neglecting the subject."

Hannah was too concerned for her best friend. She knew how Francine's parents, especially her Mom, would react once they found out that Francine failed her History tests again. It happened a couple of times when Hannah was staying at Francine's place… she also witness how scary Francine's Mom was.

"Eh… Mom's too busy to even care…"

Francine looked really irritated after saying that and she folded her arms across her chest. With her Mom busy with her business meetings and workload for project developments, Francine rarely spends time with her Mom. It was always her and her Mama-san that got along the most. Her Mama-san was more laid-back and less strict and she shares the same sentiments as Francine when it comes to the History subject. Both of them didn't like it.

"Even so, your Mama-san is concerned about you getting an earful from your Mom…"

"I suppose… well, as long as you help me out, it should be okay…"

Hannah sighed with relief after hearing that from Francine. Both of them were nearing their destination. A subdivision within the town itself, a couple of miles away from their school, which was developed years ago before they were born and basically owned by the Rustfords, was where they lived. The subdivision was built for security purposes… not just for Francine and her family, but also her parents' friends and their family. The security in this subdivision alone was very tight. At least, they could experience peace and not worry too much of bad things happening.

Not that it would happen anyway.

The town itself had a little or no major crimes happening. Well, save for a couple of visitors that come from other cities or town which plot to do crimes but get pinned down by the police quickly anyway.

The two of them had to pass through the gate of the subdivision. The guard was keeping an eye of who goes in and out and also the gateway had advanced digital technology which scans for an ID, a card with a microchip which includes all of your data and identifies if you were a resident of the subdivision. If not, you had to secure a visitor's ID which the residents themselves have to give out if they want that person visiting them.

After going through all that, they were able to reach their destination. While Francine's Mom was super rich that the subdivision basically belonged to her family, well, her grandparents at least, their house was average. Simple enough like all of the houses in the subdivision. Enough to fit all of them as well as a couple of guests visiting… which Francine had always wondered. Usually rich families would have fancy houses and all… or even a mansion. But it wasn't the case with them.

The thing was, her Mom wanted a simple life as she had been spoiled too much when she was her age. Mansions weren't her thing as she and her parents, who were now Francine's grandparents, were living in one back then. Too much room and little people living on it made it hard for Nicole May. Now, this mansion still existed, but at the other side of town. Francine also visits her grandparents over there once every month.

Eventually, the two of them ended up in Francine's room. Francine's room was quite unique… as she opted to have her room to where their basement used to be. Half of the area was basically her workshop to where she built her inventions. The other half was of course, her room. It also had another area for her personal bathroom. All of those were built and furnished within a week as soon as Francine declared she wanted to change her room to have more space in it.

Her old room was now being used by her little sister. Even before that, the two of them used to share the same room as Lanette was too scared of sleeping by herself. Eventually, Lanette got used to sleeping alone in a room and was now granted to have her own room.

One problem was that Francine didn't have any windows in her room aside from a small glass window which was near the top of the bookshelf, basically for some light to come in her room but it was tightly shut anyway. At least, her room was remodeled to be well ventilated and have a heater and cooler when she needed to adjust the right temperature.

The stairs in her room lead to the hallway to where the front door was, as well as the kitchen and living room. Somehow, it was easier for her to have her room to where the basement used to be. Easy access to places she needed to go to. Now, all of the things that used to be in the basement were moved to the attic.

Francine flopped on her bed while she tossed her bag on the floor. Hannah, on the other hand, took one of Francine's study chairs and sat down on it. She also placed her bag next to Francine's.

"I should continue the development of the time remote…"

Francine rolled over until she was facing the ceiling. Then, she sighed.

"Well, maybe when we're done with homework, you can start working on that again…"

Of course, Hannah was very puzzled the first time Francine decided to invent the 'time remote'. Basically, it was a time machine which required inputting the date that you want to visit in the past or even in the future on a device that looked like one of the television remote controls. Francine had already been working on this since she was six-years-old after encountering some notes and blueprints from her Mom's office, which was another room in their house.

"I don't know Hannah… I mean… it's nearing its completion and all… I'm just making a couple of more tests and see what happens."

"Hey Nikki, how about this?"

Hannah quickly took Francine's bag from the floor and opened it. Then, she took out one of her notebooks.

"Focus on your homework for today, 'cause once you're finished with all of them, you have the whole weekend to work on your time remote. After all, today's a Friday…"

"Maybe later… I'm feeling sleepy right now…"

She yawned and slowly closed her eyes. Eventually, she fell asleep, leaving Hannah staring in shock and felt speechless.

"Francine… you always have to be like this, don't you?"

Hannah could not help but stare at her exasperatedly and sweat-dropped.


"Hey, hey, Nicole May… tomorrow's Saturday, don't tell me you'll lock yourself in your office the whole day finishing your work…"

Avegaille pouted while she folded her arms across her chest and sat down on the sofa. Next to her was Nicole May, who apparently was too busy typing on her laptop. Avegaille was able to convince Nicole May to get out of the office so they could spend some time together, but Nicole May still had to bring her laptop with her. The two of them were now in the living room.

"I mean, you're the CEO, you should let them do these work… not you…"

"There are some things that I can't let people do for me, Avegaille…"

With that being said, Nicole May continued typing on her laptop again and the glasses she was wearing was shining that her eyes couldn't be seen. Avegaille always had a difficult time spending time with her wife ever since Nicole May was appointed the CEO of the company that her father owned. In reality, half of the shares of that company really belonged to Nicole May ever since the company started and when Nicole May's biological parents passed away, as the company was started by Douglas Rustford, Nicole May's legal father, and Kenneth Stephens, Nicole May's biological father.

Then, Avegaille quickly took the laptop off Nicole May and put the lid down. She looked irritated while doing so. Nicole May on the other hand, looked surprised and then noticed Avegaille's expression.

"Avegaille… give that back…"

"No… I'm not giving this back to you until the weekend is over… and I'm also locking your office so you can't get inside…"

"Geez Avegaille, you don't have to go that far… let me save it first and then I'll do what you want me to do…"

Avegaille slightly opened the lid of the laptop and looked at what Nicole May was working on. It was apparently some research work that even she couldn't understand. She knew at least how to save it, which she just did.

"There, I saved it for you… now will you just listen to me for once?"

Nicole May sighed and gave up. She did know she was neglecting her time with her wife with all the work she had been doing lately. It was just this weekend after all.

"Okay, so what plans do you have in mind for us to enjoy the weekend?"

Nicole May stared at Avegaille mischievously. If Avegaille had something planned already, then she would be very surprised. Knowing Avegaille though, that never happened.

"Eh… um…"

Avegaille kept quiet and just realized that she never really planned anything. She just wanted Nicole May to get off work-mode so they could spend some time together. She was the type who would just go with the flow and had no exact plans in mind. Nicole May was quite the opposite. Her whole day was organized and everything had to be set in place, from the time she wakes up until she goes to sleep.

"I knew it, you didn't plan anything… that's it, give me back my laptop!"

Nicole May gestured her hand in front of Avegaille to hand over her laptop.

"No, I'm not giving it back! I'll think of something, just you wait…"

Avegaille quickly wrapped her arms around the laptop to prevent Nicole May from grabbing it from her. Then, Avegaille stood up and faced Nicole May while she was thinking.


"Um… okay, how about we watch a movie together?"

Nicole May looked exasperated upon hearing that.

"Boring… you know I don't like the movies that come out in theaters these days…"

"Eh… true… they all suck anyway… how about just going to the mall in general? I want to take a good look of all the new stuff that came out… and play at the arcade!"

"Avegaille, you're thirty-seven years old… you're not twelve anymore…" Nicole May muttered and sighed.

"Eh… but I can still think like one, right?" Avegaille smiled innocently.

"Geez, forget it… fine we'll do that tomorrow… what I am more concerned about is who will be watching over Francine and Lanette while the two of us are out…"

"Um… we can have Naz around since her daughter is sleeping over with Francine anyway…"

"Naz will be busy tomorrow as well with her work, that's the reason why Hannah is sleeping over with Francine in the first place."

"I'm pretty sure they can handle themselves… I mean it's not like they'll make a mess and destroy the house while we're away…"

Nicole May folded her arms across her chest and leaned her back against the sofa. She was actually more concerned about Lanette, as the kid was only four years of age. Considering Francine's attention span, in which Francine completely ignores everything once she gets started on something, there wouldn't be anyone watching over Lanette.

"I'm more worried about Lanette… but I suppose I can ask Hannah to help watch over her in case Francine starts working on her inventions again…"

"Eeh… she really inherited her smarts from you… didn't she?"

"Yeah… I guess… but she inherited majority of your traits as well… like always procrastinating, having a short attention span… and sometimes being too oblivious and naïve."

"You say that like it's a bad thing…"

Avegaille pouted while Nicole May chuckled slightly. It had been a long time since the two of them talked like this. Nicole May felt like it was just like the time the two of them got together back in high school… or even the days that they spend together during middle school.


"Hnng, what… happened?"

Francine slowly sat up her bed and rubbed her eyes. She looked around and then saw Hannah sitting on the carpeted floor, leaning her back on the bed, and reading a book.

"Morning, sleepyhead…"

"Waah! It's morning already?!"

Francine panicked and quickly got off her bed and started pacing around. Hannah chucked as she put down the book she was reading. The sight of Francine panicking was one of her favorite things to see. It was still a Friday… night though.

"Geez calm down, I was just kidding… you were asleep for three hours…"

Francine stopped pacing around and turned to Hannah.

"Eh… it hit me again…?"

"Your narcolepsy… yep… it did…" Hannah nodded slowly and smirked after that. "Wanna know what I've been doing while you were sleeping?"

"Whaaa, don't tell me you've been touching me again, you pervert!"

Francine's face started turning red while she looked at Hannah furiously.

"What? Hmm, maybe… maybe not…" Hannah slightly turned away from Francine with a smug look in her face.

"Don't tell me you admit of doing such thing?!"

Hannah then turned back to Francine and was laughing loudly. While it was true she had tendencies to grope Francine's breasts, she would never do that to Francine while she was sleeping. In fact, she would get in trouble with Francine's parents if she attempted such thing.

"Haha, Nikki, you're too funny! I would never do that to you while you're sleeping… I was just doing my homework while you were asleep!"

Francine stared at Hannah blankly after hearing that. She still felt that she couldn't trust what Hannah just told her, but by looking at the books and some papers cluttered around Hannah, what she just told her seemed believable.

"Fine, I believe you… okay, I think I can start on doing my homework now…"

"Good to hear then, look here, I also made you an outline you can follow so you can do your History homework much faster…"

Francine went closer to Hannah and Hannah handed over to her a sheet of paper. Francine read each line written on the paper and eventually gave up. The topics written on the paper bored her too easily. She handed the paper back to Hannah.

"Hey Francine, for someone who is making a time machine, you sure don't seem interested with what the past has… Well, not that I like the subject but at least, I can deal with it."

"But that's the sole reason why I'm building the time remote… I don't want to read it on books and papers alone, I want to experience them! Once this is finished, we'll get to see what really happened with our own eyes!"

"Eh, whatever you say then…"


End of Chapter 1

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