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Summary: A young girl, Jaena, is the leader of a huge band of thieves and assassins in an old medieval town. Her father has given her control and she is overwhelmed. She either has to find a way to bring these unruly men into a better way of life or watch her city become the harbor of all evil.

Chapter 1: Leader of Shadows (ok name?)

It was early one morning and if I had been a normal girl, I would have been asleep, curled up in the comfort and safety of my own bed. If I had been normal, everything would be different. But I'm not normal so I found myself scrubbing hard at the wood floors of the Countess of Terrowin City, the great city of the Ancients.

Castle Terrowin has many courtyards and cloisters dotting its magnificent architectural genius. However, to clean the large castle, one must have many servants.

Some servants have come willingly and are paid the most; they hold the least nasty jobs and the more preferable- setting the table, tending to the other women about the castle (they really don't have that many needs). Then, when the Count found that he didn't have enough men and women to clean the rooms of the Castle to immaculate perfection, he began the Dark Days.

The Dark Days took about a month, but lead to pain to any affected. Children as young as four and five were taken from their homes (only the poor families, of course) and were sent to clean the house. This is why I am in the Castle- the Count's army took me from my home when I was fourteen.

I was broken from my reverie of thoughts by the shrill voice of the young Head Housekeeper, Matilda. She was ancient, probably having seen the fall and rise of every city in every nook and cranny of Pardothiel. She was screaming at one of the girls, Maeve, from across the hall where we were working. I threw myself into the work, determined to scrub every bit of floor possible so that I wouldn't be beat by her or the guards sent by the Count to keep us controlled.

When her footsteps began to pass me, I let out a breath I didn't know I'd been holding. Then the loud echoing thuds ended and she was silent. Everything was silent except for my breathing, which I instantly silenced.

The footsteps continued away and I slowly let my breath out. I was safe.

That night, I was woken up to soft footsteps through the dark bedroom. I looked around, pushing myself up to take in the dark. My eyes took a while to adjust to the darkness, but when they did, I found that everything seemed to be normal. The footsteps had stopped.

The room was small, with a vaulted ceiling, held up by great dark wooden beams. There were many beds and pallets all over the room, housing the thirty or so servants that stayed in the room. I got up, looking around curiously. I had to know what the footsteps were- everyone in the castle was asleep by now.

I stood and started to walk to the door. I touched the large door and put my hand on the handle. Shuffling started behind me from farther in the room and I turned around, my eyes wide. "Who-" I started seeing a small person in leather sneaking up behind me. They jumped at me and silenced me but put their hand over my mouth.

They were strong and they repositioned their hand over my mouth and nose, effectively cutting off my breathing. I started to see spots in the corner of my vision and soon all I could see was black as I fell into unconsciousness.

I woke up again to be in a dark room, locked up easily by a large metal door. The room obviously wasn't used much and it had rubble strewn across the edges. I was dirty and it was cold in the room. Then the door opened and someone stepped in.

"Jaena?" They asked in a deep voice. He was bigger than me but had long black hair with the most beautiful blue eyes ever. He was around my age- eighteen. He was lithe, not big like many of the men in the Castle. He was graceful, very quiet in the way he walked.

I pulled away into the corner of the room, my back pressing against the very cold stone. "H-how do you know m-my name?" I stammered, scared that he'd kill me, scared I'd never see another day.

"I won't hurt you." He whispered softly, extending his hand out to me, smiling slightly.

I watched him, waiting for him to attack me. Hurt me, beat me. But nothing happened. All he did was watch me, hand out. "I have something to tell you, Jaena." He told me, instead of answering my earlier question.

"What?" I whispered, not trusting the man in front of me.

He laughed and went to the wall near me, sliding to the ground and looking up at me. "Your father is dead and he has left you the Silent Ones, a guild for thieves and assassins."

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