Summary: After her sister died in a car crash, Annastasia Thompson is sent to a relative's house. She begins a new school, in a new city, with someone she'd never met before. Anna meets a boy- Xavier- who makes her feel like everything is right and perfect in the world. But when a dark stranger, Nikolas Wood, comes to the school, Anna's world begins to fall apart.

Chapter 1: As Pain Is Called (bad name, please give ideas)

I hurried to get ready for school, knowing I was already late. My sister was complaining that I was being too slow and that I should hurry so we can get to school on time. I couldn't wait until I was sixteen so that I could drive myself.

"Hurry!" She screamed, flicking her long, perfectly straight blonde hair back. "We're going to be late and I want to talk with Max before school starts!" She stomped her foot, pouting in front of the door. She was wearing a tight-fitting cheerleader's outfit. It was black and had golden accents. The skirt was too short and the front was too low-cut. "Finally!"

We left and I curled into my jacket as she drove us to school. I didn't speak and neither did she. The school wasn't far- thank god. We lived in a small town, of about two thousand. When we stopped, she quickly jumped out and was gone before I'd even exited the car. I laughed softly under my breath, Brianna never wanted to be near me in public.

I got out and walked to the school, pulling my backpack onto my shoulder. I grabbed my iPod and pulled out the earbuds, slipping them into my ears. Anything to drown out the sound of all the conversations.

As I walked into the school, my eyes slipped over the multitudes of people- everyone was clearly split up. There was some intermingling but they all mostly stuck to who was most like them- there were four tables in the corner where a bunch of the more popular people were sitting, the table with the stoners, the table of geeks with cards strewn out, then my friend's table beside them.

I threw my backpack on the table, not caring to get a chair for the five minutes that we would be here. I only got the last snippet of conversation, which didn't make any sense. I looked away and sighed softly. All I could think was that they could never understand me. They weren't really my friends. I took a deep breath and watched them all hug each other before I turned and left for my locker.

That afternoon, Brianna went to drive me home before she went to one of her friends houses, Bethany's. She was talking about Max and everything about the games, something I've never cared about. I slipped my earbuds in when she wasn't looking. Music blared into my ears so I could no longer hear her.

That's when it happened. I looked up to see another car heading straight for ours. Brianna swerved the car and I could barely hear her scream as we faced a steep hill. The car turned and I saw the world twirl as the car rolled. "No!" I screamed as I put my hands on my head and turned my face away.

An earbud fell out and I heard Brianna scream, "Annastasia!" We rolled once and the car rammed into a tree. We were upside down and I groaned, crying. I pulled the other earbud out and looked to my side as much as I could. There was a pain in my neck.

"Brianna..." I felt empty. Her eyes were closed and there was blood in her hair. Blood falling down her face. Blood everywhere. Blood, blood, blood... I moaned and tried to move but realized there was no feeling in my legs. Slowly, my vision went black.

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