"Oh please, please, please, can we keep her?" Xipil begged for what seemed like the fifteen-billionth time.

"Xipil," I said slowly, "You can't just pick a cat off the streets and call it yours. We can't keep her."

"But she doesn't have a home! She's doesn't have anyone to keep her happy! She needs-"

Before my sister could go back into rant-mode –which could last for a while, that girl could talk nonstop for hours –I gently took the cat out of her arms and started walking towards the front door of our apartment.

"No!" She screamed, her voice resembling that of a threatened screech owl.

I stopped, only to use my free hand – of course, the tiny kitten only took up one hand – to rub at my temples. I could feel a headache coming in fast.

"Xipil, it's not practical. She looks half dead already, and we shouldn't lengthen the journey for her. We could be hurting her more than helping her." I said, opening the front door.

I could hear my baby sister sobbing in the living room, but I wouldn't let it get to me. We couldn't keep the kitten. That was final.

I walked out of the apartment and went down the hallway to the stairs, taking them two at a time until I reached the ground floor. I went out the front door of the building and made a sharp left turn, heading towards the alley we had found the kitten in.

As I walked, I happened to glance down at the creature I was holding. It's eyes were half-closed, as if it was falling asleep, but its ears, though torn and ripped, still swiveled around, listening to the sounds of the city. Even though its eyeslids were drooping, I could see the crystal-clear blue beneath the coat of grime that fogged her eyes. The left one was so foggy-looking that the blue was an icy shade. I guessed that the cat was blind in that eye, which made me pity it.

I keep calling her an it...she's female, I might as well call her 'her' and 'she'. I thought.

She had blue-ish gray fur and a white belly, along with four white socks on her tiny paws. She was so small...I could literally hold her in one hand alone. She looked more like a blue-ish hamster than a cat. She was extremely thin, too. I could count the ribs protruding from her sides. And she looked so pathetic, alone. I was right when I said she looked near-death, if she wasn't already on her way. But as I looked at her, I realized that she reminded me of Xipil.

She was alone, no family, and was probably scared out of her wits, just too weak to show her fear. And those eyes...Even though one was clouded, they looked to be very clear blue, with lighter specks.

I thought back to when I left the Clan with Xipil. She was so young, so scared. Back then, I had helped her. I shuddered to think of what would have happened to Xipil if I hadn't taken her with me.

I glanced down at the cat again. She would surely die if I left her in the alley where I had originally found her. It seemed cruel, for someone who hadn't even gotten a chance at life to die.

I finally came tot he conclusion that I should keep it, but only until it was healthy enough to live on its own or to go a pet store.

Turning on my heel, I headed back to the apartment. I wasn't sure if I was making the right desicion or not, but I couldn't bear the thought of leaving the poor scrap alone to die.