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The disappearance of Shadows

Inherited, but no one knows

The power of Trinity

The power of Infinity

By strength of the Sacred Ten

And few ways to truly mend

An unbending will of strength and pride

A decision made by sorrow and lies

With One Alive

None Survive

- The Prophecy of Trinity/The Ancient Prophecy

SHENEV STOOD ON a lonely dirt plain. Wind blew dust across the ground and carried whistling from the trees miles away to his elven ears. His eased his silver sword from the scabbard on his back.

Calibur had served him well ever since he first forged it at age thirteen. It had been over five centuries since then.

He had outlived his children. He had outlived their children, and even his great-grandchildren. After the incident, he doubted there were even any of his descendents left alive, save for those of the Elven Queen Line.

There was a hissing noise as his adversary unsheathed his weapon as well. Standing opposite of Shenev was…himself.

Or what he considered to be himself. He had, in all aspects, created the feared and hailed monster of all monsters: Typhon.

It was almost a mirror image, the only difference being that the…thing standing opposite of him was grinning maniacally. A dark purple smoky aura surrounded him, tendrils floating off of it and dissolving in the air. Its eyes glowed red, versus Shenev's copper-brown ones.

"Well, I didn't think you'd come, fake me," Typhon cackled.

Shenev didn't reply. He knew the only way to defeat this demon was to give his life, which he would willingly do without regret. He had done so much and had lived so long. He had discovered the Univerms, founded the Agency and become its very first Consul, given birth to two royal lines, one of which was now deceased, made hundreds of new spells, and lived to hear the Prophecy Of Trinity. And there was nothing to fear in death anyways. He had prepared himself to die a century ago, and he knew when he did, he would only pass on to the Heavens of the Spirit Univerm.

"Are you ready to die?" Typhon asked, gathering his Chii.

Shenev knew with a single swipe of his hand, Typhon could make the twenty-mile wide plain they were standing on into a crater. But he didn't fear for himself or any others. The power was his own, after all.

"Whenever you are," Shenev replied, already performing the starting handsigns for one of his advanced techniques.

Unlike most of his other spells designed for normal use, this was one of the Forbidden Techniques, sealed away in scrolls. It would no doubt be lost over time, but for now they were safe in the palace, though they weren't called forbidden for nothing. They were so powerful. So powerful in fact, that even extremely advanced Chii control wouldn't cut it. The Chii had to be concentrated even more to generate the power and energy needed for these kinds of attacks. Shenev was the only one who had ever been able to use more than one technique in a fight without killing himself.

Typhon frowned. "You don't plan to kill yourself do you?" he asked. "You're forgetting; I know you. I am you. I know you despise death. I know you won't kill yourself. Go ahead and prove me wrong."

Shenev only smirked. He channeled one final burst of Chii throughout his body and into the landscape surrounding their two figures. The ground cracked around them, curving over to land on top of them.

Typhon looked around himself frantically before setting a hateful glare upon Shenev. "This will come back to haunt you!" he exclaimed angrily. "I will come back in another, and I will make you watch as I fell the Spirit Univerm!"

"Just like me," Shenev muttered bitterly. He hated it, but he knew it was true. With his last efforts, he mentally transported the Scared Nine away from the plain to a safe location where the elves would eventually find them.

Then everything went white.

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