The Beach

The beach

the sun

The sand

The waves crashing

Crash, crash, crash

Like a machine

God is watching

Crash, crash

Heaven for a moment descends to earth

I'm Not Sorry

My first words as a child were "I'm sorry" and they have been my sword

and shield ever since.

Well guess what: I'm throwing them away.

Let the pinpricks of reality do their worst…I'm ready.


For feeling lonely and left out.

For hating Christmas.

For sensing hostility and responding

For indulging myself.

For avoiding people who upset me

For standing on my own two feet

I'm not sorry.

I'm not sorry for trying to find out who I am and exploring the world.

I'm not sorry for ignoring advice, even if it was right.

I'm not sorry.

The Look

Daring to hope,

daring to dream-

looking at the angelic face,

a glint in the eyes,

a secret smile.

Wishing for a pink rose

in the breast pocket,

looking for love

is a dangerous game.

The silent courtship:

A friendly smile-

what does it mean?

A look-

what can it be interpreted as?

Wishing, hoping…

I Dreamed a Dream

I dreamed a dream of being held,

nice warm arms, reaching around me, holding me.

I dreamed a dream:

warmth, love, banter, laughter.

I dreamed a dream:

embraces, eternal love, love unchained without the lock or key,

I dreamed a dream

where shouting, fighting melted away.

I dreamed a dream then I woke up but

the warmth of the dream stayed with me like a blanket

It's Time

The hands on the clock are frozen

I feel I am in an airless vacuum

I need the nourishment of love, forgiveness and honesty

I want the hands to start moving again

I forgive all wrongs and I hope that my trespasses will be forgiven

Please God, breathe into the clock

And breathe on me

So the hands on the clock can move

Shaving off Grandpa

Shaving my beard and watching the hairs fall onto the white napkin

Each one meaning fear, anger, love, hate, relief, reunion departure

Shaving off Grandpa.

Cleansing, redeeming

Each hair lost brings me closer to him

To his goodness

Not the darkness that overtook him

Shaving off Grandpa

Watching the hairs fall

Like snowflakes

Each one represents a wish made.

A wish torn to pieces

Shaving off Grandpa