Blue is.

It is the endless possibilities of the skies that stretch from one horizon to the other, over which nothing else exists and where we always look to to cleanse us of our worries.

It is the vast seas and those waves that roll in and wash away the sand into a clean slate under which lies virtual total darkness and where resides the great unknown.

It is the sky that watches over us and the mystery of our Earth. The things that keep us safe and keep us wondering.

It is the peaceful calm we feel when looking at a waterfall. The unchanging truth, an undeniable fact. It is the tranquility of feeling rain fall and wash over your body.

It is every teardrop rolling down your cheek. In blissful joy or in desolate anguish. And the features of the river as the seasons pass.

It is freedom and the endless choices. The solitary journey. The view of home from space. Nostalgia.

It is the muse of every musician.

It is courage and hesitation.

It is where angels fly. And to where those who die go.

It is the tenderness of the soul and our every emotion.

It is nothing at all and yet means many things.

It is the memories we hold dear and all we keep near.

It is the elemental color that holds its seat between yellow and red.

It is the iciness of winter and the sparkle of summer. The warmth of spring and the chill of fall.

It is the sapphire of the word of God. And the joy, faith, hope and protection it always brings.

It is the blurred distance we can never reach. And the longing we feel when we have the need.

It is four letters that say too much yet haven't said enough.

Blue is blue.

Blue is.