Hey guys this is the Scatman with my first ever story! My username was Spikepain if you have read any of my poetry. I will still be writing some poetry when I see fit but I am determined to finish this story before I start any big projects. I may still do a poetry series though. So please R&R and no flames please. And I would love if some fellow authors would be so kind as to help me with my writing and if I made any mistakes. Thanks guys. And at this point I am pretty sure you are tired of my blabbering, so without further ado I present: The first chapter of The Dark Guardian!

Chapter 1

A young man no older than 18 sat at in a tavern in the small town Dexon, which was near the border of Agrova, in a long black cloak with a dark hood. He was drinking at the bar when the door was suddenly kicked open and bandits rushed in. This was, sadly, common for the town of Dexon because there was a thief's guild here. Everyone ducked under tables and tried to hide their wallets, but to no avail. They were all brought out and what little gold they had was taken. Most people ran out or hid, except for the one last man, who was still sipping his drink at the bar calmly. One of the bandits walked over and slapped the drink out of his hand.

"Give us your money boy!" the bandit yelled. The man just reached across the counter and picked up his cup, and then grabbed a bottle down the bar and poured it into his glass. Then raised it to take a drink. The bandit went to slap it again but the boy held up a hand and stopped his hand in air. He downed the rest of his glass and put the cup down.

The bandit wretched his hand free and drew his dagger. He stabbed it into the table and shattered the bottle the man was reaching for. The man said from beneath his dark hood "I was going to drink that." His voice was gruff. The bandit smirked.

"Well you have to pay for those drinks" he held out his hand "so pay up." The man again seemed unaffected and he slowly picked up his drinking glass. He looked at it, as if looking for a flaw, and then suddenly lashed out with lightning speed and shattered the glass on the bandit's head. The man fell to the ground unconscious.

The other three thieves in the room were shocked, to say the least. One recovered faster than the others and he drew his small hatchet and said angrily "You're going pay for that." The other two drew their weapons, which included another hatchet and a sword. The man slowly stood, the hood still covering his face, and didn't move. Finally, the first bandit recovered and swung his hatchet.

The man waited until he was close and then raised his arm and revealed a steel-plated gauntlet, which seemed to cover all of his hand like a fingerless glove and most of his arm, and deflected the blow. Then uppercutted the man in the chin and knocked him unconscious. Again, the other criminals in the room were shocked.

The man with the sword, presumably their leader, stepped forward "Who are you?" The man simply went "humph" and you can practically see his smug smile beneath the shadow of his hood. This made the leader angry and he ordered his other man to attack. The man charged and the man side-stepped away from his swing and kicked the back of his knee, knocking his to the ground, and then kicked him in the head and yet another was unconscious.

At this point the leader was worried. This man, barely even a man, had just defeated three of his men without even drawing a weapon. He cautiously stepped forward and held his sword in front of him. The man didn't even flinch and stood deathly still. The leader inched his way forward, fear increasing with every step. Finally, when he was about two feet from the man, the man stomps one foot forward and says "boo"

The last bandit was out the door within three seconds.

The man sat back down at the bar, reached over the bar, and grabbed another glass. He filled it with one of the bottles behind the bar and took a long swig. The few people who had stayed stared at him incredulously. Then the town guardsmen walked in "What is going on here?" the commander said.

Nobody spoke.

"I said what happened here" he slammed his fist on the table. He walked up to the man drinking on the bar "do you know who did this?" The man did not speak, but instead took his last sip of mead for the night. He put a small bag of coins on the counter and stood. The commander got in his way "I asked you a question."

"And I'm choosing not to answer" and then the man pushed past the commander and continued towards the door. "Answer me or you will be detained" and the man stopped. The commander smirked. The man turned his head slightly and said "Since you and your guards could not do your jobs, I did it for you. Now I suggest you stop taking bribes from the thieves' guild so you always show up after the crime happens because that is never a way to gain the trust of honest people."

The commander was baffled "How dare you reprimand my guard? And how did you find out about the bri-I mean how dare you accuse me of such treachery!?"

The man turned back towards the door "Half of your guard is made of thieves in the first place and I do not accuse anyone of anything. I just state the facts." And then without a word he walked towards the door. The two guards stepped out of the way and then man walked out into the cool night.

The commander was furious. "Arrest him!" he commanded his men. They hastily ran out the door to tail the man. They saw him walking down the street towards the only inn in the town. They chased him down and stopped in front of him. "Stop!" one guard said, drawing his sword "by order of the law, you are to be placed under arrest!" The other guard pulled out some wrist shackles.

The man did not move.

"If you fail to cooperate then we have permission to use deadly force." That was a lie. No guard in any city was allowed to attack a criminal unless they attack first.

The man still did not move.

"Alright then" the guard motioned to the one holding the shackles "go get some more guards. This guy ain't just some regular old criminal." The guard nodded and ran off.

This man had still not moved. The guard moved closer. No movement from the man. Guard moves closer. No movement. This went on until the guard finally thrusted at the cloaked stranger. The stranger deflected it with an obsidian dagger the came from somewhere within his cloak. The man held the dagger reversed in his left hand and his right hand held three throwing knives in between his fingers so that they came out almost like a claw.

The guard was frozen in fear to say the least. This man was obviously a trained killer while he was just a simple guardsman who barely knew how to wield a sword. The hooded man seemed to be waiting on him. He slowly raised his sword and not a second later the man had knocked the sword out of his hands and knocked in the side of the head with the hilt of his dagger, knocking him out cold.

Since the other guard wasn't back yet the stranger again started walking towards the old inn again. He has just taken his first step on the wooden porch when he heard a scream. His head perked up and he listened closely. He heard another scream and he ran between the inn and the shop next to it. In the alley he saw the other guard from earlier flanked by people who appeared to be thieves. They were all crowding around a girl, who appeared to be about 16, and the guard was holding a sword and the shackles and the thieves were holding a dagger.

The girl had a scared look in her eyes and it seemed that the criminals had tried to strip her of her clothing. The guard tried to close in on her again but was cut off as a knife hit him in his shoulder, making him drop his weapon and scream in pain. The other two criminals snapped their heads to the entrance of the alley you see a cloaked man holding his arm extended with two throwing knives between his fingers.

"Hey you! What's the big idea?!" One of the thieves yelled. The man lifted his head slightly so that you could see his face up to his mouth. "What's the big idea? The big idea is to stop you from harming that young woman. So I suggest you step away before I make it that you can't step away. Get the picture?" and as the man finished he flicked out his throwing knives dangerously. The thieves started to back away.

"I am giving you three seconds to run"

The criminals ran before he reached two.

The man put away his weapons and approached the girl. She was cowering against the wall with her head in her hands. He reached down to help her up and she backed away. He stepped forward and she backed away again. He extended his arm and softly said 'It's alright. I'm not going to hurt you."

The girl slowly opened her eyes and looked at him curiously, as if he was an alien. He smiled from beneath his hood "Come now. Let's get you a bed and a warm meal."

He helped the girl up and led her into the inn. On the porch of the inn she stopped and said "My name is Maria. Thank you for saving me. Most people would have just walked by. May I know the name of my savior?"

The man finally tossed back his hood and looked into her light green eyes with his own Deep, red eyes and said "You can call me Cos."