Hello again. I survived the exams and I am now back on track with writing my story. I don't really have anything else to say so here is chapter 5.

Maria was shocked that she was meeting another Demon Hunter so soon. She had heard of Pain before. People say that he is the best swordsman in the entire country and he excels in everything battle related. He is also the best battle tactician in Agrova.

And he certainly dressed to his part. He wore what most squires wore except his colors were different. He wore black pants that were tucked into his black boots, a black belt with a gold buckle, a deep red vest with golden trim and underneath he wore a long sleeved white shirt. He had sparkling blue eyes and messy brown hair. But the most noticeable thing was the amazing sword that was propped next to him. It had a black leather handle for grip and the scabbard was red with golden designs. It was beautiful.

Roy sighed "Yeah that usually happens when I show people my seal but I can't help it."

"No its just that…I didn't expect to meet ANOTHER Demon Hunter."

"Oh so I'm guessing Cos told you about himself then. That's surprising. But anyways you have probably heard of me. You know being a master swordsman and tactician and all. I'm kind of famous." As he said this he puffed out is chest a little bit.

"Yes, I have heard of you. I also heard that you almost were executed in Serus I think it was? Something about being caught in bed with the princess."

At this Roy laughed and said "She came onto me I swear! It's hard to resist someone like me you know."

Cos face palmed at the stupidity of his friend. He was a great warrior and tactician and all but his true strength was with the ladies. He was very smart, contrary to what most people believe, and was very good at sweet talking people into getting what he wanted.

"So Cos just one question?"

"Yes Roy?"

"How exactly did you come across this beauty and how in the world did you get her to follow you?"

Maria blushed and Cos just sighed in annoyance. He was waiting for him to ask that. He answered honestly.

"I am escorting her to the Capital where she is going to become a scholar. I met her in Dexon and we just arrived here today."

"Ah I see. I am heading to the Capital too actually. I only stopped here when I heard about the reaper problem a week ago. It troubles me greatly. In the time between hunting for the reaper and helping train the guards at the Fort I am near exhausted. I was hoping to end this wild goose chase tomorrow night. And now that you are here I was wondering if you would care to join me."

Cos was debating whether to follow the oath he made or to continue onto the Capital. His conscience won though and he decided to stay.

"I will follow my oath and help you hunt this reaper but I will stay not very long afterwards."

"Great! Now if you don't mind I have to get back to the fort. General Slate wanted me back to discuss the newest group of soldiers and their potential and such. Meet me at this tavern tomorrow at noon so we can discuss how we plan to hunt this monster down. Goodbye for now." And with that Roy stood from his seat and left the tavern.


"Yes Cos?"

"What time is it?"

"It's only a little past five. Why?"

"Want to get some dinner?"

Maria smiled "Sure. Where do you want to go?"

Cos laughed "Let me show you something really amazing."

It was now eight at night and Cos and Maria were laying on the roof of the command tower in Fort Raj. They had went to the baker and bought many different types of treats and then snuck up into the tower. At one point they say Roy talking to the General. It looked like they were arguing about something.

Now they laid on the flat roof of the command tower with a basket of treats between them. They had just finished off the last of their cookies and their stomachs were full. The stars were out and they were pointing out constellations.

"Oh Oh Oh," Maria said while pulling Cos' arms and pointing to a certain group of stars "that one is the little dipper."

Cos laughed "And look there," he said while pointing to another group "there is Draco."

Maria laughed too "This is fun. We should do this again sometime."

"Sure, anytime you want to do this I'm game. It was a lot of fun."

There was a comfortable silence between the two. Then Maria started wondering about random things and another question popped into her mind.



"What was the oath the Roy mentioned earlier?"

"Oh well remember how I told you every Demon Hunter is given a special name?"

"Yeah I remember."

"Well they are given that name the day they say the oath. That is also the day they are given the seal."

"How does it work?"

"Well the seal is burned into your arm using hellfire. And then you say the oath as the seal is cooling. The oath is: I fight the spawns of Hell to protect the innocent, and the weak. I fight for the living and I harm only evil. I am now a Demon Hunter and I always will be."

"Sounds easy enough."

"It was pretty easy but there is a slight side effect."

"Which is?'

"If the seal deems you unworthy of your title you burst into flames and die."

"…You count that as only a slight side effect."

"It has never happened before except for once when this man tried to do it to the ritual without permission."

"Who was that man?"

"Nobody knows. It happened long ago."

"Alright then. So what now?"

Cos stood and stretched and then picked up his basket. Maria stood next to him. Cos continued.

"Well now I guess we head back to the inn and rent a ro-"

Cos was cut off by a sudden explosion in the market district. The fire was a darker color than most normal fires and rose unnaturally high. Maria was scared by this. Cos dropped the basket and had a look that Maria thought was …fear?

"Cos? Cos what's wrong?"

Cos' expression then changed from one of fear to one of a burning hatred. He jumped off of the tower roof and Maria rushed over to the edge to see him land on a balcony a few floors below and saw him run inside. She ran to the stairs and sprinted down them, two at a time. When she reached the bottom she caught sight of Cos running out of the fort.

"Cos," she yelled "where are you going?"

He didn't reply, but continued running towards the explosion. The guards were already on the scene when Cos arrived. He pushed past them and vaguely heard one yell at him to stay away but he didn't listen. He thought he saw Roy somewhere in the crowd but he didn't care. He had to make sure.

He ran as close to the fire as he could and lifted his sleeve. Many gasped when they saw the seal and even more gasped when every color in the seal let off an eerie light.

Roy came forward "You know what this means right?" he asked.

Cos pulled his sleeve down and nodded grimly "Yes I do."

"What are you going to do about it?"

"I'm going to kill him."

"You're going to need an army."

"He is going to have an army. We stand no chance in a full on fight."

"Well then what are we going to do?"

Cos turned to face Roy "First, handle that reaper. I am going on ahead to the Capital. I need to alert the others. Come as fast as you can. And tell all of the Generals along the way to be on high alert."

"You can count on me."

Maria had just arrived at the scene. She gasped when she saw where the fire had started.

It was the necklace stand.

For some reason, Maria quickly grasped the necklace in her palm. It comforted her. She saw the clerk and walked over to her.

"Hello? You sold a necklace to me earlier."

"Hello again," the clerk responded sadly "sorry I cannot sell you another necklace dear."

"It's alright. How did this happen?"

"Well a man in dark clothing came to my stand and seemed to be looking for a certain necklace. He asked me if I had a silver cross necklace and I told him I had sold it to someone earlier that day. He asked who and I wouldn't tell him so he set my stand on fire! Crazy lunatic."

Maria was puzzled by this. Why would anybody want this necklace?

Maria's thoughts were cut short when an unholy shriek spread through the air. Everyone turned their eyes to the sky. They could barely make out a dark, cloaked figure holding a scythe in one hand and a ball of hellfire in the other.

"Where," it screeched "is the necklace!?"

Maria's hand tightened around her necklace. "Don't worry," the voice from earlier was whispering again "we will protect you."

The demon snapped its head to her and screeched again "Give me the necklace!"

It threw the hellfire at her but it was deflected by Roy, who had unsheathed his pure silver blade. He glared at the demon. He shouted

"Who gave you this power? No reaper can control elements. Especially not hellfire."

"My master gave me this power. My goal is to find the necklace that the girl wears. I will have that necklace, even if I have to cut her head off to get it!"

"I don't think so!" The reaper turned just in time to see Cos kick it in the face. It fell to the ground and dropped its scythe a few feet away.

Everybody inched toward the body as Cos landed. Right when the first guard kicked it with his boot it let out a wave of demonic energy and knocked everyone off of their feet. It screeched again and grabbed its scythe, which was suddenly coated in hellfire. It raced towards Maria and raised its scythe to deal the killing blow. Maria screamed and thrust her arms out, waiting for the blow. But it never came.

Instead, a beam of pure white energy shot from her hands and struck the demon straight in the chest. It screamed in agony as it fell to the ground. Cos ran over to it yelled "Who are you working for!?"

It chuckled darkly and said "The one you seek to kill."

Cos lowered his head and then delivered a drop kick to the skull of the demon, shattering it. He looked back to Roy and said

"He is coming. And there is only one way to stop him."

It took Roy a second to realize what he meant. "Cos, are you crazy? He is a Demon Lord! It usually takes five veteran Demon Hunters to take one down and that has only been done once! We only have four total and none have more than four years of experience!"

"Roy I am going to kill him. My Demon Hunter Name is Vengeance and I will do the most outrageous act of vengeance that there has ever been." Cos looked straight into Roy's eyes and said something he had wanted to say for a long time.

"I am going to kill Pyrus."