I don't want to explain my absence because I really just want to write out my story. I have been taken away from my writing and I hate that. But now I am back so here it is.

As Cos walked away from the scene towards the stables Maria ran up to him.

'Wait," she screamed while grabbing his shoulders and spinning him around "you can't just leave me!"

"I'm sorry Maria but I cannot let this sit. I have to reach the Capitol now. This is urgent."

"But I-"

"No buts. This is business. I am sure Roy can take you."

Cos looked at Roy and Roy nodded in return "Aye, I can take her. We will mett you there in a week or so."

"Alright then I am going to move out."

Cos began to walk away again but was stopped by Maria hugging him from behind.

"Cos," she began in tears "I may have only known you for a few days but I don't want you to get hurt. Please be careful."

Cos just stared at the ground but Maria saw him nod his head.

She let him go and watched as he walked away. He would be gone in mere minutes, riding away into the night. She ran to him and turned him around and, before he could react, pressed her lips to his.

Now you should know Cos had never kissed a girl before and ever considering the daunting task that was ahead of him his head was empty for the five seconds that it happened. He didn't even have time to respond before she pulled away just to pull him into another hug.

"Promise me." She said

He chuckled and hugged her back "Promise."

And then he walked away towards his horse, to start on his most dangerous hunt yet.

Roy and Maria left the next morning with the task of stopping at every major fort or barracks along the way to tell the troops to prepare. Cos was well on his way to the Capitol by now and was probably only two days away at this point. Their trip would take over a week.

"Roy why will our ride take longer? Besides the fact that we have to warn the forts I mean."

"Well we have to take a longer path to catch all the little barracks and forts while Cos it taking a straight up trail through the mountains. We will eventually have to take his path but we have multiple side stops."

"Ok if you say so."

Roy was starting to get annoyed at having a girl who sighed every five minutes riding next to him. He knew she hated this but it needed to be done and honestly Cos would have left her in the dust. He decided to lighten up the mood a bit.

"Don't worry beautiful you will see your boyfriend soon enough."

"Cos isn't my boyfriend!"

"I never said anything about Cos."

At this, Maria blushed an interesting shade of red and faced the road again. Roy laughed out loud and said

"He has you bad doesn't he?"

Maria just stayed quiet as her blush deepened.

"What is it? The eyes? Is it the bad boy thing? I'm surprised you haven't stripped on him yet, especially since your face keeps turning a hundred different shades of red."

Well when he said "stripped on him" Maria's face only darkened yet again as she thought of the incident in the forest with the bear. Roy caught sight of this and laughed out loud yet again and almost fell off his horse when he realized he head struck blackmail gold.

"So did he take the bait? I mean he has never been good with ladies."

Now Maria was about to die from embarrassment but then she did something that made it even worse.

"It was an accident."

She nearly smacked herself in the forehead at her stupidity. She had thought of it in her head and barely muttered it out loud but Roy had caught it and he wasn't letting it go.

"Oh? Did your clothes just magically fly off or something? You know what never mind that I think we should hurry along if we want to reach the next town in time."

Now Maria and Roy rode on in silence so they could alert the next town of the coming enemy. But Cos was having other troubles.

Cos had gotten to the edge of the mountains after the first day of riding and then stopped that night to rest. He only slept for three hours until he was riding again. He was riding through Black Ridge Mountain Range when he heard something. Now they were called the Black Stone mountains for two reasons. The first being the coal mines and the second being that some mountains were entirely black. It created a very dark feeling when traveling through and it was full of bandits, specifically the Black Stone gang.

Now as Cos rode through the mountains he had an arrow at the ready for bandits and his retractable staff was safely on his belt. It would only take him a day to get through but it would be the most dangerous day of his trip. He saw something on the road ahead and as he got closer he realized it was a bleeding human.

Cos jumped off his horse and knelt down next to this man. He felt for a pulse and felt a very faint one. As he went to pick the man up he felt something hit his head and then he saw nothing but black.

Sorry it is so short but I just needed to get the story moving again before I went into great detail. The next one will be longer promise.