New story! I need to finish some others but I wear there are hornets swarming in my head and poking to write this! This is my first murder mystery! Tell me how it is!


The man hovered over the body, blood gushing from its stomach. The man straightened, glancing around for witnesses before running in a separate direction.

~Detective Taylor Nichols~

I stirred awake as my phone's shrill ringtone pierced the silence of my room.

Reaching my arm out to my nightstand I pressed "Accept"and answered with a sleepy,"Hello."

"Detective, you aren't going to like this."Said the voice of a tired Chief Walker.

I sat up and stretched, phone wedged between my shoulder and ear,"Another one?"I asked, a string of murders have been continually plaguing the county, of course I investigate them.

"Yes,"he said gravely,"A girl, seemed to be around 16."My teeth were gritted. Why harm an innocent child?

I inquired about the scene.

"Yes, the scene is a mile from you."he fed me the address before hanging up.

~At the scene~

I arrived at the scene twenty minutes later.

I took in the scene before glancing at the body. I shook my head at the scene before me. The blood pooled from an open wound in the stomach, the dark red stained the baby pink shirt she wore.

"Anything?"I questioned a nearby forensics agent.

The agent, Cassie, nodded,"There was a gun found over there,"she pointed to a slab of concrete with blood stains,"It had been empty of bullets, but the bullet found in the victim is the size the gun was made to carry." She informed me.

"Who's the gun registered to?" I asked.

"A man named Randy Feldman, he died three months ago from a heart attack."She said, reading a paper with his information on it.

She handed it to me, only the date of birth, gun permit, and date of death were present.

I sighed,"These Cased are getting harder to solve."

Cassie nodded,"Good luck, Detective." She walked to the group of forensics agents.

I sighed again and walked closer to the body, kneeling down I looked at the wound; it was deep and blood was still coming out from the gaping hole.

I stood,"Go ahead and move the body, I'll look at the scene more thoroughly later."I told them, turning and walking back to my car.

Hey! Sorry it's so short, but this is only the beginning!