OC's needed! (Obviously I guess) Anyways, I'm making a story and I need characters. I will sort your character based on their personality, and don't worry, none of the Families are horrible necessarily. Send in PM or review, I don't care.

Summary: In the center of the Bermuda Triangle there is an island. This island is the safe haven for a school. This school is the Government's secret apocalypse survival plan. The AHSP (Apocalypse Human Survival Project) is a project started by Abraham Lincoln, where the government looks for young teens with the ability 'Genesis'. This power allows some form of survival for a human, from the ability to fly to the formation of a weapon.

The school, Gaia Academy, has 7 Families, made after the 7 original Genesis Keepers, who had found the island in the first place. The Families are Skylight, Phoenixflame, Souldrop, Earthsong, Nightclaw, Windhawk, & Moonspirit. You are sorted by your ability and personality, and given a tattoo symbolizing your Family.

This is the story of the teens, and their journey in the War with the Infected.

Sorry, completely forgot about this, (and I just realized it too...) but there are 9 years in all, the ninth being optional. Please ask me if you want to see the classes, electives and all.

Submission form:

Name (and nickname if any):


Appearance (Hair, eyes, significant scars, etc.):

Personality (Specific!):

Genesis (Can be anything useful):


What you think they should do?:

Skills/strengths (include fighting abilities):



Dislikes/Pet Peeves:

Age & Year/teacher:

Love Interest (optional):

Stuff I Missed/Other:

Thanks! And PM me or something if you want to know what the classes are for teachers and for electives for students.

Okay, so I feel like I should, so here's the list of classes and teachers that I currently have. *means it's required.

Hand-to-Hand Combat* - Isa
Weapons Combat* - John
Basic Medical Training* (1st year only) - Azurite
Advanced Medical Training (2nd & up only) - Riley
Genesis Training*
-Theikos - Zoltan
-Froura - Solast
-Archaion - Rose Crescent
History* (1st & 2nd required, 3rd & up optional)
Basic Survival* (1st year only)
Survival* (2nd & up only) - Rafael
Driving Lessons (Must be at least 15)
True Divine Guard (If you want more info, just ask)
Search & Rescue Squad
Athletics - Kevin

Definitions are here for you all. This is also for me too. :P

Gaia- The soul of the Earth, in which all things come from.

Soulmake- The essence of your soul, or what makes up your soul. Also the substance that makes up most Genesis.

Ensakona- The given name of the small percentage of the human population that has a Genesis. This is approximately 1/12 of the population, if not less.

Genesis- A special type of Soulmake that can take a sort of form. There are 4 different types.
-Theikos- A type of Genesis. From the Greek word meaning 'divine'. The 'mind type', which gives you enhancements of your mind, or special 'powers', such as healing, understanding multiple languages, and other psychic-related abilities.
-Alithis- A type of Genesis. From the Greek word meaning 'true'. The 'body type', which creates extensions of your body/gives your body enhanced or new abilities, such as wings, animal-like features, etc.
-Froura-A type of Genesis. From the Greek word meaning 'Guard'. The 'holder type', which gives you the ability to create any form of weapon and be able to use it.
-Archaion- A type of Genesis. From the Greek word meaning 'ancient ones'. The 'species type', meaning that this particular user is a descendant from a mythical race, and has the abilities of that race. These people usually discover their Genesis either earlier or later than others, depending on how much of their blood is mortal. Must have some amount of human blood to be considered a Genesis holder/Ensakona.
-Animalia- A subtype of Archaion Genesis, where the user has the blood of a sort of animal. (Like Ari, or Hawk) Normally, however, they aren't usually put in the Archaion class, due to the large range in ablities from this.

Díki Gia Archárious- Also known as 'The Beginner's Trial'. Made as a sort of ritual for the first year students, to see/test their abilities, as well as to put them in a Family.

Omatha- Otherwise known as a Team. Students commonly form one, varying in numbers, as a group of their closest friends in which they go on Missions with.

The Seven Sins- Supposedly brought upon humanity when Adam and Eve took an apple from the Sacred Tree. There is a lot of controversy about the origin and meaning of the Sins, though is widely believed to be the cause of Tuthana roaming the earth. The Seven Sins are Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Pride, Envy, and Sloth.

The Seven Virtues- The cure for the Seven Sins. Was stolen from the Founders by the Traitor, and is hidden in an unknown location.

Kosmos- From the Greek word for 'universe'. The name decided upon for the 'Alliance of Omathas' that search for the Seven Virtues. Later known as the KA for short.

Tha Zíso- Meaning 'I Will Live'. A sort of code among the KA, as a pledge. Used to officially end meetings, and is said while putting a fist over the heart. Is thought to be sacred by many in the KA. Also called their Hope.


Tuthana- From the Greek phrase meaning 'Of Death'. The commonly used term for 'zombie'. There are 2 known types, and a recently discovered 3rd.
-Walker- A type of Tuthana. They can see, but cannot run very fast. The infectious type, so if bitten, you will become one of them. Their skin is gray and eyes are rolled back.
-Listener- A type of Tuthana. They cannot see, but can run very, very fast. They have an acute sense of hearing. The cannibalistic type, will devour any mortal human. Their skin is a pasty white, and sometimes starts peeling. Eyes are soulless, and pitch black, as if they had been burned out.
-Deader- The newest type of Tuthana. Called as such, because they can lead to death, very, very fast. They look like any other Walker or Listener, so it's currently impossible to tell them apart. When injured in any way, they let out a loud shriek, which attracts other Tuthana from miles around. It is presumed they can be killed quietly by crushing their brain in one hit, though it has not been tested. Also known as a Screamer.

Apodisa- From the Greek phrase meaning 'Of Thirst'. Also known as a vampire, they each have a specific weakness that-given enough of-can kill them. Garlic, pumpkins, tomatoes, blackberries, and strawberries are some examples.

Iseftyha- From the Greek phrase meaning 'Of Happiness'. Another name for a fairy.

Arhyra- From the Greek phrase meaning 'Of Silver'. Another name for werewolves.

Asteria- From the Greek word meaning 'Stars'. No one knows who or what they are, though common misconceptions include angels, deities, ghosts, and sometimes even aliens. Ancient legend says they are from the Heavens.

Fantasma- From the greek word meaning 'Ghost'. They are basically ghosts, or spirits, though in Greek mythology they can also be considered naiads. The closest creature to their true form would be wraiths. They appear at random, helping those who need it, and disappear. There's a cave in a small cove on the southern tip of the island where they are said to reside. However, it is off limits to everyone but the Headmaster, so the theory hasn't actually been proven.