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"What the fuck is going on here?!" Yelled the brunette as she ran as fast as she could, the sound of sickly moans and stumbling feet not far behind. Her hazel eyes wide with fear, she stumbled onto the vast porch of a large, old mansion. There was a man, a young boy, and a girl about her age. Gasping, Eira Fmegra turned around, panic and desperation consuming her as bodies upon bodies stumbled towards them at an alarming rate.

"What are those things?" The other girl whispered, her raven hair falling in front of her terrified brown eyes.

"Zombies!" The boy replied, grasping tightly to his father's hand. The man held his children close, warning them not to be reckless. In no time, the moving corpses were creeping closer, the family and Eira huddling on the porch.

Just when they thought they were goners, a tall, slightly wounded girl with dark brown hair came charging through the mob, whacking off heads with a kitchen knife along the way. Eira winced at all the blood. The wounded girl joined them, and started shouting something about a hidden power.

Eira looked at her in confusion, when a loud gasp came from nearby. What looked like a silver, wispy, ghost-like mist formed a long sword in the boy's hands, who gripped it as if it had a solid form.

"Use it!" Screeched the girl, still whacking away with the knife. Hesitantly, the boy nodded, and swung blindly at an oncoming corpse. The sword went right through the zombie, leaving it seemingly unharmed. A second later, the corpse burst into silver dust. Gaining a new found confidence, the boy started whacking away in a similar fashion as the girl with the knife.

Eira screamed as an undead reached its decaying hand towards her, inches from her face. In the next moment, the hand, and the rest of the body, burst into silver dust before her. In her hand was the same substance as the boy's sword, forming the undeniable and perfect image of a pistol, strangely feeling completely solid and cool in her hand.

The girl with the knife smiled slightly before pushing Eira and the boy's sister towards the mob of monsters. "Make a path through and run until you reach a golf course. There should be an entrance to the sewer there. Go down that, and wait for us." She said urgently, her earlier smile disappearing. She gave them one last push before chopping the head off a zombie about to eat the boy's dad. The 2 girls looked at each other uncertainly, before Eira started shooting randomly, a path soon opening up, littered in silver dust.

They ran and ran, trying their best to ignore the sounds of certain death close behind them. As they ran, Eira kept shooting, killing more zombies along the way. Some of them turned and ran after them, while others only followed them after hearing the growing mob behind the 2.

By the time they reached the almost endless patch of green, hundreds of thousands of zombies ran behind them. Panic filled Eira as she stumbled, trying to run faster and faster. "There!" Shouted the raven-haired girl, pointing to a silver metal circle on the ground. As they reached it, the girl started pulling uselessly at the lid leading to the sewers. "It won't open!" She screamed, her voice cracking in panic.

"Let me try!" Eira replied, turning around and tugging on the lid along with the other. Ever so slowly, the lid came off, and Eira quickly climbed down the ladder. The other girl followed close behind, doing her best to slowly lug the heavy lid back on. Darkness consumed them, and they were slowly climbing down in darkness and utter silence.

When the silence was broken by the small sound of sewer water, Eira let out a sigh in relief that she hadn't known she'd been holding. She hopped down onto the ground and moved out of the way so her newfound friend could do the same.

"So… what now?" The raven-haired girl asked, once they were both sitting down next to the entrance. Even from there, they could still hear the groaning from above, and knew that the whole golf course was covered in moving corpses by now.

"I guess we wait."

Meanwhile, the zombies had gotten closer and closer to the trio still on the porch. "Now what?!" The older man screamed at the teen, hitting an undead with a pipe.

"Give me a second." The girl replied calmly. She threw the knife into the mob, closing her eyes and letting out a sigh. The father's face went from angered and skeptical to amazement and incredulity as silvery angel wings sprouted from her back. Without warning, she turned around and grabbed both of her male companions before flying swiftly into the air. She grunted at the weight of the older, slightly overweight man.

Zooming over the hordes of zombies towards the expanse of green, searching for the small silver disk. Under a few dozen corpse feet, she could just make it out. She began to slowly lower them towards the ground. "What're you doing?" Screeched the man as he struggled uselessly to somehow get higher.

"Get to that disk and open it! It will lead you to safety as well as your daughter!" The girl replied. She dropped them, easily heaving the lid aside. The boy and his father scrambled down a ladder, soon followed by the girl, who just as easily closed the lid.

When they finally got down into the sewer, they were greeted by 2 girls sitting on the ground.

"Reyna!" The man cried, hugging the raven-haired girl in an extremely embarrassing way.

"Anyways, my name is Samantha." The dark-brown haired girl said, turning around and walking towards the brick wall. She placed her hand on it, the silvery substance flowing from her appendage into the wall.

"The place I am about to take you to is called Akadimia ton theon, which is Greek for 'Academy of the Gods'. The Akadimia trains Ensakona how to use their Genesis, the ability to manipulate your soulmake for survival. There are 4 types. There's Alithis, the body type, like my wings or gaining claws and such. Theikos, the mind type, which is what the majority of real psychics and such have. Froura, the holder type, or the ability to create a weapon, such as that sword and gun. Finally, there's Archaion. To put it simply, Archaion is like the ancient soulmake passed down from generations to today. A few good examples are vampires, werewolves, and giants." Samantha explained, finally taking her hand away from the wall.


"Right. Now, we should probably hurry up, or we'll miss the train." She walked straight at the seemingly solid brick wall, which dissolved around her as soon as she walked through.

"Cool!" The boy shouted, running after her. Samantha and Reyna followed close behind, with a dumbstruck father coming soon after.

The train station was sleek, and high-tech. A single rail separated the tile blue floor, the station in general framed by sleek, shiny white walls and ceilings. One or two vending machines dotted the area, along with a few benches. People of all ages walked through the walls of the station the same way the quintet had. At the end of one of the dark tunnels was a blinding white light that came closer rapidly.

The train came to a stop with a quiet hiss. It was just as sleek and white as the rest of the station, but Eira could see no doors. "Hurry up!" Julian called out, waving from in front of the train. Reyna and Samantha had already disappeared. Then Julian ran into the train, the train walls dissolving the same way the brick wall did. At a loss for words, Eira and the father exchanged silent glances before running after the others.

Eira sat next to Reyna on a cushioned couch next to the entrance. Around them were several others, mostly teenagers with a few dumbstruck adults and astounded kids.

"Hey, Samantha! Are these new members?" Spiky white hair pulled back into a ponytail framed an angled face. A narrow nose was set between gold eyes dotted with blue specks. A thin scar ran from her right brow to her left jaw, and her ears were slightly pointed. The tattoo of a white dragon curled up her right arm, starting from her wrist and disappearing under the sleeve of a school uniform.

"Aerin! Yes, Julian and Eira here both have a Froura. The other 2 here are Julian's family." Samantha explained, gesturing to each of them.

"How did you know my name was Julian?" Asked the brown-haired boy curiously.

Samantha simply smiled mischievously. "I have my ways."

The white-haired girl named Aerin laughed loudly. "It's nice to meet you two. I'm Aerin Axdiez, Windhawk and 3rd year."

"A what?" Eira asked, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Don't worry, it'll be explained later. Anyways, we're here!" Samantha replied cheerfully, pointing out a window. They had emerged from the tunnel, and was now traveling over a glistening ocean. Ahead of them was a large island, with a modern, castle-like structure. It was a magnificent site, the main building on a vast hill in the center of the island, with other, similar buildings dotted nearby.

As they drew closer, they could see crystal blue waters lapping at pearl white beaches, with several people running around on the island. There were forests and plains, and a tall mountain in the background, the tip covered in a dense, silver fog.

"Welcome to the Academy!"

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