Silky, jet black hair that touched the shoulders were held back from cold, onyx eyes by a small gray clip. Face betraying no emotion or thoughts as the young man watched the train arrive from a window in one of the buildings.

Great… more brats. He sighed irritably, and turned away from the window.

The train station sat atop the white sands on the island, the train coming to a stop with a silent hiss. The passengers quickly unloaded, some faster than others. Aerin excitedly watched the backs of the 2 new 1st years step off the train. She could see the worried gazes of the father and sister, who had been told to stay on the train. 'Guess she didn't tell them about the Village, yet.' Aerin mused as she hopped off the train herself. 'Oh well. But I can't wait to see how they'll react in the díki̱ gia archárious.' She snickered quietly to herself, remembering briefly her own experience.

'Well, time to find out!'

Spiky white hair bobbed up and down slightly to the music pounding in her ears as she sat next to the others in her Omatha. They were a strange group, not as strange as some others, but they were unlikely friends. She stared at the 2 apathetic ones of the group.

Jett, a 5th year Nightclaw that a lot of people were scared of, wasn't as bad as everyone thought he was, though he was definitely a little sadistic. Rose Obitto: midnight black hair and crimson red eyes that seemed to go nicely with her slightly pale skin. She was cold and alert, though she was pretty nice once you gained her trust. And she hated this blonde 9th year. Apparently they hadn't gotten off to a very good start.

Then there was Angela, a blonde with brown eyes, and a scar across her forehead from falling down the stairs in her 2nd year. She was relatively kind, if you could gain her trust somewhat. She was smart, though sometimes too smart for her own good. She liked childish things, if that was strange for 17 year old, and was very secretive. She tended to cling to Jett for some reason, and would often turn invisible at the strangest moments. She definitely fit in Moonspirit, though as a 5th year, Aerin wasn't so sure.

These 3 were the quiet ones, and sometimes Aerin wished Samantha was around to brighten the mood. But, she could deal with them. After all, she's done it for the last 2 ½ years now. "So did you meet any of the new students yet?" Aerin piped up, still as cheery as ever.

Jett nodded slightly. "I saw a few get off the train, and a 2nd year asked me for directions, but nothing other than that."

"Well Samantha found these 2 with Froura. Eira and Julian. Apparently she didn't explain too much to them, because they didn't know about the Families or anything. I bet they'll be a lot of fun to watch!" Aerin snickered, and Rose spoke up sternly.

"Don't you think of pranking the díki̱ gia archárious again. Last year all hell broke loose, and I'd rather not get expelled."

"You have to admit it was pretty funny though." Jett muttered, smirking sadistically.

"What do you think Angie?" Aerin asked, turning to the blonde. Angela scowled slightly at the nickname, before disappearing. Aerin could see that she was just invisible though, and laughed at the reaction.

"Whatcha' talking about?" Asked another behind them.

Long, wavy golden hair reaching down to the lower back bobbed slightly as hazel eyes looked down at them amusedly. From the symbol on the breast pocket of her uniform, they could tell she was a Phoenixflame.

"Who are you?" Jett snapped. Rose just scowled.

"Oh, sorry. I'm Vanessa Goldenthorn! A Phoenixflame and a 9th year." She grinned, eyes sparkling with amusement. "Quite the unfriendly bunch, aren't we?" She laughed, and Aerin couldn't help but chuckle as well. It was pretty true. "Anyways, the Trial's starting soon, so you should probably sit at your appropriate tables." With that, she strode off, waving.

When the students finally sat at their appropriate Family Tables, the Headmaster, who sat in the center of the Staff, stood. As he always did, he wore a clean white mask, his voice never betraying his emotions. He wore a clean, crisp robe with a hood, black as the night sky itself. There was a popular rumor that he was the famed last descendant of the Asteria, the Star People. He opened his mouth and spoke, his voice soft and quiet, yet deep and booming all at the same time within the quiet room.

"Students, as well as staff, new and old, I welcome you back for another year full of surprises. This year, as you know, is especially important, for this very morning marked the beginning of the i̱likía to̱n katalí̱xeo̱n, the Age of Endings. As you all know, the Tuthana have begun walking the Earth, as stated in Wisdom's Prophecy. And that is exactly what you all have been training for. Those of you who feel you are ready, are from here on out allowed to go on Missions with your Team. Of course, there will be restrictions. In order to leave, you must have at least 2 7th or 8th years, or possibly one 9th year or an adult Team Guide that has graduated. That is all for this year's announcements.

And let the díki̱ gia archárious begin!"

"Samantha, where are we?" Julian finally asked once they stopped. The two 1st years looked around curiously, seeing nothing but forest on either end.

"We're on top of the Mountain of Paths, or to be specific, the Peak of Trials. All 1st years are required to take a… class, to test what they already know. Your goal is to get to the main building of the school. From here, it is directly down. Of course, you'll have to go around many things, and you may have to split up. When you hear the voice in the sky, that is your signal to start. Kalí̱ týchi̱! Good luck!"

And with that, wings sprouted from her back as the brunette took off into the skies, flying off above the dense jungle. The boy and girl stared after her, confused and dumbfounded.

"…A trial?"