I was watching Cry play the Walking Dead, and it gave me the urge to write. Huzzah! Oh, great news! I'm allowed to get on my computer for an hour everyday now, (though I'll probably be on much more than that) so that means more updates! :D

"Where's Hawk?" A blond first year asked, sitting on the bench next to Ari and Kosuke. Leon had been invited to join their omatha, and had gladly accepted. He tugged on his jacket, feeling somewhat hot.

"He's been holed up in his room since we got back. And you should really take that off. I can tell you're hot." Ari replied, not taking his eyes off the birds up above, making patterns in the sky. Unlike back home, the animals on this island were strange, exotic. The birds in the sky were a strange mesh of bright blues, reds, and greens. Golds, and purples and oranges all blending together in complicated, unique patterns. "Why are birds so different here?" He murmured, watching them loop around clouds.

"Maybe because we're in the Bermuda triangle?" Leon suggested, and Kosuke snorted in response.

"Anyways, why don't we go check on him? Curfew's not till eleven, so we've got a lot of time." The blond fourth year suggested, standing up. The other two nodded in agreement, standing as well.

"Hawk?" No answer. "Hawk, we're coming in."

The walls were made entirely of thick glass, a view of the entire island beyond. A white wardrobe sat to the right of the door, next to a decent sized tree. Hanging from that tree, as well as from another nearby, was a large hammock, a single woven blanket thrown on top of it. The entire room itself was full of plants, with green carpeting, and a fountain basin with lily pads sitting next to a pergola. Several more pergolas lined the glass walls, covered in hanging roses. In various pots around the room were pink flowers in the shape of hearts, a few of them sitting near the few lanterns hanging around the room. In the middle of the room was a gazebo, in which sat a boy with white-blond hair, his back to the door as he absently pet the gray hawk sitting before him.

"You okay?" The three closed the door behind them, slowly walking up to the building. Hawk gave no reply.

"Hawk, I know that was hard, but you have to get over it. Some people just can't accept things as they are." Kosuke sat on one of the benches, next to Hawk. The other made no response as Ari and Leon sat on the bench as well.

"Do you know what those flowers are called?" He finally asked, not taking his eyes off the hawk.

"…No." Ari replied, eventually.

"Bleeding hearts. They were her favorites."

"Her? You mean…" Hawk's head bobbed slightly in confirmation. Leon looked at Kosuke in confusion, who just shook his head.

"Not now." He muttered, and they both turned back to their friend.

Eira sped through the halls, books and papers clutched tight in her arms. Her heart pounded in her ears, breaths short and quick. She looked down for a moment, to make sure she wouldn't trip on anything, when her face hit something warm. "Oof!" She grunted, falling backwards. Strong arms caught her just before she hit the ground, straightening her back up again.

"You okay?" Looking up was a boy slightly older than she was, with hazelnut hair that looked almost gray, combed neatly. He looked at her with black eyes, clear as the night. He was tall, and on the sleeve of his uniform was the symbol for Moonspirit.

"Y-Yeah, thanks. You're a Moonspirit?" She replied, feeling slightly embarrassed as she found her feet again.

"Yep. Souldrop, I take it. Are you a first year?" He asked, and Eira nodded. "I'm a second year. I have the period off, so if you want, I can help you to your class."

"It's alright, but unless you can fly or something, it might not help much." Eira replied, smiling apologetically.

"I can't, but I do have a skateboard. You can get to class a lot faster on it." He held up the mentioned item, which had escaped the brunette's notice till now.

"Thanks!" She gratefully took the skateboard, racing on it to her next class.

"Strange girl. I wonder if Kei's met her yet." Haze Turner muttered, watching as the other disappeared from sight. "…I never got her name…"

They all gathered excitedly around the dark skinned man, brown eyes twinkling with a youthful delight at the crowd surrounding him. His shaggy black hair was cropped short, one end grown out long and braided, a small bead at the end. A few of the students greeted him cheerfully, to whom he waved. Finally, when they all calmed down, he began to speak.

"Geia! As most-if not all-of you know already, I'm Rafael Lowt, your new Survival teacher!" The crowd cheered, all ranging from 2nd to 9th years, from young to old. "Now, all of you already know how to play Capture the Flag, right?" Another cheer. "Then let's not waste any more time and get started!"

The students quickly split up into their designated teams: Souldrop, Windhawk, and Moonspirit against Earthsong, Phoenixflame, and Skylight with Nightclaws split between each team. "The SNWM get the mountain, and the NESP get the forest!" They split up quickly, the NESP team grabbing a vest each.

"We'll guard the flag!" Kei called out, taking her position next to Kosuke and Samantha. The rest of their team ran off, taking positions in the trees and bushes, and other hiding places that they could find.

"So is Hawk really not leaving his room? Not even for Capture the Flag?" Samantha asked worriedly. Kosuke shrugged. "But he loves this game!"

"It's his fault for being such a prissy about some girl. Besides, he gets like this all the time. Have you seen his secret room up on the ceiling? It's filled with pictures of her!" Kei replied flippantly, leaning against the tree upon which the flag sat.

"I can't really blame him all that much. And Kei, we need to be on guard. Remember what Jett did last time?" The blond raised an eyebrow, and the other eventually stood back up, pouting slightly.

"Whatever." A long, shrill cry rang through the air, and the trio immediately went on guard.

"I guess the games have begun." They listened attentively for the first sounds of the fight, when two or more people decide to rush up blindly, before all hell breaks loose. For them, all was calm for about 30 minutes, until crunching leaves and breaking twigs sounded quietly in the distance.

"Here comes our first intruder. On your guard, guys." Samantha murmured, wings unfurled. Kei followed her friend's example, machine gun forming in her hand, Kosuke readying a couple of arrows. Out from the underbrush bursts spiky white hair, and gold/blue eyes soon follow.

"Aerin?" The 'intruder' grins, tugging on the black, fingerless gloves adorning her hands, probably equipped with some special surprise.

"This will be fun. I've never gone against someone directly that was in my Omatha."

PS Geia is 'Hi' in Greek. I think. I used Google Translate. :P