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"I-I w-won't l-let you p-p-pass!" The 4th year stuttered, holding up the sword, silver mist circling it. Jett raised an eyebrow, unimpressed.

"Whatever." He muttered in reply. "Sleep." His voice came out in a breathy whisper, and the opponent collapsed next to the other knocked out students, snoring. The raven-haired fifth year silently stepped over the 'bodies', continuing on his little hike down the mountain.

He stopped and turned at the sound of quick footsteps running towards him, seeing a familiar blonde running after him. Once she caught up, he turned again, continuing on. Angela took his hand, almost hesitantly, keeping in time as she walked with him. He didn't pull away.

Aerin laughed as she dodged another bout of arrows and bullets. She flipped over a root, swinging herself up onto a branch. Samantha, holding a dagger swooped up towards her friend, wings unfurled. Aerin stopped the dagger with her fist, the sound of the impact giving away the metal guard within her gloves. The third year jumped off the branch, staying the air for an almost unnatural amount of time. Kosuke narrowed his eyes, lowering his weapon some as he continued to watch the enemy's move more closely than before.

That's when he spotted it. The silver substance of someone's soulmake appeared to create strings, attached to Aerin's limbs. His eyes followed the strings up to a shadowed figure perched up in the trees. "Over there!" He shouted raising his arrows in the direction of the figure. "Someone's using a puppet sort of Genesis!"

"Jett?!" Kei exclaimed, spotting the figure as well.

"No. My name is Vitsol. I'm an eighth year." The figure replied, coming closer and into the sunlight. They showed themselves to be a male, with long white hair pulled back in a braid, and Asian-like, pure black eyes. He smirked slightly, the strings disappearing from his fingers and Aerin's limbs.

"The ability to control people, like puppets…" Kosuke murmured in realization. "I've heard about you. You're the younger brother to one of the teachers, and are considered a prodigy among your classmates." Vitsol shrugged.

"Can't deny that." He replied, a smirk on his face. "Though… I guess this makes it easier." The three 'guards' looked at him in confusion, when he raised his hands up, and began slowly moving his fingers.

Kosuke yelped as he started notching his arrows into his bow, watching with wide eyes as his own hands aimed at his comrades. Aerin rolled her eyes, and jumped into the chaos just as the first arrow was shot.

Shouts alerted the nearby seventh year, whom glared in the direction. Closing his eyes, he whispered in an unintelligible language, the trees whispering back in response. Eade Miltiades sighed, standing up on the branch on which he was crouching on.

"Children." He muttered, sighing as he leapt to the next branch, and the next. When he arrived, he clucked his tongue at the sight.

"Vitsol." He said, almost bored. "Since when were you on offense?" He asked, and the other looked at him, surprised.

"Eade? So you're on defense. No wonder I never see you during games." Eade rolled his eyes.

"Retreat." It wasn't a request. It was an order. Vitsol seemed to almost glare at the 'younger'.

"No." He replied blatantly, and he turned his hands over to the brunette, releasing Kosuke from his hold. Nearly invisible strings attached themselves to limbs clad in thin clothes of earthly hues, moving them easily. "What? No resistance?"

"I thought you'd have realized by now. I don't need control of my body." As he said this, roots exploded around them, weaving through the air like tentacles. Vitsol growled, moving Eade's body with the fluency of a professional, but the other's eyes were closed, ignoring his surroundings as he whispered to the trees. Branches shook violently in reaction, and Vitsol was forced to the forest floor, where tree roots grabbed for him.


Crimson red eyes flicked back and forth, taking in all surroundings. The slightest rustle of bushes from a squirrel; the squeaking of baby birds in a nearby nest; even the crawling of the busy ants near her feet. She knew this island like the back of her hand. Especially the forest. Almost to the flag.

"I'm not letting you get any farther." A rather familiar voice snapped, putting the hairs on the back of her neck on end.

"I thought you were on offense. We shouldn't need to do anything with each other." Rose Obitto replied curtly, resisting the urge to growl.

"It doesn't matter what side we're on. We're on different teams. So I have to prevent you from going any farther." Vanessa appeared out of the shadows, brandishing a spear. It appeared to be specialized for her, with feathers hanging off it. No other words were exchanged, as they launched at each other in a flurry of leaves.

"Both of you! Can you really be so blind as to not think of the consequences of your actions?! There's a second year in the infirmary because of you! A second year!" The two flinched at the screeching; Vanessa wincing again as she accidentally rubbed dirt in a few of the many scrapes on her arm. Both her and Rose were painted in splatters of blood, cuts and bruises almost blending together. Finally, the professor in front of them let out a loud angry sigh, snapping attention back into the students.

"Just because you're a ninth year, Vanessa, doesn't mean I'm letting you off easy. You of all people should know better. The same goes for you, Rose. You're a fifth year, and at the top of your classes." Another professor spoke up, a calmer, though still scary, demeanor about her. "Both of you are to be confined to your rooms until further notice. Is that understood?" They nod. "You're dismissed."

As the two quickly left the room, they could hear the professor turning to her colleague. "…As for you, Solast…"