So this is how it ends.

Definitely not how I expected it to happen.

But still…

I've not been afraid of you.


I alway thought I'd go in my sleep.

Old, sickly.

In the arms of my love.

It's him I'm most concerned about.

I'm his rock.

His confident.

He'll cry, no doubt.

But he'll move on.

Find someone who loves him, just as I have all these years.

The pavement's cold.

But back to Jace.

I've known him my whole life.

We were best friends.


We'd lived next door to each other for as long as I can remember.

Some people thought we were twins when meeting us.

We were like brothers.

Always standing up for the other.

We'd often finish each others sentences as if we were one person in two bodies.

In junior high we would be picked on by the other children for our closeness.

We ignored them.

We never decided to be in a relationship, it just sort of happened naturally.

We graduated together.


Neither of our parents where there.

They did'nt notice us most of the time anyway.

Thats probably why we were so close.

Ha, most parents notice when their 8 year old children are'nt in their beds at three in the morning.

Not ours.

We started to sleep in one of our beds together.

Our parents never noticed.

I know, great parents we had.

But, back to before I got sidetracked, when we graduated we moved to Ohio.

Jace got a job as a realtor, while went to school to be a doctor.

I'm still in school acually.

We'er both pretty young, twenty-six.

We bought a house because Jace makes really good money.

It's small, but it's ours.

I'm in Cleveland to attend a seminar. For pediatric medicine.

I was walking back to my hotel because I left my wallet there.

It's eleven pm by the way.

But anyhow, I was in such a hurry to get to the seminar thet I forgot my wallet.

I did'nt realize it when I left because I got a lift from another student I know who was also attending.

He and some of the doctors went out for drinks afterwards.

I'm not much of a drinker so I just left.

Thats when I discoverd I had no way to pay for a taxi.

I decided to walk because the hotel I'm staying at is only about ten blocks away.

Thats when it happened.

You alway here about it on t.v., or see it in movies, but you never think it's gonna happen to you.

Some guy jumps out of an alley and pushes me into it.

He yanks out a gun and tells me to give him my money.

I tell him I forgot my wallet.

He shot me.

Three times.

In the chest.

Near my heart.

I think he hit it.

Oh god.

He searches my pockets.

He took my gum.

It's all I had on me.

So that's it.

My life.

Flashing right before my eyes.

And yours.

I'm dying.

Over a pack of gum.

I love you Jace.

Maybe i'll still get to see you.

I hear sirens.


I love you.

I can't breath.