Getting out of the hospital, me and Brett broke up. My 18th birthday, was 2 days later. I had a small party at my house. That day we picked up Mandy, she revealed she had a surprise. I was a little puzzled, due to the odd smile on her face. Then something that would change my life happened.

We went in my room, where we layed on my bed. She kissed my on the lips. I was shocked, but returned the kiss. After eating cake, she revealed a 3 heart ruby 10 caret gold ring. I cried, not expecting that at all. Then went back to my room. She gave my a massage, and then we went to bed, where she said I love you. The next morning we didn't wanna part. She went home and I was sad.

Two days later, Brett called, but I didn't answer. So he left a message on the machine. This is what he said : " Hey its me Brett. I know your angry with me, but I love you. Please call me back so we can talk." I didn't call him back. Instead, I texted him stating for him to leave me alone. I was in a relationship. That of course angered him, and he knew it was Mandy. So he emailed her on MySpace, stating she no right to take me away, and that she is a bitch. Finding this out, mom called his mom. Told her to tell Brett to quit being stupid and move on. So school went on. Mandy's mom found out about us, and made us break up. Declaring our relationship sinful.

I was beyond angry. Then tree months later we got back together in secret. I asked her to be my life partner, and said yes. Then came graduation time. Unfortantly, Brett showed up. Mom made me talk to him, to make it clear I no longer loved him. That did not go well and made Mandy furious. A week later, my parents took me and Mandy to Disney World. Sadly on the second day, we had a huge fight. She threw a fit on me at space mountain. So we broke up. Brett had been going to therapy, and so he called me after hearing about the break up. Thinking he had changed I agreed to stay all night with him.

Unfortantly, he betrayed me and tied me up. He raped me, then beat the crap out of me. three days later, I went to the ER for back pain. Discovery Brett had damaged my back. However, I refused to report him afraid he would be killed in prison. two weeks later, he showed up at my house. I knew better than to not let him in. My parents weren't home, so he made me give him a blowjob. Soon after, he left to my relieve. I called Mandy and told her. She quickly came over, worried about me. Then a week later of not answering Brett's calls, he left a black mail on the house machine.

My parents heard it, and threatened him to etheir stop or get arrested. A year later, me and Mandy went to Disney yet again. We got back in a relationship.

On August 4th of 2011, Brett called me for the last time before we cut off all contact with each other. Til this day, I'm still getting over everything he did. The lying, cheating, and extreme abusive. Me and Mandy are still together and are happy with one another.

I hope this true story teaches a lesson, I learned the hard way. If a boyfriend or girlfriend is abusing you, do not be afraid to tell someone. It could save your life. I nearly got killed. There is nothing wrong with going to therapy for past abuse. I was diagnosed with PTSD. I still have nightmares and jump at yelling or loud noises. I learned it's ok to express emotions and do what I want. No one deserves to be treated like I was.