"I can't believe I have to tolerate living with her for another year!" Riley whined for the hundredth time that morning.

"Riley I don't know why you don't seem to understand that she doesn't live with us, just in the same dorm as us. Now can you please shut up and carry some of your bags!" Jonah screamed.

Jonah and Riley King were twins but their gender was the smallest difference between them. They had just driven 45 minutes to the prestigious Ford University where they studied Business Management. Though their first class wasn't for another two days, they, along with their friends, had decided to come back to school early mostly to get away from home.

Looking at the number of bags surrounding him, most belonging to Riley, Jonah thanked the heavens above that Winchester Dorm had finally installed elevators. Winchester dorm had been labelled the dorm of the rich and the famous probably because it was the only dorm on campus with elevators and a private pool. This, however, wasn't accurate. Not everybody in the dorm was rich and famous; only the residents of its 5th floor were. The top floor of the Winchester dorm, named after the university's most powerful alumni, the Winchesters, had the biggest and most exclusive 6 rooms in which only 12 students lived. To get a room on this floor, you needed a direct contact with the Winchester family itself.

"You guys are here!" Jonah heard a familiar scream from behind him and a smile immediately spread on his face. He turned just in time to catch Kayla in his arms stumbling just slightly. For a small girl she was bursting with energy. As he released Kayla from his arms to have her jump to Riley, Jonah heard a soft sigh and looked up to see Darius Jones, Kayla's father.

"One of these days I'm going to die of a heart attack because of you," Darius reprimanded though the his eyes were a dead giveaway that the man was incapable of getting angry with his daughter. Darius was a single father and he took his responsibility very seriously. Owner of one of the largest law firms in the country, he was one of the few parent figures that graced the 5th floor of Winchester hall.

"Riley!" Kayla went on to hug the girl ignoring her father's jibe. Kayla was used to and usually ignored her father's overprotective tantrums. Being a single parent and taking care of his sickly daughter, his instinct around her was one of caution and protectiveness. Actually it wasn't just her father; everybody that met Kayla immediately felt the need to protect her including the eleven people living on her dorm floor.

"Kayla, if you don't rub that sickening smile off your face I might hit you." Riley wasn't exactly known for her sweet attitude. Riley huffed as she carried her suitcases to the lift lobby trying to ignore the bubbly excitability pouring out from Kayla.

"What's wrong with her?" Kayla whispered to Jonah.

"Charlotte" Jonah said simply.

Samantha Smith pulled her boyfriend, James Taylor, down for one last kiss before he had to leave for football practice. "God I'm going to miss that mouth of yours," Sam moaned as his lips travelled down her neck sucking at the base and making her whimper again. "Okay, you better stop or you're going to be late for practice."

"Is it wrong if I say I don't care?" James pulled her closer refusing to let go.

"No, of course not, other than the fact that my father would kill you if you were." This finally made James, albeit reluctantly, pull away from Samantha. "I love you," Sam said sadly, knowing she wouldn't get to see her boyfriend for at least a week.

"I love you too," James replied as Sam climbed out of his black BMW and got into her own car to drive down to college. James Taylor was a professional football player, quarterback for Samantha's father's team. They met at the annual team barbeque her father held at their house over two years ago and started dating shortly after. Because of her father's rules about Samantha dating one of the players from his team, they had to keep their relationship a secret. This, however, also meant that they didn't get to meet as often as they would like.

Keeping a relationship hidden was hard for normal people but it was close to impossible for Samantha and James. Samantha was the only daughter of football legend, Wayne Smith, and had been followed by the paparazzi all her life. Add to that the new found fame of James Taylor and you have a relationship that is every paparazzo's wet dream. Somehow they had managed to stay under the gossip column radar for the last 2 years but it was getting harder as their relationship grew more serious.

Samantha, had hardly been driving for 5 minutes when she heard her cell phone ring with 'Jackass' flashing on the screen. Sam pressed the green button, "hey Jack-o-lantern". Jack Winchester III was Samantha's best friend and the brother she never had. He was also a member of the Winchester family, the namesake to the dorm they lived in.

"Where the hell are you?!" Jack screeched. "You were supposed to be here almost an hour ago." Jack and Sam have been best friends for as long as they have known each other. Their fathers, Jack Winchester II and Wayne Smith, met as roommates in Winchester Hall. Best friends till date, it was inevitable that their children would be best friends too.

"I'm on my way. I lost track of time with James."

"Ugh! The mental images. Do you have to say things like that? A simple 'I'm running late' would have sufficed."

"You are such a baby sometimes!" Samantha said before cutting the call.

Charlotte stared out of the car window at the, now familiar, scenery of Boston. Till last year, Charlotte had hardly stepped outside of England and now she was back for a second year in Boston. Even now she wondered if the last year and a half had all been a dream/nightmare.

"Charlotte, I need to talk to you about something really important," Emily Duke said as she walked into Charlotte's small but cozy room.

"Sure Mom." Charlotte hated the worry lines wrinkling her mother's forehead and wondered if they were having money problems again. Charlotte was planning on getting a job once she finished A-levels to ease her mother's burden. "What is it, Mom? Is it money? Are we falling short this month? I can get a job if you need."

"No, no! It's not about money. You remember two days ago I got call from The US and I told you it was a job offer?" Immediately Charlotte's heartbeat went up. She knew they had financial difficulties and her mother had to accept any work that could help ease the burden but she really didn't want to move from London. Charlotte gave a small nod to tell her mother to continue.

"Well I got the job but that is not all. The man who called was offering me a job because he wants you to come to The US with me."

"What? Why would some random man want me to come to The US? You didn't sell me off did you?" Charlotte joked. Though she tried to keep the mood light, she couldn't help but let the worse possibilities come to mind as she tried to decipher this unusual situation.

"Charlotte Patricia Duke that is a horrible thing to say!" Emily reprimanded her daughter, though used to her sarcastic nature. "This man wants you to come to The US because he wants to meet his daughter."

It took Charlotte a few minutes before fully registering what her mother had just said. Without allowing her daughter to say anything, Emily continued her story. "As you know I met your father when he was studying in Oxford, we got married but we separated when he married another woman in the The US. His name is Steven King -"

"What? Steven King as in The Steven King? The owner of Waltux Pharmaceuticals, Steven King?" Charlotte started pacing the floor as she tried to absorb everything. Whenever she thought of the man that had abandoned her mother for another woman, she always imagined a douche bag that she wouldn't want as a father anyway. "How is it that for that last 18 years of my life you have failed to mention that the other half of my gene pool comes from the King family?"

"Charlotte it wouldn't have mattered because he didn't even know you existed. He had another family and you knowing or not knowing who your father is wouldn't have made a difference."

"So why does he want me to come to The US now?"

"He recently found out that he has a daughter and he wants to meet you."

"Well I don't want to meet him! Why would I want to meet the man that abandoned my mother?"

"Charlotte things are a lot more complicated than that, I'm sure you realize that. Anyway I already told him that we would come after your A-levels. He said he would pay for your board and tuition at the University of your choice in The US."

Charlotte had later found out that her father had two other children, Riley and Jonah King, who she now goes to college with. This was both a boon and a bane; Jonah was the only one in the King family that she could actually tolerate. Riley, on the other hand, was one of the most annoying, spoilt human beings she had ever met in her life. Her father she still hadn't managed to forgive.

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