Hi guys... My first story that is NOT a fanfiction, and I'm quite excited/nervous about it! This is just the prologue..

Winter was such an enigmatic, bewitchingly forlorn season.

Beautiful white, innocent snowflakes fluttered solitarily in the cold, resting evenly on the layered, snow-covered ground, immediately losing its individual uniqueness—unable to be told apart from their many other uncountable companions.

The girl sat, alone and shivering, in the midst of falling ice. Her hair was decorated with snowflakes, and her skin was numb with cold. Her lips were almost blue as she wrapped her arms around her body, trying to save whatever warmth she could. In her hazy little mind, she knew that she would die soon.

She could feel her tears freeze the moment they escaped the heat of her eyelids, falling like stone onto her bare thighs. She winced at the stinging cold.

She didn't know why she was there. She didn't know why she was alone. She had forgotten. She had no recollection. The trauma had swiped everything she had ever known from her memories, leaving her defenseless and vulnerable—she had even forgotten her own name.

But she could remember fear. She had faint images of running into the woods, laughing. She could remember the way winter looked during the afternoon.

But it was different now. A blanket of black had muffled the daylight. There were mediocre little white stars in the sky, but that was it.

There was no warmth, no shelter, no love.

As her vision started to darken, she heard the muffled sound of boots on snow, and looked up to a heavily shadowed silhouette. "Are you okay?"

Maybe, just maybe, she would not die after all.

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