Russell was driving down the roads in the dead world.

It's not something he did often. they usually kept him at the stadium to take out any of the dead that would come close by. They used his great aim to take them out from afar.

He was driving around and thinking to himself how so much as changed in just a matter of days. It was a complete ghost town in the quieter parts of town but when you hit the city it's not something you would come alive out of.

It was just yesterday that he returned home from Afghanistan. His brother Mark had just finished boot camp. Mark always followed in his brothers footsteps.

After their parents died while Mark was still in high school Thomas had taken care of themselves. Course when he went off to Iraq and then later on Afghanistan Mark was already old enough to take care of himself and at that time he had enlisted as well.

There weren't much survivors left. The buses that rolled out to bring any back to the stadium kept getting smaller and smaller in the amount of survivors. Mark kept telling his brother that it was getting crazier out there.

He turned onto Harper road knowing exactly where to go. He's not far from where Fisher told him he had dropped him off at.

He reaches his destination and jumps out of the truck. He scans the area checking to see if the coast was clear and it was.

He felt the autumn breeze flow through his hair. Damn it felt great out.

He looked down at the ground and noticed a trail of blood. Has to be Mark he thought to himself. His eyes follow the trail of blood up towards the tree line and something caught his attention upon the hill.

There was a body laying face first in the ground. Russell has found his brother. He started to feel a little comfort knowing he found his younger brothers body.

He starts to jog up the hill anxious to see Mark. He finally reaches him and gets down to his knees next to his brother. All he could see was a massive blood covered man.

He goes to flip him over and the strange thing was it wasn't Marks dead body. He looked him over and noticed a bullet had been shot right between his eyes.

He must have had company he thought to himself. Russell becomes even more worried now. Is brother is still out there and could possibly still be alive.

He then heard a raspy growl coming from deeper inside the trees. He stands up and draws his weapon and goes to inspect where the sound came from.

He slowly scans the area with his gun aimed ready for anything to jump out. He turns around quickly when he hears a noise behind him.

He looks and see's his younger brother staggering from behind the tree's and he is now one of the dead walking this earth.

"Mark?" The older brother says in almost a whisper.

He lowers his gun and looks him over inspecting every inch of his body. Looking at what he had become.

Mark starts to growl and hiss at his at him as he staggers closer.

Russell starts to raise his gun and aim it at Mark.

"I'm sorry baby brother" He said right before he pulled the trigger and watched as the bullet pierced right in the middle of his head.

His body froze and then collapsed to the ground all Russell remembers is hearing a thud as his brother hit the ground.

He gives himself a moment to break out in tears. He walks over to his brothers now officially dead body and holds his hand.

He cries just for a few more seconds but quickly wipes away his tears and heads back towards the truck. He doesn't get inside to drive off but instead he goes to the back to grab a shovel and also a tarp that was laying back there.

He wasn't going to bring his brothers dead body back to base they wouldn't allow him to bring it in. So instead he wrapped Mark up in the tarp and spent a while digging him a grave.

During that time no dead ever interrupted him as he dug. He felt god had given him just this moment to let him dig his brothers grave.

When finally finished he said a prayer and a few words and walked back towards his trucks. When he got to the door of his truck he looked back at his brothers grave one last time.

He drove off back towards the base as the sun started to set...


Fisher was walking down the halls after the long exhausting day he's had. After numerous reports he had to fill out and speaking with Mark's brother and of course what happened with Mark.

He was exhausted and it started to show on him. He was heading back to his post when he decided to go down a deserted hallway.

He looked to make sure nobody was watching or even close by.

He rolled up his sleeve to reveal a bite mark on his forearm...

"Fuck..." Was the only thing he could say...