I was sitting on my cot reading a book that they were nice enough to pass around. It seemed like they tried there best to make us feel more comfortable being there. But of course no matter what they do we all still lost a lot in our lives.

Many people lost their fathers, mothers, brothers, sister, nephew, nieces so on and so on.. The list can always keep going.

I'm worried about my family. I still haven't been able to make contact with them. I left my phone back at Stephen's apartment and they didn't have phones here to use so I still have no clue if they made it or not.

But as I was saying I was reading a book when I overheard a guy talking, I recognized the voice from before so I looked over to see and it was that Derek kid that made me laugh before.

I watched him as he was leaving a line that was serving some food, he was holding a bagel and an orange juice as he was trying to get through the crowded area.

I saw him walk away back to his cot was my best guess but I noticed he caught his eyes on a blonde girl around our age.

"Want some company?" I heard him ask the blonde girl.

"Actually I kinda wanna be alone right now" She said sweetly back to him.

"Wow, even at the end of the world i'm being shot down" I laughed. Felt bad for him being shot down but he was just too funny.

"I'm not shooting you down. I just wanna be alone" She started to pull her knees to her chest.

"Well Whenever you decide you want company i'll be over by the 60 yard line" I saw him give a wink at the end.

"Okay now i'm shooting you down" She said as she got up and walked away from him, most likely towards the line for the food.

"Fine, didn't want your skank ass anyways" I heard him say to himself.

I smirked as I watched him walk off. I got up from the cot and decided to walk around a bit. I was starting to go nuts just sitting around waiting.

Waiting for what was the question.

I looked around the stadium for Brandon or Jay hell even Jessica even though she doesn't talk she's still company.

But since she never left Brandon side I knew that if i found her I would find him.

I passed a few people I recognized from seeing them basically everyday but had a hard time finding my friends.

I stood in one spot and did a 360 turn to see if I could see them.

"Looking for someone?" I stopped and looked at the direction where the voice was coming from.

It was that guy from the bus again the one I been wanting to talk to better for some reason never did. He was sitting by the benches with a cigarette in hand.

"Or are you trying to catch your tail?" He said dumping some ash on the ground.

"Very funny" I said still scanning the area.

"If you're looking for the tall guy with the quiet blonde he's over by the bathrooms...If you're looking for the black guy he's in line for food"

I stopped and looked at him weird.

"How do you know who i'm looking for?"

"You been watching me...I been watching you" He said simply.

"I haven't been watching you" I tried to brush it off but he was good.

"Sure you haven't" He said brushing a strand of hair away from his face.

He got up and walked away while still smoking his cigarette...Okay, that was weird. But he was right I have been watching him. Damn he's good.

"Hey girl" I heard Jay say as he came up to me.

He was taking a bite out of his bagel he had gotten from the food line.

"Want some?" He said offering some of his bagel to me as i still watched that guy walk off.

"No i'm good...Do you know that guy?"

Jay looks up ahead.

"You mean the dude's butt you're checking out?" He said jokingly. "I seen him around yeah, haven't talked to him though"


"Why you want his number?" He said laughing.

I playfully smacked him on the shoulder.


Fisher was in the room where all the other soldiers were sleeping. He laying down on his cot with the covers over him like he's hiding from everyone.

He's not feeling well at all, he's sweating and his mouth is dry.

He hid his bite mark from everyone well. he didn't wanna be like mark and be stranded on the side of the road.

Those bastards must of gotten him when they broke through the window and grabbed at him.

He's startled when the door opens up and Griffin comes into the room. Another soldier who is young and very well built. He takes one glance at Fisher.

"You look like shit" He said as he places his gun down on his cot.

He sits down on his cot and notices he doesn't face him or say anything.

"Listen I know it's hard to see a friend die. I know what you're going through. happened to me in Iraq. But you gotta buck up your a soldier your gotta be prepared for this"

Fisher pulls the covers tighter over his body, trying his best to control his body from shaking.

"Fisher, you okay?" Griffin asked.

He was starting to feel his body tense up and he was getting really scared. He feel's it, he knows what's about to happen.

He rolls over on the cot and looks at Griffin.

"Take...me...to the...doc" It took him forever to spit out those words but he finally did it.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Doc..NOW!" He said as he started to cough up blood and then collapse onto the ground below.

"...Shit" Griffin kneels down on the floor "Fisher...Fisher!" He shook his body every time he called his name...nothing.

He grabs him and hoists him up on his shoulder and trying his best to keep his balance. He runs out into the hallway to find anyone but no one is around.

He starts to run down the hall with Fisher still on his shoulders. He runs into the trainers room which is being occupied by the doctor.

He kicks open the doors and runs inside and scares the doctor who is helping with a civilian who was in the stadium.

"What's going on?" The doctor shouts out at Griffin.

"Doc you gotta help?" Griffin pleaded.

"What happened?" He said as he takes out his stethoscope and places it against his chest.

The nurse was left with the civilian as the Doc ran over to Fisher to help.

"First he was all sweaty and shaky and then fell to the floor"

The civilian in the room was a little freaked out and the nurse was helping him calm down.

Griffin looks down at the doc as he's looking for a heartbeat but the doc is giving a strange look. Then he goes to check his pulse on his wrist. He gives another strange look.

"What?...What's the face for?" Griffin asked.

The Doc looks back up at him.. "...He's dead"

Everyone in the room stops what they are doing and don't know what to say. The nurse helps keep the civilian calm.

The doctors back was facing Fishers dead body as he was facing Griffin.

"Dead?" Griffin said while looking down at the floor.

He starts to raise his head to ask question when he noticed something strange behind the doc.

"What the hell?"

The doc looks at Griffin face and follows his gaze. He turns around and see's Fishers body now sitting upright and he is staring right at him.

His skin is a purplish color and eyes are bloodshot. Fisher's reanimated body looks to his left and notices the nurse standing next to the patient on the table.

He lunges on her take a chunk out of her neck, she screams as Griffin goes to grab his gun. realizing he left it back on his cot before Fisher passed out.

Blood is squrting everywhere from the nurses neck. The civilian jumps back as he is trapped in the corner by the creature. Griffin scans the room for any heavy object to use to bash it's brains out.

The doctor on the other hand bolts out the door leaving it wide open. The creature then attacks the guy as he bites down on his arm.

Griffin with no other option decides to tackle the monster hoping to have saved the man but he was already too late as he collapses to the floor screaming in pain. He then faints as he's lost to much blood.

Griffin is struggling with the dead man rolling around on the floor, he is now on his back with the dead Fisher on top of him.

Griffin is holding him by the neck hoping his strength will be enough to keep him away from biting him.

Kicking and screaming as he tries to get him off of him he does not realize that the nurse had reanimated and scrambled over to the battle between the two.

She grabs on his leg and takes a bite out of it as if it was a chicken leg.

Griffin screams out and loses the battle with the dead Fisher and weakens his grip on his neck as he leans down and takes a chunk out of his neck.

The doctor ran out the door and down the hall pleading for help. He comes to a part of the hall where its splits off, panicking he forgets which one takes him where.

Looking back he see's a dead Fisher and dead nurse stumble out of the trainers room. they start to stagger down the hall and behind them he see's the dead civilian in toe.

They all lock eyes on the doctor as he decides to run off further.

He runs into the middle of the football stadium and see's everyone standing around or laying on their cots thinking they are safe...until that is...