I heard someone scream that. I tried to look to see where it came from but everyone was starting to panic that they all ran around like they were chickens with their heads cut off.

"What the hell is going on" I asked Jay who was still standing next to me.

"I don't know but we gotta book it" He said as he grabbed onto my hand.

Chaos had ensued. Nobody was staying in one spot.

I glanced around and saw a few people trying to grab their loved ones.


The dead finally came into the packed field and start to attack any close by. successfully grabbing onto a few.

Russell is one of the soldiers on the field trying his best to calm everyone down. but that is not happening.

He takes out his radio and talks into it.

"Fields, do you see any?" He asked one of the guards that were in the highrise.

"Are you serious. There are too many people running around down there. I can't see shit!" He spat back into the radio.

Russell looks around but everyone is is everywhere and can't find any.

"I see one!" He heard as his radio went off. "People keep getting in the way, I can't get a shot!"

Two soldiers are at the front gate trying to deal with a mob that are wanting to get out of the stadium.

"Back off!" One of the soldiers screamed out as he pushed one of the men away.

"Open the doors. Can't you see they got inside!" One random civilian screamed out.

"If I open the gate more will be inside!" The soldier yelled back.

The mob start to fight with the soldiers as one of them pulls out their gun and aims it at the crowd

"We said back off!"

The mob at this point don't even care as they start fighting with the soldiers to open the gate. They actually started to open fire on them even killing a few but the mob still did not care as they continued to fight back.

One man was able to slip by and reach the gate. He was getting ready to run as fast as he can once he opened it up.

But instead of the mob running outside a horde of the dead ran inside.

It is complete and total chaos inside the once safe haven of a stadium.


Every which way I turned someone was getting attacked. I heard gunshots throughout the stadium and I noticed the front gate was opened and there was a flow of the dead coming inside.

"Get on the bus!" I heard one soldier yell out.

I looked up and saw him shooting at anything that came close to him. Jay was holding onto my hand and we were going towards that soldiers direction who was standing in front of a bus.

I was getting pushed around a lot and before you know it a dead tackled me to the ground. Jay kept running thinking I was still behind him.

I was on the ground rolling around with this dead creature on top of me. I looked up and saw as he was about to take a bite out of my face but a blur went by and someone had tackled him to the ground.

Not sure who it was but they had a tattoo on their forearm. I got up and looked around to see where they went but the crowd was so heavy they fell into it somewhere.

"SADIE!" heard Jay scream out. Thank god he did because I wasn't sure where to go anymore.

I reached up to him and he had found Brandon and Jessica.

"You guys alright?!" I asked them all.

"Yeah lets get to that bus over there!" Jay shouted out to all of us.

We pushed our way through the crowd all holding hands, careful not to lose each other like I almost did a few minutes ago.

It took us awhile but we reached the bus and I passed some soldier standing next to the door shooting his gun at anything that came close.

I walk onto the bus and notice a few other survivors, there wasn't much but i'm sure more would be coming along.

I looked outside the window and saw the soldier that was shooting the undead was getting closer and closer to the bus.

He stepped up on the bus and and was still picking them off one by one. I kept thinking about how great of an aim this guy has.

He goes to close the door when a blonde girl comes running towards the bus, he opens the door and lets her in. I watched her run on the bus and down the aisle so fast that she tripped and fell flat on her stomach.

She looked up and was face to face with a dead creature snarling at her on the other side of the glass on the back of the bus.

I went to help her up and we both scurried away from the back door even though it was closed.

I looked back at the front of the bus to see what that soldier was doing, he was closing the door when I saw him fall to the ground. One of the undead grabbed his legs and pulled him down.

His gun fell to the bottom step, we all watched in terror as he was trying to reach his gun and fight of the dead man at the same time.

I noticed one of the other survivors on our bus came running up the aisle and grabbed onto the soldiers shoulders and was trying to pull him back.

He was an older man around 30's.

I looked at the dead man and he's was once a middle aged bald man trying his best to bite into the soldiers leg.

The man that was helping him was trying his best to pull him up but you could tell the dead man had a run for his number.

Everything was happening so fast that I didn't notice there was another man trying to help pull away the soldier, as he was kicking at it.

Then next thing you know the strange guy I been keeping my eye on appeared out of nowhere. I didn't even see him on the bus when I got on.

He came up between the two men and pointed a gun right at the dead man's skull and pulled the trigger. Brain matter splattered against the glass door.

The older man that was first to help the soldier opened the door and the soldier kicked him down on the ground outside.

The Soldiers picks up his gun and runs over to the drivers seat and brings the bus to life.

Everyone else and myself included except the soldier who was starting to drive the bus in the chaotic stadium were looking at the strange guy who I been so desperate to talk to.

The question on everybody's mind was where the hell did he get that gun?

"Where did you get that gun?" The man who was helping the soldier asked.

"I lifted it off one of the dead soldiers" I heard him say.

"I think maybe you should hand that over"

"You're crazy this ain't leaving my side" " I heard him spit back out and the two men started to stare each other down.

"Yo they surrounding the bus army man. We gotta roll man!" Jay yelled out to the soldier who was at the drivers seat.

Everybody pretty much did a 360 turn and saw them all with their arms stretched out on the glass banging on it.

The soldier tried driving through the crowd. I looked out and couldn't find any more people that were alive. The ones that were must have ran further into the halls of the stadium, but there were hell of a lot of dead bodies on the ground.

The bus sped up and ran over the dead and the dead motionless bodies. He drove through the gate and out into the dead world...amazing how only one bus made it out with only 16 survivors...