I think it's just gonna be easier if i use straight up third person view. it gets confusing with the narrative with sadie and i just thought it would have been easier but i'm just gonna go back.


It's been an hour now since they all piled up in the bus and left the stadium. When they left the stadium it was all full with the dead staggering around and Russell tried his best to wait it out for any more survivors but when the dead started to surround the bus he had no choice but to leave.

Russell was at the wheel driving the big yellow school bus around the streets of the dead world. The sun had just started to rise as he drove through the city.

Every so often they'd pass a staggering zombie that would take notice of the bus and try to catch up with it only to be left behind.

The older man who help Russell earlier from the dead pulling him out of the bus was standing in the front aisle with both hands on each of the seats to keep his balance. He was standing behind Russell.

"Where are we heading?" The man asked.

"Don't know yet" He replied back.

"Is there not another base around here?" He asked another question.

"The closest one is in Iola. but thats a five hour drive" Russell replied back.

They were both talking in a whispering tone.

"Well didn't you guys have some sort of back up plan?"

"Yeah.." He said not keeping his eyes off the road.

"Well what was it?"

"...Get everyone on the bus"

The man was starting to get frustrated with Russell.

"That's it?! You had nothing else at all?"

"Everything happened so fast and we planned as much as we could. You're lucky enough we had the stadium barricaded as fast as we had it with everything that went down in the little time we all had"

The man sits down in one of the seats and lays back and sighs heavily.

His thoughts were snapped when they heard a female yelling from the back of the bus.

"We got a problem back here!"

The man looked at the back of the bus while Russell looked in the mirror while driving. The man runs toward the back of the bus where he meets up with the girl that yelled out. It was the nurse Sarah that was at the examiners office to check everyone that came in.

Shes leaning down in the middle of the aisle giving aid to an older man who was sweating from head to toe.

"What's wrong with him?" The man asked.

"He was starting to groan and I looked over and he looked like he was about to pass out, So I started to take off his jacket and that's when I found this..."

"Found what?"

She rolled up his sleeve and there was a blooded covered arm with a bite mark in it.

"This" She says showing him. "He's gonna change.."

Everyone in the bus is looking at them and they are a little worried. Of course they know what is going on, you can't really keep a secret like that when they are all stuck in a small confined place like a bus.

"Hold on a sec" He says to Sarah. He then runs up to the front of the bus and talks to Russell.

"What's going on back there?" Russell asked while still driving.

"The old man back there has a bite"


"What do we do?" The man asked.

"We toss him" Russell said simply.

"What? We can't just throw him out while he's still alive" He fought back.

"Would you rather him wait till he changes and have him endanger us all?"

"Give me your gun and i'll put him down"

"Like hell i'm gonna give you your gun" He said while laughing.

"It's okay i'm a cop...well was a cop"

"Hey!" Sarah yelled out.

He looks back and see's the old man shaking.

"He's about to change!" She yelled out again.

"Gun. Now!" He says looking back at Russell.

Russell reaches down to his left and grabs his assault rifle that is sitting by his leg.

Sarah now worried that he is gonna change, she starts to back off and trying to get everyone away from the man.

Sarah yells up to the front of the bus.

Russell and the man look back once again to see the old man now rising to his feet only this time he's not looking very alive.

He walks halfway down the aisle when he hears a whistle behind him. Looking back he sees the gun being thrown in the air by Russell.

He catches it and swings back around to aim it at the dead man. Only to be met with the dead man himself, tackling him to the ground he drops the gun that slid across the front of the bus floor.

Jay comes from the back of the bus and tries to pull the dead man off of him giving him the opportunity to get back up and reach for the gun.

Jay falls back with the zombie as the man runs up and grabs the gun. The zombie gets up and runs to the man the both fall and collide into Russell causing him to jerk the steering wheel and making the bus run up and against the building making a loud screeching noise.

Russell tries his best to get back on the road and drive straight but the Zombie and the man kept struggling it made him tilt the bus over onto it's side.

Everyone in the back screams as the bus fell over onto it's side and slid a few more feet down the road.

Russell is the first one to get his head back together and see's the zombie on the ground looking as if he had gotten dizzy.

Russell grabs his gun that the man dropped on the floor, he looks down at the zombie as he looks back up at him and snarls. Russell points down at him and then BOOM!