Devastation comes to liars

Down with those who trust the false

For they will all burn in hell

With Trickery and lies

Sweet revenge will be mine

You lied to me all that time

So freedom will be won at any cost

Until the end

Yesterday is dead and gone

Not In the present...

So i will Break the chains

Shake the cage as you must heed my war cry

So let there be no doubt

Not in this reckoning time


If you could define your secrets, would you try to hide from the world?
Outcasts, condemned from my beliefs

Such a person is just fucked up...

Revered feared under cover of darkness as they are expected

An invisible enemy where discontent ruled the heart is spreading terror

The night is full of shadows

a place was forged by the fallen


The demented

The hopeless

The kind who get nowhere

Because their kind is only ever used

Never to see love

Your weapon is fear: To spread panic and fear fight fire with fire to prepare the way back their virtue is courage: see the world, see myself as it suffers

chaos captures the soul no protection, no escape from the glow of madness

as the inexorable summer rain,

is life determined?

or can we change our fates?

so what would be different?

what would not be the same?

asking myself about the scale

trivial decisions I once made.

every single way we choose to go

excludes a million others.

chances that I did not seize

gates I shut without noticing -

and as silence shakes my world

the angels cry in heaven...