Missing Person: Joshua Hinkley

Last seen: Louisiana State University, Dormitory 4

Evidence collected at site of disappearance: Computer, which has written document displayed below:

As I'm writing right now, I'm being stalked by something. I don't know what it is, but every time I see it, I grow nauseous and if I pull out my iPhone to take a picture of it, my iPhone won't turn on until the creature disappears. One time, I captured it on video, or so I thought. Instead, that...that...thing managed to jam it when it is supposed to show up. I tried to prove to my girlfriend that I wasn't crazy, but since it didn't show, she took it as a prank. Before we could turn off the video, a voice spoke through the static. At first, it was unknown what was said because of the static, but being the audio expert I am, when I separated the audio from the static, a low, growling voice told me "You will never be alone."

But I guess I should just start from the beginning.

Before this happened to me, I was just a college student at LSU, striving to be a audio producer for a major recording artist, like Eminem and Rihana. I was A-B honor roll student, who had a hot girlfriend and had many friends. My parents were proud of me and everything seemed to be in my favor...until that night, Feburary 20th, day was the anniversary of my brother's death, who killed slit his wrists after suffering a nervous breakdown, saying someone was after him. After visiting my brother's grave, I was heading to back to my dorm when I felt a sudden breeze of cold air. That wasn't odd because it was February, so it was normal for a cold breeze. So, continuing to my car, I felt the sensation somebody was watching me. I turned around and to this day, I wish I hadn't. There, about two yards away from me was a man. I really couldn't see him because he was in the direction of the setting sun. So, being the teenager I am, I brushed it off and kept walking. When I turned around, he was gone. Feeling a bit creeped out, so I hurried my pace to my car.

I got in and started the short drive, but to me, it felt like thirty minutes to get there. I couldn't get that man's image out my mind. When I got back to the dorm, my roommate, James, was studying."Hey." he said."Hey." I said absentmindedly. I guess he didn't push the subject because, after all, it was the day my brother died. That night, I couldn't sleep, so I went outside to take a walk, you know, clear my head. While walking out of the dorm, I felt like I was being followed.

Against my better judgement, instead of going back into the safe building, I ignored it and continued walking down the path. About two minutes of walking, I felt nauseous. That was odd because I never got sick, not even during flu a crippling headache hit me like a rock, so I sat down on the bench and held my head, praying it'll get better. When it stopped, I looked up and he was back. Now, he was under a light post and I could see him clearly. His body was tall, almost touching the bulb, and slender in a suit, while coming from his back was what looked like tentacles. Then, I saw his face. That face, or the lack thereof, even now telling you now, strikes the most fear in my heart I've ever felt. I quickly got to my feet, but the nausea escalated to where I could not even stand, so I fell against the bench. The creature kept watching me, tilting it's head, as if taunting me. I stared back it, wondering what is it and when will it leave. A sudden headache hit me again, but as soon as it appeared it was gone and when I looked back up, the creature had disappeared. As soon as the nausea lifted, I took off running towards the dorm. I ran into my room and closed the door, locking it tightly. The events kept replaying my mind, that figure was amused by my fear and pain, and I didn't know for sure because it had no face to show emotions. After finally gaining my cool back, I laid down in the bed and wondered if that was just the beginning. I hoped it wasn't, but fate doesn't alway go the way you want it to.

Over the course of two months, I continually saw the man, who I now nicknamed "Tall Man", every time I was alone. I was being stalked, every time I got out of the car at night, I would feel him somewhere, taunting me with his eyeless stare. And not only was my sanity declining, so was my life. I went from a 3.5 GPA student to a 1.0 paranoid slouch. I tried my best to stay awoke in class, but each time I blinked, my eyes would fail me, and then a nightmare would make me wake up startled. My friends severed all contact with me and my girlfriend was trying her best to stay with me. My parents sent me to a therapist and he said I was just stress. If that was being stressed, I wouldn't want to see what it must be like a producer. Just today, my girlfriend finally dumped me and left me for my former friend. Tall Man has completely ruined my life and I have nothing to show he exists, beside the voice, but after a few hours, my computer somehow erased it, so did my phone. I hear footsteps down the hall and they're too heavy to be human. I will like to tell my friends and family I love them. Thanks to my teachers and everyone who I ever you are the cops reading this, don't even use your resources to find me, because I have a feeling I'll never be seen again.


Joshua Hinkley