Get up; get out

This is your wake up call

And think you can hold me down?

No I'll tear this apart

Your will and the beliefs you have down.

Because to think you're right is the fail

Because you don't consider what I have in my heart

Futile are the restrictions you lay

Retarded and demented is everything you say

Your thoughts and those beliefs lay the secret pain

I'm invisible to you am I not. . .

Just be careful what you put in life

Leave me with some peace of mind.

Because at this state you cant be so happy today

Blowing off the logic I speak. . .

You hurt me inside sometimes to find your place. . .

If won't take on reality

You are full of many insanely wrong beliefs

You dont care while a heart is lost

That one is mine

It is that which in heartbeat

You will shatter and carry along as if nothing happened

This is not the life i chose

Nor the life you lead...

Demented thoughts run in yours

The things you don't care of my own

It is a life you can't take from me you say too...

Well what do you have in those beliefs?

You don't fit in with me nor anyone else

just a few...

Few up to only 6

It is old tales and lies you all trust...

Faith and belief of yours is what I picked the fight against,

I will fight till the day I die ! ! !

I bear those lost

Its the logic state of reality

The very thing your heart is against

You trust the false, those lies... your own lies too

Your grip on me is very weak now

Because I can't see your face now

Don't speak,

You travel the wrong way

Fucked up

It is demented

It is twisted

Bring me some physical proof

Photoshop is a horrible lie to be the shit you trust

And costumes they wear has your faith in the false

Where I am and who I am

Its the thing to take it or leave,

It is the card you sometimes play

I can play that too...

As I'm a rebel at heart with no human masters,

Archaic rhetoric is just some people's weak defense

And chaos is creation as a swirling mass of atoms and ideas

Natural selection the sculptor of all life

I believe in truth because

I'm smart,

I got real,

I have the brains of reality,

I trust,

And I can fall apart

Because I'm only human...

I only bear the thoughts you have in your heart

Then they hurt me because you deny reality

so I may bring on:

Hell with your belief

Why not spend life on progression?

Not those demented lies

Because this is reality

The reality where your wish is a piece of shit


Well do something to prove it

wish is just a drug to carry along

its not going to be reality

Nothing I will see...


And while you can lay in shit

Those things will become your doom


Yes fallen

The reason you lost lose me

I see I'm not worth it

So goodbye I might say

Proven is imagination the thing being more dear to you

Confusion, diffusion, your system must be in turmoil

Disillusion, revolution, laying in need of a storm to cleanse this world

False prophets and propaganda speak in tongues and dead words

The fangs of reality will heavily sink into throats while your wish was laughable

With a laugh I keep inside

Your hope will not be real ever

You will die sad as your hope never became real

Get real...

Because I have...

All for one, one for all did not apply to you

An intricate web of lies and flies surround you

As the wheels kept on turning

Please come back soon

Because I will rise up and prove you wrong

While i been in the shadows for too long