With a swift motion and a cry for the dead

Grim had sliced off Lucifer's head

He dropped to his knees and wept once more

For the Master who was evil to the core

"Weep not, my pet; you are the Reaper Grim!"

said the voice of his Master—it was him!

Grim looked in shock as Lucifer stood

Bearing a smile as gentle as he could

"I killed you!" gasped Grim, "How can it be so?"

"Because," he said, "I have nowhere to go.

I am too damned for heaven and I rule Hell

Death to me has no secrets to tell!

Without me, there would be no death

There would be no final breath

Sinners and martyrs need to die

Just as ravens and doves do need to fly."

Grim at first did not endeavour

Why couldn't life as human be forever?

But after a while Grim understood

He bowed his head covered by the hood

"My Great Master, do forgive my old way

I did not understand, but I do today."

Lucifer smiled and sent Grim back

And the Reaper Grim began his attack

So now Grim forever stalks the dark

Branded by his Master's great mark

Upon Lucifer's orders, he'll act

This is Grim's story: this is his fact

Grim has his necessary goal

Death is not evil, it is a soul

A/N: and the end, let that be a lesson learned :) death is not evil, and it is necessary. people need to die. Special thanks to Fadded who left a bundle of comments on my doorstep ;) thank you all, more poems to come!