We were the best of friends, you and I
People called us inseperable, always attatched to the hip,
Always laughing, and having fun,
And I believed I could tell you anything.

Our friends distanced themselves from you,
Warning me not to be friends with you,
For you'd abuse my trust, so easily,
I didn't believe them at first

How was I supposed to know,
That it would come down
To me blaming myself
For trusting you too much

I had believed everything you said,
Even when you said you'd keep my secrets secret
In the end, you never did,
And almost everything you said to me was a lie

All I wanted was to help you
I wanted to help you understand that
Lying, berating, and trying to make everything a drama
Is not what a best friend does

For two years, I did my best
Even now, even though we aren't friends, I want to help you
Before you end up chasing everyone away,
Because nobody wants to be friends with a liar, who wants everything her way
And blames others for the things she did herself.

What happened to my best friend?
The girl who could make me laugh,
The girl who I used to know would keep my secrets safe,
And have my back through it all?

I want my best friend back,
But...was the girl I called my best friend
Even the real you?
Sometimes I don't even know

Last year, I thought of ways to fix our friendship,
Try and help you, try and keep us being best friends
But the lies got worse, and you even betrayed me
Tried to get me to do stupid stuff, as well

Finally, I could not take it
I let you down, stopping in being your friend
Because I couldn't take you trying to make my life into a drama
I already had enough of it, I did not need you adding to it

You tried telling me you'd change,
But, honey, I know it was a lie
Even now, you don't realize what you are doing
Not only to others, but to yourself

I want to help you,
I want to make you understand what you are doing
But, I don't think you are willing to listen,
Or are able to understand just what's going on

When you do,
I'll be waiting right here,
Not in spite, to tell you "I told you so"
But, instead, to help you

Because that is what a best friend does

Back-story: Okay, in seventh grade, I thought I had made the best friend I could ask for. We were completely inseparable, and we hung out everyday. It was only later that I began to see that she was lying, betraying, and even insulting me. I had all my friends, my really good friends, telling me not to trust her, because she did this sort of thing, and usually tried to keep the spotlight on her and make everyone else's life a drama. I should have believed them, but, really, I couldn't. I don't know why. Finally, in the end, I started seeing it, and, I was unable to put up with it. She didn't see what it was doing to me or to herself, and she blamed me for everything, and, really, what happened to us hurt me a lot. I don't hate her, in fact, that's far from the truth. I'm just waiting for her to realize what she's doing to herself, because I sure as hell know she isn't listening to me.