Heartbreak is one of he worst feeling in world. It makes you feel empty, broken, and desperate. But there seems to be a moment...an epiphany if you will...that happens that always you to come to terms with it. To find closure of some sorts. But of course, like anything in life, it only comes with patience and work.

The Ache of a Heartbreak


by XxmickeyTxX


One of these days,
it will all go away.
One of these days,
the pain will float away.

It will get caught it in the cracks
of your once stable heart,
and then out of nowhere,
out of the blue,
you'll look in the mirror and not see you,
and your mind will allow you to fall,
and drift in with unhealthy thoughts.

You can feel it in your stomach,
deep inside your gut.
And you will have to come to terms,
with the fact that that chapter of your life is shut.

Although it will be hard,
and the road unforgiving,
as long as you know how to keep on living,
the waves of sadness and despair,
will gently roll away.

As did the snow in the winter,
and the ice on my window,
it will melt away one day.

No matter how slowly,
No matter how lowly it may feel,
just wait for it to melt,
so that your aching heart will heal.

Let it melt away, review.