Chapter 1: P.G.A.A (Lita's Pov)

I stared at a blank boring white wall, yep that's it. Just a boring wall, nothing special or fun. The next thing I knew I was sucked into a council meeting. Crap, this was gonna be bad. I was a guardian angel in training. Usually training went fast and easy for us, but when you got called to a meeting unwillingly and unknowingly. Oh boy, you are getting assigned to a human for pre-guardian assessment assignment. In other words it's the P.G.A.A. You only get P.G.A.A.'s if you got in extreme trouble or you're just that good. Me, well we're about to find out.

"Lita Silrent you have been called to the stand for a P.G.A.A. It has been confirmed that you told your trainer to go and I quote "Eat a Hell's Bells" and then later that night you snuck into her office spray painted an...Inappropriate item on the wall and put Hell's Bells seeds everywhere." I smiled at the judge and boldly told her yes. Then I noticed who she was, it was the high priestess, Eve. Yes, the Eve who was attracted to the apple in the Garden of Eden. (Or whatever it was called) She wasn't a softie, if anything she had grown tough. This meeting went on forever, and FINALLY after an hour of the court's babbling I was assigned someone. Damon Kasper, age fifteen, in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Apparently six other angels will be getting P.G.A.A.'s there.

"What did you do?" A firm voice snapped at me. I turned around, and smiled.

"Well hey there Blade!" I said, "It's nice to see you too." Blade flicked a silvery strand of hair out of his face, and glared at me.

"Dumbass, you know that the only reason you got assigned a P.G.A.A. is because you can't control yourself! You're ruining it for some people who actually deserve this!" His hair continued to fall into his face, and once more, he furiously flicked it back. I laughed, and shook my head.

"People who deserve it, like you?" I asked, a sarcasm hinting at my doubt. I apparently hurt his pride, because he stormed off, muttering something about a nuisance.

My group caught the interest of various humans. Angels were exotic to the human kind, even though they don't know that we are angels. All angels were considered picture perfect, keyword: picture. Our hair was manageable and shiny, always with that perfect thickness, and our skin was flawless. Acne didn't bother us, and we never sunburned. We had an ideal skinniness that most humans could never achieve, unless they were runway models; not to mention that we all ranged from five to six feet tall. Nothing more, nothing less. Now guardian angels, adding to the above list, we're stronger then we look. This added muscle makes our bodies a bit thicker, and harder to keep in weight control, but nobody had a problem with it. The girls, keeping the skinniness, had curves that normal angels didn't; and the guys, well, they just added muscle. Now, back to the "picture perfect" comment. Like humans, our personalities didn't always reflect our angel like looks—no pun intended. While most of the High-Monarchy angels were very proper, they were back-stabbing bitches. Everyone else was just themselves, that could mean we were sweet, or totally rebellious.

"Earth to Lita," Somebody snapped, and Blade looked angrily down to me. "Do you even know what Raye just said?" I looked at him blankly.

"She was talking?" I asked, causing somebody to laugh. Blade was going to kill himself after a week with me, I guarantee it.

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