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Chapter 11: Ignited Fires

Jean's POV

I relaxed in my bed, and stared at the ceiling. I threw a blue and green haki-sack into the air, and caught it. Heavy footsteps passed my door way, more came, and eventually, it seemed as if there was a mob. I got up, and peeked out of my door. I heard faint yelling, and various Ohhs. I wonder what was happening. I followed the crowd.

"YOU FUCKING HEARTLESS BASTARD!" Somebody screamed, clearly furious. "YOU FUCKING TORE ME APART YOU KNOW THAT. HOW DARE YOU PLAY ME!" I stepped closer to the screaming. Jet was beside me.

"What's happening?" I whispered to him, and he shrugged his shoulders.

"Somebody cheated on somebody." He whispered back, and I nodded my head.

"I LOVED YOU!" I screamer, well, screamed. "AND YOU TORE MY HEART OUT, AND LEFT IT IN THE COLD TO FUCKING ROT!" I heard a series of heavy breaths, and the crowd's excited whispers. "I," breath, "Loved," breath, "You." The screaming person calmed down a little, but then, a crunch echoed through the room. I saw Diamond and Blade motioning to us. Jet and I ran to them, and saw Raye trying to calm the girl who was screaming. The screamer was on top of a guy, punching his face in. Raye glared at us.

"Are yall gunna help me or what?!" She said, and we all ran to her. We pulled the girl off of the guy. I looked at a bloody face and lightly saw Damon's eye. My mouth dropped open.

"Oh my gosh!" I exclaimed, "What did Damon do!"

"I'll tell you what," and angry voice snapped from behind me. "He cheated on me by knocking up Rena Morgens, in return he spread a rumor that he screwed me over." I looked back at the girl who was screaming, praying to god that it wasn't who I thought it was. Of course, it was. Lita was red faced and mad. She lunged at Damon again, and was caught by Diamond. Diamond turned to Blade.

"Get her out of here, we need to do some damage control." I frowned as I saw Blade steering Lita in an opposite direction. Why did he care about her so much?

~Lita's POV~

Blade's hands were placed firmly on my shoulders, and he steered me into a back room. I was practically gasping for air, and Blade stopped. He opened the room's door, and walked me inside. He closed the door behind him.

"Lita…" He said, but I cut him off with a brutal scream.

"I can't believe he played me like that!" I shouted, "I hope he is so badly injured, that he is taken out of school. Then, I'll never have to see his miserable face AGAIN!" I grabbed a pillow and threw it. Blade's zen expression pissed me off even more. "Why are you so calm!" I snapped, "All of the time, you just so fricken calm! It makes no sense what so ever! I can't stand it!" His face remained the same, causing me to scowl. "No what else I can't stand about you?" I shouted, "You never have any problems! There was one thing, and then you were problem free! But when I get a huge problem, more and more things just keep stacking up! And not to mention you are so damn perfect! You always do every little thing RIGHT! It's so stupid! You are always right about people and things, and everything!" A smiled tugged at the corners of Blade's mouth. I tightened my hands into fists. "WHY ARE YOU SMILING?!" I yelled, and swung at him. Blade quickly grabbed my wrist, and twisted my body away from him. I fell backwards onto a bed (thank god) and stared at Blade. He was standing in front of me, his hand still on my wrist. I felt small under his gaze. Finally, he dropped my wrist and sat next to me. I stared at my hands.

"Lita," Blade said, breaking an awkward silence. "Listen to me. Guys like him are arrogant and stubborn. They don't deserve a girl as beautiful as you, hell, they don't deserve you, Raye, Jean, Ty, or even Rena! Don't let guys like him tear you down! You're too strong for that. You got way to upset, do you even know where you are?" I looked at the room surrounding me. I sat on a grey blanket, and took in the room. There was an oak desk, with a blue lamp on top, a laundry basket, and an American Eagle bag.

"I-it's your room?" I asked, and Blade smiled at me.

"There you go. Now, just breathe and relax, okay?" I nodded my head. I sighed and covered my face with his pillow. Blade tapped my knee,

"Yes?" I asked, lightly lifting the pillow off of my face. Blade had his head cocked to the side.

"What are you doing?" He asked and I sat up, moving the pillow.

"Trying to suffocate so I can get out of here." Blade rose an eyebrow,

"Really?" He said, "You know I can teleport…right?" I glared at him,

"Yes Blade, but you are too good to break any major rules. Your so fucking perfect…" Blade smirked. A sudden dizziness ran through my head, and I landed on a hard cold…something… I stared at Blade. "W-Where are we?!" I asked, surprised at the sudden climate change. I was freezing me ass off in other words. I mean that literally; I was in shorts, and a tank top. I shifted off of my hands, and sat with my legs crossed. Blade was staring at me. And it wasn't like one of those What-are-you-doing stares, but an awed stare.

"Your eyes are extremely bright." He said, and I felt heat rise in my cheeks. "Those little yellow streaks are popping, it's incredibly beautiful." I stared at him.

"Okay, the cold must be getting to your head because you're being really weird." Blade looked out onto the skyline of various high-rises. "Okay, seriously, where the hell are we?" I asked.

"New York, on top of some random apartment building." He didn't' look at me while he said this. I nodded my head.

"Okay, so why are we here?" I replied, wondering why Blade was being so…un-Blade like.

"Because you wanted to get out of the school." He said, and he brushed his fingers over my knee. I stopped breathing. "I can be nice sometimes, believe it or not. And I'm definitely not perfect." He moved his face closer to mine. "And none of us are," he whispered, his hot breath sending shivers down my back. "But you are so close to it. You speak your mind and your independent; even though you're a little immature at times. And I absolutely love you hair." He leaned back, and stared at the skyline again. I watched him, what the hell kind of game was he playing?


I looked around the classroom. The teacher was giving a lecture, and honestly, nobody cares. Of course, he was staring at me. Damon looked at me with big pleading eyes, and I sighed. I put on a face of awe, which made him perk up a little. I rose my right hand slightly, and flipped him off. His happiness dropped.

"Lita!" Mrs. Warman snapped, and I smiled at her.

"Yes ma'am?" I asked and she stared at me.

"Stop playing around, and pay attention." I sighed and nodded my head. I sunk down into my chair.

~~Jean's POV~~

I heard the teacher snap at Lita. I shook my head; she was always in some sort of trouble. I feel sorry for Blade; he always has to watch her. Blade, he was a different topic completely. He was nice and mysterious; he also had really bright grey eyes, and slivery lavender hair. I liked him a lot. I still didn't know what to give him for Christmas though…

After class, I walked to my room.

"Hey girly!" Someone said, and I looked back.

"Oh, hello Ty." I said, and she came into step with me.

"I saw you pry Lita off of Damon, what a shame too, they were adorable! And I kinda wanted to see Damon get his ass kicked for what he did." I frowned,

"What exactly did he do?" I asked, not sure of the whole predicament. Ty groaned and flipped back some braids.

"Well, he got Rena pregnant, and then spread around a rumor that he got Lita into bed." I gasped,

"Oh my goodness! That's horrible! I hope Rena is okay though, she must be so sad!" Ty shrugged her shoulders.

"That bitch got what was coming to her." She said, and pulled at her jacket that matched well with her dark skin. I sighed,

"I wish my skin was darker, it's so pretty!" Ty smiled,

"Hun, your skin is fine! Don't stress it, kay?" I sighed and nodded my head. I at least wanted to be tan, though. I got to my room and we parted. I sat at my desk, and tapped my fingers against my table. Now what to do for Blade…

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