Later that day, I walked back to the hallway with the magical wall. I stood before it and ran my fingers over the cool paint. I closed my eyes and took a step forward, instead of running into the wall, though, I stepped into the room from before. I quickly ran through the room and searched for an exit, and then, I saw an elevator. With a grin, I smashed the button and took a ride down. And when the door opened, I was face to face with a woman. She was beautiful. Long, platinum curls fell to her waist, her eyes were like melted gold that was dropped onto a pure white paper, the only disturbance being a small black dot in the center. The woman's lips wore a light shade of pink that made her even more gorgeous. I gaped at her, amazed that such beauty could be found in the world of the Fallen. But, something was familiar to her. I saw little beads of liquid hit her waterline, and her mouth curled into a smile. Those eyes, those pretty eyes.

"Lita…" She whispered while verging tears.

"Who…who are…" I whispered, but was cut off by a warm hug. Her smell was familiar. Like the sharp sent of mint and Japanese honeysuckles. I gasped, and tears suddenly threatened my eyes. "M…Mom.." I cried out and threw my arms around her neck. I started crying, tears streamed down my face as I cried into the beautiful woman's shoulder. I almost felt bad, like I was going to ruin the long V-neck golden dress; but she didn't seem concerned, she was so happy. Her hands stroked my hair.

"Lita, my darling," She said, and slightly pulled from our hug. "I've missed you so much."

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