I forced myself to wake up upon the constant ringing of my mobile. I was dead tired after working all day and wasn't really in the mood to talk, much less on a mobile. But it might be important. "Hello," I said.
"It's me Peter."
"Adrian?" I struggled to sit up. "What is it? Find something important?" I let out a yawn as soon as I stopped speaking.
"Yes. Tracy, the girl on whose birthday Michelle died, has a mother who is extremely diabetic."
"What has that got to do with the case?" My mind was still half asleep and I don't think I could have figured out what Adrian was trying to say even if I'd tried.
"Isn't it obvious? She's diabetic and has to take insulin injections each day."
"Gosh Peter, use your brains."
"I just woke up, I'm not in the mood."
"Damn it Peter ... I'm gonna crack this case over at the murder site. I'll be expecting you there."
Before I could protest, Adrian had hung up. Adrian knew I could not resist knowing the truth. He knew that I would be there. I got up, brushed my teeth (despite the fact that it was nine in the night), got dressed and headed off.

The ones who were present were Cuth, Jean (Tracy's mum), Horace (Tracy's dad), Adrian, me and some police officers. It was obvious that one of the two was the murderer. What I didn't know was how it was done and why. And what did the fact that Jean was diabetic had anything to do with it?
"I'll cut to the chase." Adrian was serious that day. In fact, that was the only day he had been so serious. Perhaps, he couldn't wait to unmask the one who had killed an innocent child. "Horace, you're the murderer."
This sudden accusation stunned everyone present, including me. I'd never seen Adrian accuse a person so directly. And he seemed so confident.
"How dare you accuse me like that!" Horace exclaimed. His face had turned red. After assisting Adrian with all those cases, I knew that expression. There was no doubt he was the killer.
"I dare because I know you did it. I know how you did it and you are a monster for doing such a thing," Adrian answered unfazed.
Horace stepped back at Adrian's sudden backlash. Jean stepped forward, probably to speak in her husband's defence but Adrian cut her off. "You're diabetic aren't you?"
Jean looked at Adrian, confused. "Yes. But what-"
"And you take insulin injections each day, don't you?"
"Yeah but-"
"Since you're the one recieving it, I assume your husband is the one who gives you the shots. Don't you Horace?"
Horace nodded. His face had suddenly gone pale.
"Miss Jean, I found this," Adrian held up a clear plastic bag with a syringe inside, "In your garbage. It was together with many other syringes. But one thing was different. This syringe had traces of poison inside it. The same poison due to which Michelle died."
"What? No! You're setting me up!" Horace exclaimed.
"I'm not setting you up. You used this syringe to poison a packet of juice at random that you've bought for the children."
"But how can that be Adrian?" Cuth asked. "The forensics confirmed the packet was not poisoned from the outside."
"It's simple Cuth. He poisoned the straw. Injected a small amount into the pipe. Similar to the way assassins killed kings in the past. They did not poison the drink but laced poison around the inside of the kings' cup. Just like that, Horace poisoned the straw. Michelle used that straw to drink the juice. When she sucked on it, she ingested the poison along with the juice. That's how she died. Your people examined the packet only. Tell them to examine the straw. There should be high concentrations of poison in it, higher than what was in the juice."
"What evidence do you have?" Horace almost screamed.
"This syringe, with the poison on it, has only your fingerprints. And the packet of juice has only your and Michelle's fingerprints. On top of that," Adrian took out a piece of paper, "Here is a chat log that my friend managed to retrieve by hacking into your IP address. A normal user like you would only delete their conversations. So, it was rather easy for him. For the past month, you have been conversing with someone who calls himself K." Adrian handed the paper to Cuthbert.
Cuth read the log intently. "What is this Mr. Horace?"
"Before you say anything Horace, I should tell you that should you deny the log as fake, my friend can easily reproduce it. In front of you if you want. Or you can get hackers from your own department Cuth. They can do it too."
"What is on that?" Jean asked.
"On that, is evidence that your husband committed the murder," Adrian said. "The one called K has promised Horace a fortune if he manages to kill a child. And he succeeded."
"Anything you have to say Horace?" Cuth asked. There was anger in his voice. Why not? Anger was boiling within me too. This man was a monster. He had killed a child for money?
"He said he'd provide money. I thought we could make our Tracy's future better." Tears welled in Horace' eyes.
"You killed a child Horace! You killed Tracy's friend!" Jean screamed.
"You go around doing anything a stranger asks of you on the internet for money?" I asked.
"No Peter. I also took the liberty of checking Horace' bank account. All of his loans have been paid in the last month."
"I did it for Tracy ... for Tracy ..." It seemed like Horace had gone into a trance. Cuthbert had stepped forward to arrest him when the man suddenly gave a scream and rushed out of the room, pushing past the three officers present, taking them by surprise. Everyone ran after him. I was about to follow them when Jean fainted behind me and I stayed to look after her. I had carried her to another room and placed her on the bed when Adrian came rushing in, covered in blood.
"Horace committed suicide," he declared.

Horace had run to the kitchen. Before anyone could get to him, he had grabbed a knife and sliced his neck. Adrian had tried to slow the bleeding but to no avail. Horace was dead.
"So, what happens to Tracy now?" I asked. Two days had passed since that day.
"I dunno," Adrian said. "An eight year old girl is dead. Another eight year old's father was a murderer who committed suiced and her mother is in a coma."
"I guess the only good thing that came out of it is that justice has been served to Michelle's parents," I said.
"No Peter. Not yet. We still have to find out who K is. He's the one who's responsible for ruining all these people's lives. He's a sick monster with a twisted mind. As long as he's not caught, it'll never be over."
"Your friend couldn't hack the other IP? The one that this K used? Who is this other friend anyways?"
"It's Michael you idiot. And yes, he couldn't hack the other end. He couldn't even trace the IP."
"Michael huh? If he couldn't hack or track K's IP then K must be really smart. At least with computers anyways."
"And wealthy. He paid off all of Horace' loans. And he actually sent the money he promised. Half a million was deposited into Horace' account from an unknown account yesterday. The money is being used for Lara and Jean's treatment. Tracy's grandparents have decided to donate half of it to Michelle's parents."
"Little good will that do," I commented. "So, the hunt is on for K?"
"Yup. But they won't find him. If Michael couldn't do it, nobody can."

This is my first try at a totally dramatic mystery and I don't think it went well. My creativity has been on the decline and I can't seem to come up with good mysteries. I won't stop writing either ways.

And sorry for the rather abrupt ending. I was totally lost on how to end this story and I just did. Just like that.

Any reviews (either constructive or critical) will be appreciated so that I may improve where I am weak.