The hooded figure watched silently. The old book in his hands lowered to his lap. "Now, do not despair for the loss of what you sought."

The young knight turned, his gaze falling on the reclined man at the other side of the room. "What have I now that It is gone? For what wilt I liveth for? How canth I not despair as ye say?"

With a sigh the wizard closed the book and put it aside. "You seem to think that every person seeks only one Thing in their lifetime. One Thing for them to find. But it is not always one Thing and not always some-thing or some-one. Some seek one thing for their whole life and find it only at the very end. Others find it in the beginning and so seek to find something Else. A few seek many Things and lose many Things. But there are and those that seek only One and never find it. Or never realize they had it, not even in the end. Such is life, and now you wish to stop? For the sole reason of losing One you have sought?"

The knight rose to his feet, indignant words on his lips. "What I have sought has fled me. For It, I had pledged to live. For It, I had pledged to fight. For It, had pledged to do anything. For It! To It!"

A rough exhale from the other belied his frustration. "Alas, my friend, you do not pay attention. You do not pay attention and do not think selfishly. You have interpreted your vows in a way that benefits only What you have sought. While, It, has interpreted your vows to your benefit. You are pledged to live, to fight, to do anything for It, to It. And now that it is gone, you will live, you will fight, you will do anything for Its sake, as you have pledged. You will do as you have pledged, for any reason that arises. Such is life, you cannot know how one person will interpret the same words compared to another, such is the game of words."

The young knight recoiled at the words and hesitated. "Ye sayeth this, but I cannot help but wonder. Without It, I wilt uphold my vows? For It, even without It? Such logic as yours I haventh met before my friend. The game of the words ye said? I wilt remember it. Tis' not something one must forget. I shalt employ it well when I seeketh Something next. 'Not always some-thing or some-one'? Still, the question remaineth. What ist It that ye seek?"

A dry chuckle answered him. "And still your attention strays, friend. It is not always the words that have been spoken that are important. It is the words that aren't spoken most often more important. For what is left unsaid is something that could have been said, it is still part of the game of words. And I haven't said there is Something that I seek now."

Smiling at the magus he said, "Ahh, then, ist what ye have sought found? And if it is, what wilt ye do with It?"

A rough laugh came from the wizard, as he too, rose to his feet. "Of course, I have found It and I am enjoying it to the fullest before I go seek Something else. After all, life it too short to spend doing one thing and too long to do only one."

"Aye, ye are right. The only thing that goes unanswered now ist: What wilt ye seek?"

The Ponderings of a Knight and a Magus –

The End

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