Devil Dogged (R)

The accident made the front page of the Greenville News and Dispatch with a full color photo of the rear end of Angus Larson's mangled car sticking out from the roof of the McGovern's house.

Angus had been speeding when he lost control of the vehicle, sailing it off the curve of Blue County Road and nose diving it into the McGovern house which was below the embankment.

It was a miracle that nobody was killed, especially Angus who miraculously survived the accident although he broke his leg and suffered several bruises, lacerations, some cracked ribs and a bruised kidney.

He spent a week in the hospital and was now confined to his bed at home while facing numerous legal charges, the suspension of his license, the loss of his part-time job at Jake's Recycling, and he was in the dog house with his parents, the insurance company, and most of his teachers.

His next door neighbor Connie was the one who got stuck bringing Angus' school work home to him. He could keep up with use of the computer and some of his teacher's electronic lessons but Connie brought the various handouts, verbal updates and explanations that helped him keep up.

It felt strange to have Connie around again. They had been friends as kids even though they were a bit of an odd couple. She was pretty and smart and he was shy and quiet. Then, around junior high, Connie went in a different direction. He remained an nobody while Connie developed the reputation of a pot head and a bit of a sleaze although Angus had no idea if any of those rumors were true. He did think she had become a tough girl and he stopped talking to her the day she joined the others in calling him by his hated nickname 'Angus the Anus'.

He remembered how hurt and crushed he felt the first time she said it to him when he passed her and some of her 'cool' friends in the hallway. It was a betrayal he never forgave her for.

Angus wasn't the kind of guy who was going to hang around with a chick like Connie anyway. He was afraid of his own shadow, got tongue tied around girls, and hadn't exactly enjoyed a great or romantic social life in high school. Connie, on the other hand, was with a different guy every other week and Angus knew was hardly in her league.

Angus was one of those guys who melted into the woodwork and hardly had a presence around Hillsboro High. He was quiet and studious and his big claim to fame was being elected to the student council, mostly by default even though half of his campaign posters were defaced with 'Angus the Anus'. He was a relatively plain looking guy with a quiet and non-descript personality.

Connie took it upon herself to let herself into the Larson house whenever she arrived in the afternoon after school because there was nobody around to answer the door and she figured Angus wasn't about to drag himself down the stairs to let her in.

She would yell out "Hey!" and he would yell back "Come on up." She would barge into his room and Angus usually reacted with embarrassment, never quite sure how she was going to behave as she could be kind of out there sometimes.

After the first week of being housebound (and grounded), Angus was beginning to go stir crazy and he actually looked forward to Connie's visits. The first few days she made only brief cameo appearances since she obviously had something better to do with her time than hang out with a broke-legged geek like him but after a few days Angus was hoping she'd stay longer.

Connie was good looking, although she kept her bangs long and hanging in her face and she wore bagging clothes, most of which came from the Salvation Army Thrift Store even though her parents had more money than Romney.

Angus was drowsing on his bed when he heard the now familiar "Hey!" being called out from the bottom of the stairs.

"Come on up!" Angus hollered back.

He heard her light footsteps coming up the stairs and he smoothed himself out on the bed waiting for her to step into the room. She barged in like a bull in a china shop.

"Hey," Angus said.

She tossed a couple of handouts from English class onto the bed. "Okay, then," she said quickly. "Just read the questions and answer them in essay form," she said. "See you."

"Hey, wait!" the bored Angus pleaded as she started for the door. "Don't go yet."

"Huh?" Connie seemed surprised as she glanced over her shoulder at him.

"Couldn't you just visit with me for a little while?" He asked.

"Why would I want to do that?" She asked with annoyance.

"Because I'm home alone all the time," he groaned. "I'm going crazy."

"Don't you have a cell phone?"

"Parents took it way as part of my punishment."


"For school work only," he said. "I had to deactivate my Facebook and instant messenger too. I'm in solitary confinement."

"That sucks," Connie replied.

"Tell me about it," Angus sighed.

"Look, I got people waiting for me," Connie said.

"People?" Angus asked, raising his eyebrows.

"You know what I mean," she said, waving him off with her hand.

"Oh, sure, go ahead, thanks anyway," Angus replied.

She hesitated for a moment, looking at him with pity. ""I really don't have time for this," she said.

"Come on, Connie, please?"

She groaned and sucked in a sigh. "Maybe for a little while."

"Thanks," he said with appreciation.

She grabbed his computer chair from the desk and rolled it to the foot of his bed where she took a seat. He was sprawled out on his bed with his cast leg stretched out. He was wearing baggy shorts with one leg cut to fit over the cast and a Perry the Platypus tee shirt.

From the angle which Connie was sitting, she realized that she could see up the leg of his shorts on his leg with the cast. She giggled when she saw part of his testicles peeking out from the inner lining of the shorts but she decided not to tell him that he was unknowingly exposing himself.

"What?" He asked

"Oh, nothing," Connie smirked, trying not to stare at his groin.

"So how does it look?" Angus asked.

"What!?" Connie asked, suddenly embarrassed for apparently being caught.

"My cast?" Angus wondered. "How does it look?"

"White," she deadpanned, glancing at the long white plaster cast.

"Do you want to sign it?" Angus asked. "As you can see, nobody else has."

"Do they still do that?" Connie asked, her eyes once again trailing up toward his groin.

"Sure!" Angus laughed.

He leaned over to get a marker from the bedside table and this time Connie could see half of his scrotum as the material of his shorts moved. She almost burst out laughing this time and she hoped he didn't catch on that she was enjoying the peep show.

"Go ahead," Angus said, handing her the marker.

She glanced back and saw that the material of his shorts had returned to its original position but that she could still see the bottom part of his balls through the opening of his leg.

"You sure you want me to sign it?" she asked.

"Please, deface it," he invited.

Connie moved from the computer chair to the side of the bed.

"To Angus," Connie wrote in clear cursive. "Who can fly cars with the best of them!" She drew a picture next to it of a car sticking out of a rooftop.

Angus laughed when he saw her work. "Thanks!" He said with approval. "That's great!"

"Is it stupid?" Connie feared. "I could write something else."

"No, this is great," he assured her. He glanced at her and smiled.

"You should show your sense of humor more often," Connie remarked.

Angus blushed as Connie remained on the bed, sitting surprisingly close to him.

"You're really shy, aren't you?" Connie observed.

"I guess," he admitted.

"You don't have to be with me," Connie told him. "We have….history." She looked into his eyes this time instead of between his legs. "Maybe you're not so bad after all," she teased.

"I know the kind of guys you keep company with these days," he sighed. "You don't have to humor me."

She laughed with amusement. "Oh you do, do you?" She teased.

"That's probably where you're going now, right?"

She shrugged. "I go where and when I feel like going," she said.

"You're the only one who's been nice enough to visit me," Angus said. "I really appreciate that."

"Well, it wasn't by choice," she admitted. Then she saw the hurt look on his face. "At first," she added.

"Nice save," he mumbled sarcastically.

"So, where is everybody else?" She wondered.

"There really never was anybody else," Angus sighed. "Besides, I'm the laughing stock of the school now. Circus Boy flying cars into houses. Angus the Anus."

She laughed. "You're a celebrity!"

"Tell it to my parents," Angus replied.

"Oh, they think you're a criminal!?" She smirked.

"Just what I need for my college application," he groaned.

"I see that photo from the paper around the school," she told him.

"Yeah, I'm sure people got a big laugh," Angus groaned. 'Angus the Anus strikes again!"

"Oh, it's not like that," she said dismissively.

"It's nice to see you again, Con," Angus said with meaning. "It's almost like the old days. When we were kids."

"Yeah," she agreed sheepishly, showing a moment of vulnerability for the first time. "Do you need anything?" Connie asked. "A snack from the kitchen or something?"

"Actually, I got a mini-frig over there." Angus gestured with his hand toward the corner of the room.

"Great, I've got the munchies," Connie announced.

"What, did you toke up on your way over?"

"Yes," she answered freely as she jumped off the bed and went to the refrigerator.

She returned a moment later with a box of devil dogs, this time lying next to him on the bed and she could feel him tense up beside her.

"Jesus, Angus, relax, it's only me," she said.

"It's been a long time since you've been only me," he replied.

"So, I saw your balls," she said, handing him a devil dog.

"What?" Angus asked with shocked embarrassment.

"Those shorts are pretty loose," she giggled.

Angus turned red faced. "Great," he mumbled. "Now I'm a pervert flasher in addition to Angus the Anus."

"I don't mind," she replied with a smirk.

"I do," he let her know.

"Oh, are you a prude too?" She wondered.

He blushed again. "I guess," he admitted.

"Don't worry about it."

She unwrapped the devil dog from its wrapper and she was licking the crème along the side in a very seductive manner. He was fully aware of what she was doing and he grew even more embarrassed. She reached over and grabbed his shorts by the waistband, pulling so hard that the elastic band snapped causing the shorts to go loose.

"Oppsie!" She laughed as she tugged down on the shorts.

"Connie!" Angus cried out. "I have a broken leg."

"So what?" She laughed. "Your dick's not busted, is it?"

She pulled the shorts down some more until his penis popped out from underneath.

"Hello," she said happily. "Nice to meet you."

Angus felt himself get hard instantly, never having had himself exposed to a girl before, although he always fantasized that it would be Connie.

Connie took the devil dog she was holding and she peeled the dessert apart, sticking it back together on both sides of his dick. She then leaned over and began to lick and bite and chew on both the dessert and his member.

"This is a great way to beat the munchies!" She said.

"Connie!" Angus screamed out in excitement.

"Let me eat my devil dog," she mumbled.

"Oh My God!" Angus moaned, a wide expression sliding over his face.

The sensation of the crème of the devil dog, the chocolate buns, her tongue, her lips, her teeth and her throat all rolled into one had him throbbing within minutes.

"I need more crème, Angus," Connie told him as she began sucking him off in earnest now, careful not to put pressure on his leg in the cast.

It didn't take him long to ejaculate into her mouth which she welcomed gladly and Angus knew that Connie was experienced in this sort of thing. She looked up at him and smiled when he was done and he couldn't tell what was his stuff and what was the devil dog crème smeared around her mouth.

"That was unbelievable," Angus said when he was able to speak.

"I thought you might like it," Connie laughed. "Good thing I had the munchies, huh?"

"Good thing I have a broken leg or you never would have been over here in the first place," Angus remarked.

"This is true," Connie agreed.

"I've missed you, Con," Angus said.

"Yeah, well, I sort of went off the reservation, didn't I?" Connie confessed.

"You changed," he agreed.

"But you never did, did you?" She asked, staring at him.

"No," he replied with a sigh. "Still Angus the Anus."

"You are not," she protested. "Stop saying that."

"You even called me that once," he pointed out.

She looked ashamed. "I'm sorry I said it," she told him. "I was just showing off in front of the company I kept."

He glanced out the window but didn't say anything. She could see his eyes welt up.

"I'm sorry I hurt you," she whispered.

He looked back at her and smiled. "I guess you just made it up to me."

"Maybe I'm not done yet," she grinned.

"What do you mean?"

She crawled off the bed and smiled seductively as she peeled down the oriental looking pants she was wearing. Angus's eyes went wide when he saw her light colored bush exposed. She unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it aside and there was no bra so Angus had a full view of her perfect small yet firm breasts. He had never seen a naked girl up close like this before.

"You're beautiful, Connie," he told her.

She rolled her eyes. "Oh, I must be your first nudie," she laughed.

"You're still beautiful," he assured her, staring at her nakedness.

"Don't drool, Angus," she said, climbing back on the bed and sitting next to him, facing him with her legs open.

He gawked at her openness with disbelief. She grabbed the devil dog he had been holding and squashed it between her legs, turning her pink to chocolate black.

"Eat me," she ordered with a seductive smirk.

"Connie!" Angus was red faced now.

"Come on, Angus, now's your chance! I'm making up with you."

He stared at her for a long moment before he carefully moved down the bed so his head was close to her womanhood. She lifted one leg up and he slipping his head under it and began licking both the devil dog remains and her opening at the same time.

"Devil dog has never tasted so good before," he said.

"I totally agree," she laughed.

He could feel her running her hand up and down his cast. She tugged his shorts all the way off and patted the side of his naked ass cheek. They both moaned, excited with the activity. Connie was laughing too which made Angus feel relaxed and welcomed.

Angus reached his arm up and found her breast with his hand, rubbing it with amazement not quite believing any of this was happening. When all the crumbs and pieces of the squashed devil dog were gone, Connie fell back on her elbows with her legs still spread apart and she smiled at him.


"Delicious," he assured her.

She giggled and then lay down beside him, pressing herself against him. His hand found it's away around to her backside and he squeezed her soft buns with affection.

"I never stopped liking you, Angus," she whispered.

"It's okay," Angus murmured, rubbing her breast.

"No its not," Connie sighed. "I treated you like shit."

"You had different interests," he reasoned.

"Yeah, I was interested in being a bitch," she said.

Angus breathed out and held her closer. "You're here now."

"So, how you doing?" Connie asked, knocking on his leg cast.

"The doctor says I'll be okay," Angus replied.

"How you feeling?"

"Pretty good now!" He laughed.

"You know, I've never fucked a guy in a cast before," she said, giving him a kiss on the lips.

"Would you like to now?" He dared.

She giggled while tracing her fingers down toward his groin and Angus inhaled deeply as she began rubbing it.

"I like your devil dog," she said.

Angus smiled with appreciation as she playfully tugged his member a few more times and then she sat up on the bed, climbed on top of him and straddled his lap, careful not to press down on his cast. Looking down at him, Connie slowly pulled his tee shirt off over his head and then she stared at the bruises on the side of his ribs, now yellow and black and purple.

"Oh," she said with surprise, touch his side with light fingertips. "Does it hurt?"

"Only when I move," he deadpanned.

"Sorry," Connie sighed while peering at the bruising.

"I hope it's not a turn off," Angus worried.

"Actually, it's kind of a turn on," Connie giggled.

"Connie?" Angus asked softly.

"Yeah?" She was rubbing herself against his loins.

Angus reached up and touched her hair gently. "Thanks," he said. "For this."

There was a long silence while Connie studied him thoughtfully.

"I thought you were going to die," Connie admitted. "When I first heard about the accident."

"Me too," Angus confessed, taking a deep breath, his fingers still twisting Connie's dark hair. "My life literally flashed before my eyes when I was airborne."

"What did you see?"

"You," he whispered.

"Do you remember anything?" Connie asked, using her hands to insert him inside of her before placing her hands on his shoulders.

"I remember being in the air," Angus answered. "But that's about it." He reached up and touched her breasts tentatively while she rocked back and forth on him.

She leaned over and kissed him passionately. They parted their lips and he felt her teeth and then Connie twisted her tongue inside of his mouth. She felt his cast scratching against the curve of her ass as she continued to ride him.

'Your cast is going to poke my anus," she joked.

Angus continued to squeeze and play with Connie's breasts while watching as her hips rose up and down.

"Am I hurting you?" Connie worried.

"No," he replied.

He dropped his hands from her breasts and found her clit, concentrating on that soft wet spot while watching his penis moving in and out of her with rhythmic perfection until he felt something explode inside of her.

"Co. . ." Angus yelled, his head pushed back into the pillow and his body shuddered.

Connie looked down at him, watching with amazement as he cummed inside of her while she slid her hand over his mouth.

"Shh!" She said happily.

"Are you okay?" Angus asked with concern, realizing he had left her behind.

"Yeah," she said, making sure to keep her weight off of his cast while leaning over to give him a kiss. "Are you okay?"

Angus gave her a sheepish smile while returning his hands to her breasts. "Yeah, I'm okay."

"Good," Connie smiled before falling off of him and lying at his side.

Angus found her slick and hot spot with one hand while working his other hand around to her backside and inserting a finger into her ass crack.

"Oh!" She said with surprise.

"Now it's your anus," he whispered.

He heard her breathing become more of a pant as she softly moaned and wiggled to his double poking, burying her head into his shoulder.

"Oh God," she marveled. "Nobody's done it there before."

Angus kept working her until she was flopping on the bed like a fish out of water. The sensation of him pleasuring her from both sides was driving her insane and she screamed out in pleasure when she climaxed in a double whammie.

He grinned while watching her fight for her breath, her eyes open as she stared at him with satisfaction.

"That was great," she testified, sitting up on the bed and grabbing the magic marker from the bedside table.

She leaned back and began writing on his cast again. 'Connie Came Here!' She scribbled across it before lying down on her stomach and hugging one of the pillows, turning her head to look at him.

He took the magic marker from her hand and wrote across her ass "Angus was Here."