We feel, we love, we hate, we fear,

Our hearts beat in the same way

We breath, we eat, we drink, we sleep,

Red blood runs through our veins

We live, we learn, we fade, we die,

One sky runs above us

We mourn, we trust, we miss, we care,

One moral law is within us

We compete, we kiss, we kill, we follow

Blood spills and hearts break

Hidden within the shadows,

You can't see

Everything they are purscueing in obscurity

Deceptive forces

Things we can't conceive

No recognition

This nation is deceived

While you are on the wrong path

I'm here silent...

Questioning am I supposed to endure all the pain?

You refuse reasoning

So you broke my heart

The self shattered heart

Just cries in anticipation

Your path,

Your choice,

Your beliefs,

Your path...

All of it is your own choice...

Specifically like your path

I can't help you when you hurt

Not when you refuse to take my help...

I will cry when you die and burn...

Your fault for refusing my help

Cause I can't help if you refuse to take aid

While I am a lover,

A healer

I can take away any of your pain

So let it meet the maker,

I overwhelm any form of hurt

But can't in your state of denial

Medicine can't help it

It is useless against that enemy

That is pains denial

A close up inside

Release it I say

Just to test me is all I ask

Good friends trust the other without a secret...

Claim to be a good friend?

You may say you are,

So show me

Or was trusting me just a lie?

I refuse to feel like a stranger,

To feel like that means sayonara

I want you out of my life

While laughable to you

Is everything dear to me

Meaning I became useless to you

So in this life I just become nothing

Why do I waste my time?

You are such a fallen cretin

An ant I will step on without a thought


Your kind mean nothing to me

And simplicity says fuc* you

Just crawl your way home

you mean nothing to a healer of pain...

I see clearly now

I will hunt you down

Just to prove your kind wrong

I will break every chain

A shattered image will be all what remains

So distracted,

So affected,

They try to control me

Long disconnected I'm about to fall

As a stranger in this world,

That seems to be so true

Just step through the darkness

You won't have any idea

Provided pain can be hidden

But my nature can see it...

I get real

I don't follow the fictions in life

They get nobody anywhere

For they only held me back

When everyone stay behind

Believed in trash and shit

I'll always be here

Cocked, locked and ready to roll

For so much pain is coming

I will be needed there

Won't sleep

Won't eat

Will not drink

Refuse to love a believer of my enemy

That enemy is the made up shit

Including its believers

But I will heal followers of the things I despise

So tear down the facades

Reach for the source

Reveal the hidden

Cut off evil's course

We all are fallen angels

Denial makes a hater

The fallen soon turn into those I hate

When under the cover of darkness they are expected

An invisible enemy where discontent ruled their heart

So it is spreading terror

I will cry tonight

The night is full of shadows

Because you don't see you live in a place for the fallen

Because your path kisses hell

While shadows dance on the wall

They resemble what I am forced to see

I will be crying over your pain

Because you never listened

Shit on me and you forgot me

This uncertainty about existence of all things

Am I what I'm suppose to be to you?

Even anything you would want?

Because there is lack of communication between us

I don't know when you are in pain

So i fail to help

So I am just a prisoner?

Because it may be true

I am a prisoner of my reality

Different reality lays between us both

Cybernetic symbiosis,

Technology and flesh

Rumors make targets on high speed

They are with implants organiques addicted to drugs

Mutagen and biomechanics

Lies are breeding in shadows

Cloned lifeforms unbound

Visions of dethroning and pride of creation

They play God and reach for the final mutation

Never seen a greater tragedy

The most beautiful death in history

Provides the shout for help

Transmitted life to change is too late

So get real

Go home

I won't see you

I won't until you get on my level

So this is goodbye...