Hell yes! I started writing Take a second to breathe several years ago, and have rewritten it with different story lines and different characters about seven times and I have finaly came up with an idea I like! I hope you enjoy it!

The young girl sat down in the dining room. She was born into a world of luxury and wealth for she was a princess. She had long golden curls and wore beautiful dresses of flowing fabrics and wore silk ribbons around her neck, wrists and ankles. Yet with all this luxury she wasn't happy. She could never be happy in this huge castle if she was alone. Her mother was destroyed by one of the other and her father was corrupted after that. He went mad and was slowly taken over by the darkness that had killed his wife, he swore revenge on the other. Both sides fought valiantly but justice won and her father was defeated, he has been missing ever since along with his wife's sister and her children. They are all presumed dead. The servants would not talk to the girl when they didn't need to. There was too much bloodshed and despair trailing her family and this castle, the broken castle. She was never seen out of the castle, the servants would not allow it, they didn't want tragedy befalling the kingdom after there had been so much in the past decade. She had never known love, only hate. She knew no one but her servants and they despised her, many of their people had died thanks to her father and no one would ever forgive her for that, they worked for her because they needed money, and she had plenty.

Her only friend was a small cat she called Alchemy after her aunt's much loved profession, Lily Rae Cain could just about remember her aunt. It was said she was the spitting image of her mother, apart from her blue hair, her mothers was red. Lily Rae got her golden hair from her father and her blue eyes from her mother. Alchemy was an adorable little grey tabby, she had bright blue eyes, which was rare for cat's, even those in the hidden islands and the great island of Xenina. It used to be great, anyway. Now it was nothing, a shell of it's former glory, broken. Xenina castle has been known as the Broken castle ever since it was destroyed after the battle that killed Lily's mother, it was, of course rebuilt after that, and it looks exactly the same but it no longer has the same atmosphere as was experienced by everyone who entered when her mother was young.

Lily has almost finished her lunch, she had asked the servants not to prepare her grand feasts as they had used to, having large meals makes her feel even more alone that she already does, eating a meal deserving of many people, the servants refuse to eat with her, they treat her like a curse. She was about to head for the school room where she would learn lessons from her teacher and be scolded for not remembering something she had learned months ago or not understanding something much too advanced for her life but she didn't complain. She assumes that she deserves it, she believes she wouldn't be treated so terribly if she hadn't done something, so she takes the pain and the emptiness she takes it as if it was her fault, she holds the burden of her fathers crimes and blames herself despite her innocence.

As she takes one more step of her lonely existence she hears a sound that she has never heard before, a scream. She feels slightly exited but terrified at the same time. She hears the screams getting louder and she runs, her excitement is gone quickly, this new sound terrifies her more than the silence she endures day in day out. She runs through the grand corridors. For a fleeting moment she thinks of what her teacher might say if she saw her running like this but it is quickly pushed to the back of her mind, the only thing she wants to do it get to her room and hold Alchemy. She trips over and grazes her knee on the cold stone where the rugs don't reach. She wants to cry, she wants her mother to hold her in her arms and hold her in her arms and tell her everything's going to be fine like she reads in her books. She knows that's never going to happen so she stands up and continue to run. The screams are now joined with shouts, and running footsteps. Lily runs up the final flight of stairs to get to her room, she grabs her cat and dives under her bed. She's terrified and can tell Alchemy is too, she stroked her and kisses her on her head while trying to be as quiet as possible, Alchemy remains silent, she barely ever meows or purrs anyway, Lily is glad this isn't one of those off days where she does. She hears the noise getting closer and closer to her bedroom, her heart beats faster. Her eyes shine with unshed tears and she holds her cat tighter. Her door bursts open and she had to cover her mouth to stop herself crying out in fear.
'Search the rest of the castle' demands a young, but strong male voice.'
Lily Rae holds her breath.
'I know you're in here, Lily,' he says calmly.
She doesn't move, she knows she's going to be found but she's just too scared to do anything. Lily hears the wardrobe opening and then closing again, she hears the man walking over to the side of the bed and see's the mans plain black boots, she closes her eyes and curls up tightly, making sure there was still room for Alchemy.
'Get out from under the bed,' he demands, still calm.
She wipes her eyes and crawls out, still holding Alchemy close to her chest. The man must have been about nineteen, he has dark hair and golden eyes. He is tall and wears plain black trousers, a black shirt and a red tie. His face is completely emotionless and it scares Lily.
'Follow me,' He says, and she follows.