I'm being cruel and putting Kaira through some torture for a few chapters, she'll thank me for it later :D I have a question for you, who's your favourite character?

Kaira sighed, dressing up was most definitely not her thing. As beautiful as the dress was, as much as it suited her taste. She. Did. Not. Like. Dresses! The lady in the shop seemed rather exited. She couldn't possibly know that she was going to the Bluebird society tonight and Kaira couldn't think of any reason for her to be so happy. Kaira guessed she must have been one of those people who where constantly happy, urgh, those kind of people annoyed her so. The skirt of Kaira's dress was of a flowing red fabric, the folds where beautiful, they moved in a perfect synchronised dance along with her every move. The corset was black, deep like the pupils of her eyes. And the sleeves, off shoulder, was of the same fabric the skirt was made of, the ends flowing much like the skirt. She hated it, so pretty, so graceful, so damn feminine. 'It's beautiful dear,' said the lady, who was now curling her hair. 'It suits you so well!'
Kaira had to agree, it did look good, but that didn't change the fact she would change swap it in an instant for some skinny trousers, a jacket and some thick boots, but she wouldn't be accepted into bluebird hall if she dressed like that, so she'd have to grimace deal with the dress and be absolutely charming tonight. Kaira thought she was going to be sick

Kaira was ready. She was in her stupidly girly dress, and her stupidly graceful shoes and had her hair done up in a stupidly feminine bun. She was ready. She stood outside the hall, it was large graceful and white with light blue on the window panes. She stood at the top of the stairs willing her feet to move. 'I'm ready,' she muttered to herself, angrily. 'Get in the mansion Kaira, you've fought trolls and other hideous creatures, I even got through a day at Raina private, I can deal with the posh and obnoxious of the Bluebird society,'

Kaira felt a hand on her shoulder, a white gloved hand, 'Trolls are much friendlier than many of the people in here, stay with me and I shall protect you from the hideous, terrifying beasts of bluebird hall,' Kaira turned around and stared at him for a moment. He was maybe eighteen, nineteen, a little taller that her, he had dark blue hair that was very nearly black, the smile on his face was warm and friendly, if a little conceited, and his black suit was accented with blue on the sleeves and pockets that matched his ice blue eyes. He was beautiful. After a moment she replied 'I might just take you up on that offer.' with a calm smile. 'Follow me, my lady, we shall face the dark together,'
Kaira laughed 'Okay, if we're gonna spend the evening together can you please stop talking like that?'
He made a laugh, mirroring her own and said 'Yeah, sure,'

His name was Darrex, he was the son of the headmaster of Raina private. He was also on the Bluebird council, which would make him a useful friend for Kaira. He put her arm around his and led her up to the dance floor 'Wha, wait, I don't know how to dance!' Kaira exclaimed. 'Mirror me, you'll be fine,' he assured her 'Take my hand,'

Damn it, thought Kaira, she was here to get vital information, not to dance with some guy. Okay, maybe he wasn't just any guy but that's not the point, She hated dancing more that this bloody dress. Her grace was reserved for battle, not this! Why was she given this mission! Why! She knew her father hated her but this was just plain cruel! Torture!