Extend the Time

By: Krissie

I've been running about all school year. It's settling out some now though. Though I have a lot of questions though. My bus gets me to school at 7:55am, as do most of the other buses at my school. I and several other students have noticed that breakfast at the school closes at 7:55am.

Is it just me, or is this unfair? It seems unfair to me. I mean, how can schools say they want you to eat breakfast, yet when they come to school wanting to buy breakfast at school before first period starts, the breakfast is close. That's not right. The school is jipping its students out of breakfast. And they wonder why their pupils are always going, "I'm hungry!" during class all the way until Lunch.

Does this make any sense to you? I just don't get it. It's hypocritical, isn't it? Isn't that the word you use to describe something that says one thing and then does another? The school says it offers all of its students a well balance lunch and breakfast. Yet the school isn't offering all of its charges a breakfast, because most of them get there when the lunch closes. It's just not fair. It's just not right.

I also noted that my class doesn't start until 8:05am. Why don't they serve lunch until 8:03am? Wouldn't that allow more kids to actually eat breakfast at school? They would have something in their systems and be able to concentrate a little more without going, "I'm hungry!"

We all know that no one can concentrate properly on an empty stomach. They're too busy going, "My stomach is growling at me." We've all seen those people. They can barely pay attention. Then they come back from lunch and they're totally able to concentrate on anything and everything. Yes, I admit, there are those few people who concentrate better when they're starving, but those are few in numbers. Plus, they probably won't take advantage of a longer breakfast period anyway.

I don't always eat breakfast at school, but there are certain days that I need to eat something for breakfast. These days are usually the mayor testing/event days - EOCTs, SATs, Finals, Unit Tests, Blood Donations, etc.

If a school really wants to care for its students and wants them to be well nurtured, they should have it were every student has a chance to get breakfast. So instead of closing lunch at 7:55am, when students on buses are just arriving, the school should have breakfast open up to at least 8:02am-8:03am. That's only 8 more minutes. 8 simple little minutes. That is not a big change in time, now is it? It is only 8 minutes. These small little window can make a really big difference. It really can. Just 8 simple little minutes to give students the chance to eat breakfast and not be sitting in their class going, "I'm hungry!" until lunch time. It'll lead to kids being more concentrated, I'm sure. It's just 8 more little minutes. It's not long. Just 8 little minutes. But if you can't make the 8 minutes work. Keep it open until 8:00am. It's so much better than letting your students starve. Just a few more minutes. That's all I'm asking.

I'm willing to be negotiable and I'm sure my peers are too. We're tired of sitting in our class going, "I'm hungry!" Not being able to concentrate on anything due to our empty stomachs. You are our school. You are our provider for education. And for some, you are our main, and only, provider of food. If you say you're going to provide breakfast for your students, provide it for all of them, not just a few. All I'm asking for is that you, the school, extend lunch from 7:55am to 8:00am and/or 8:03am. It's not a very big change. It's just so simple.

Have any of you ever noticed all of these big problems with your school? Have you thought of ways to fix the school or make it better? Yet you never seem to have the courage to step up? You're not sure where to go with your idea. I wonder why we're told to stand strong and tall? Yet we shy away because we lack self-confidence and understanding on how to do something. Or am I just looking why too much into this?