By: KrIsSiE AnA MaUrEeN

"It is a treasure that no soul dare look upon. Those who do never behold another sight. It is savage and it is docile. The treasure can bring one great power, but it is an impending doom for everyone and everything it encounters. At first the treasure appears small and fragile, but it is truly a monster. A monster that'll…"

"Scotty!" a voice called. A young red head looks up from the book he was reading. "It's time for your training!" He sighs.

"Coming!" The young boy yells back to the voice. He places a book mark in the book and closes it. "Every time the book gets interesting…" he mumbles gently placing the leather bound book on his nightstand. On the cover it says, "The True Legend".

In a sunny place not far away from the boy, our poor little lost bunny is still searching for his owner. As he hops and hops, he wonders on to a play ground. He hops and hops not coming upon a soul. Then in the distance on the monkey bars, he sees the young boy. He's doing chin ups on them and talking to two older guys. One looks about 30 with short straight blond hair. The other looks about 25 with black hair. He turns his attention away, thinking that they can't help him, yet a deep nagging inside Patchafire's mind kept telling him that they could.

However, he hopped along his way. He soon bumped into a man's foot. He was a coach form a school nearby. On the badge on his shirt, it read Coach John Snargs. The man was a total brute for he kicked Patchafire away.

"Who the hell released a damn rabbit out here?!" he yelled.

Patchafire looked at him with scared eyes, the kind a victim looks at their abuser with, as Coach Snargs continues to hurt Patchafire.

When he was done exacting his torture on the little lost bunny, he walked away laughing.

"What a stupid animal!" He laughed. Patchafire grew angry and attacked Coach Snargs. Blood spewed everywhere. Painting the grass red. He screamed and screamed, but there was no end to Patchafire's rage at this point. After all, Coach Snargs had it coming. As the idiot finally fell dead, Patchafire continued to maimed John Snargs' body. Splattering more layers of wet blood on colligating blood.

"Hey little guy." A young boy said. His red wavy hair went to the top of his mint green eyes, as he stood only three inches away from the bloodshed. His eyes looking at the little lost bunny with understanding and sympathy. "You know, you've caused a lot of trouble all over the place, but if they were anything like that twit, I understand. I also understand your condition every time you see a certain color. Or am I misinformed, Patchafire?" he said with a knowing smile as Patchafire look at him with astonishment and wonder.

"Oh my god! What happened?" a lady screamed. She too was a teacher as her badge read Diane Hallogan. Her usual creepy happy smiley clown like face was now one of sheer terror at the sight of gore. Scotty glanced at her through his hair and looked at Patchafire. He mouthed, "Don't look at her." Patchafire closed his eyes.

"That twit hurt the bunny and it's not just the bunny he's hurt. Today, however, karma struck him by having his victim strike him back." The boy said calmly.

Ms. Hallogan looked at him in confusion. "Wait a second." She said walking up beside the boy. "Aren't you a student at my school?" She grabbed him and turned him toward her.

"Hey!" he yelled.

"You are! You're Scotty River. You just transferred." She said.

"Hey, let me go! And go away! We don't need a stupid therapist always looking for something to report." He screamed as he squirmed.

"Why are you here alone? Where are your parents?" she started drilling him with questions.

Scotty finally screamed, "Listen you dumb bitch! Get out of here!" His fangs were prominent and very sharp. His eyes became blood shot as his face scrunched up and his nostrils flared. His entire persona changed into that of a monster. A vampire. "Leave." He said as Ms. Hallogan stumbled back and fell. "Now!" he yelled.

"What are you?" She staggered to say.

Scotty sighed as he looked over at Patchafire whose eyes were closed. "Patchafire it appears that Ms. Hallogan refuses to leave and now, well, she knows a bit too much. I'm afraid I can't do the needed job, but if you would only open your eyes, I'm sure you can do what's necessary." He said stepping away from Ms. Hallogan slowly turning back into the sweet boy that she had first met.

Patchafire opened his eyes and saw Ms. Hallogan too terrified to even move and the pink shirt she was wearing too. Patchafire started to go mad again and this time he didn't fight it. He attacked her as she screamed a blood curdling scream. Her blood now painting the grass and adorn in the layers of Coach Snargs' blood. When he was done, he turned toward Scotty and started to hop toward him.

Then the two other guys that Patchafire saw with the young boy earlier came running over and jerked Scotty away.

"I thought you said you could handle this, Scotty boy." One of them said.

"I know! We leave you alone for five bloody minutes and this demon rabbit kills two people and is probably going to kill you too." The other says.

"Yeah, stay back and leave it to us." The first one says as the two take a swing at the creature. Patchafire dodges their attacks and chases them around the park. What a hilarious sight, two grown men running from a cute little bunny rabbit screaming like little girls.

Scotty tried to hold back a laugh. He sighs as he goes to his trainers' aid. He ran up beside Patchafire. "Be gentle with them, Patchafire." He said kindly. "We need their help if we're going to find Cleovim." Patchafire skidded to a stop at the sound of his owner's name. He stared up at Scotty who looked at him knowingly. Scotty knelt down and extended his hand to Patchafire. "We're both looking for her. Let's work together. This way none of us will get lost again." Patchafire liked the sound of that compared to aimlessly wondering the world. Patchafire hopped into Scotty's hands and cuddled the side of his face when Scotty lifted him upward.

Scotty laughed from the tickling of Patchafire's fur. He patted Patchafire twice on the head. Patchafire stopped and looked up at him.

"It's settled then. We all work together." He said to Patchafire who nodded in reply.