Spirits in the Forest

By: Krissie Gault

'Never go into the forest'? Is that what they tell them? Why? Is it because we're here? What did she do? Why are they punishing her for things she did not do?

The woods are vast like all woods are. However, these woods used to be a happy place. But that was long ago before the rumors started. In the middle of the forest there was a house. A very plain house. Nothing very special about it. At least until a certain event took place. Shortly after that event came the rumors and house was presumed abandoned.

The truth was, however, it wasn't. There inside the house – a child played. Her hair touches the ground. She wears a faded purple gown. By the window she loves to play with her toys. She often looks out the window hoping that someone will come by and open the door. After the event, she could no longer open her door. After the event, she could no longer open her door. The first time she tried was her last time.

She had gotten up one day and looked out the window. She smiled gleefully as she said, "Oh! The blackberries are ready to pick!" She hurried on to the kitchen and grabbed a basket. She didn't even bother with shoes because she wanted to get some blackberries as soon as possible. She grabbed hold of the door knob and ZIAP! It was like being hit with lightning! She cried out in pain and stepped back from the door. She fell to the ground panting. Her grey eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of her head. When she finally had enough air in her, she looked at the door with a look that just screamed 'WHY?'.

She got up slowly with tears in her eyes, she staggered into her room. She walked up to the window and dropped her basket. The sun shined through the window warming the freezing room. On the window seal her favorite doll sat up. It was the doll her mother had gotten her before she was born. It was a cute kitten. The kitty doll was mainly white with an orange tail. Its left ear was orange too. The other was brown. On his neck was a vibrant purple bow. The girl always loved to fiddle with it. Its eyes were turquoise and lifeless and it seem to bare an almost Cheshire cat smile. The girl picked up her precious toy and started bawling. She buried her doll into her chest as she conveyed to it what had happened.

"Oh Bronco," she spoke to her doll, "the door – it shocked me! What did I do wrong? All I wanted was to pick the ripe blackberries outside on the bushes. Am I not allowed too?" She cried for a bit and spun around with around with her doll, soon after she began to nearly waltz with her doll.

She did this constantly every day. Every now and then she take a break and draw. She drew so many pictures that she ran out of paper. The only canvas that she had left were the walls that confined her. All the pictures expressed her state of mind and her desire to be free. Every now and then she would look out the window hoping to see a person come by. Being out in the middle of the woods made this very unlikely, but – grant it – a few did come by. Every time this happened, she would race to the window and cry, "Please get me out of here!" with both her voice and eyes. None, however, have ever appeared to have seen or notice her there. This made her very sad.

During the night, she would often cry herself to sleep, telling her doll, "Why can't I leave this place? Why can't I leave this box? All I want is to be free. All I want is to feel the grass. Why did those meanies put me here?" She always pretended that her doll could answer back. And every time she heard no response and every time she says, "You don't know either."

Many years have passed and still the girl was trapped in the house. However, she never grew nor did she age. It was as if time did not apply to her, but still she saw everyday pass by through the window.

I don't think I can take this anymore Bronco." She began to say one day. She ended the waltz between them. She kissed her doll on the head. "This is becoming unbearable. I wish I could escape, but it appears that only way that'll happen is if I die." She hugs her doll and glances at a squirrel outside. She sighs as she sits on the window seal.

Then from the depths of the woods, rolls out a blue ball. She looks at it with curiosity and little hope. Placing her right hand on the window, she stares at the ball for what feels like forever. From the bushes that the ball emerged, emerges a boy chasing after the ball. She begins to plead for help like she's done before. Everyone who'd dare come by never saw her, but this boy – he did something different. He looked directly at her and waved. The girl, herself, was shocked at first. When she realized that he actually saw her, she was overjoyed. He came up to the window. He smiled a heartwarming smile and tried to hand her the ball. He was so naive that he didn't realize that the window stood in the way. She gave a happy giggle and tried to read for the ball, forgetting that the window stood in the way herself. He tried handing her other things like flowers, leaves, nuts, and blackberries. But the window stood in the way.

The sun was setting and the boy knew that he had to go. As he turned to go home he said, "I'll come back tomorrow." She was overjoyed. She got up and danced around.

"I have a friend!" She said to her doll, "A friend! I have a friend!" She tired out and slept on her window seal that night. Holding her old doll to her heart, she finally smiled after so many years. When the morning came, she sat there and waited. It felt like an eternity while she waited. The day was warm and she loved feeling the sun.

Then the blue ball sprang from the trees. She perked up with joy and looked around for him. The bushes began to rustle and she sat up a little more. As a figure of a person emerged; it was that of another boy. She titled her head in confusion. He didn't appear to notice her as he raced toward the ball and kicked it. As the ball flew in the air, her friend rushes out from the trees. His face is fear stricken as he realizes that it's heading straight toward her.

CRASH! Shards of glass are everywhere. Her friend rushes to her aid, while the other boy walks away laughing, unaware of what he's done. Her friend picks her up and leans her up in his lap. She looks up at him happily and falls asleep in his arms. He lays her down on the ground. He smiles as he sees her old doll.

"Even in your death you still hold me dear." He said as he and the doll started glowing. He kisses her on the head as his figure turns into a vapor that goes insides her old doll.