Phantoms and Fiends

Part One:

The murderer was tossed into his grave, his body tied, his tongue cut out. The priest and his two masked followers all looked down at him. "Abel, you shall never harm another woman or child since your life will end here and now." the priest said, his voice deep and booming, "I know very well you are not the only one responsible for these atrocities, but you have my word that your brothers shall be captured and punished with death."

The murderer looked up at the priest and the masked men, his eyes showed no fear of death or any emotion at all.

The priest took one last look at the man and then said, "Get on with it." The masked men grabbed their shovels and began the task.


"I have seen her in my dreams once again, last night she told me another child shall die." the girl said urgently. She looked to the priest, his cold eyes looking back.

"This woman you see is never specific, there's no point in you telling me this since I have no name, location or anything else to work with." the priest said.

"So you don't want me to warn you of these predictions?" asked the girl.

The priest poured himself a cup of sickly looking green tea. A strange substance that some drank in order to keep a calm demeanor among other things. It was know to be vile in taste and made of disgusting ingredients such as human excrement and dead insects.

Causally the priest sipped the tea, he had gotten used to the taste a long time ago, "I see no point Desiree, some things I just have no control over, I cannot save every life."

"She comes to me and haunts me," Desiree explained, "I have come to the conclusion that she wishes merely to cause fear and worry." She was saddened by the fact that since the priest would no longer need her predictions, then she would no longer have an excuse to come see him. Despite his coldness, she had grown rather fond of him.

"Desiree, my dear I am sorry that this spirit haunts you but there is nothing I can do." he said and then took another sip of his tea. She began to cry, surprising even herself with such a reaction.

The priest frowned, "Why are you crying?"

Desiree let out a small sob and buried her face into her hands. She needed to hide from him.

"I demand you tell me what's wrong." he ordered, his voice dark and very serious. That voice could be quite frightening. Desiree looked up, sorrow was in her eyes. She wanted to remain silent but she simply couldn't. Everyone had to obey the priest or suffer painful or fatal punishments.

"I'll no longer be able to see you, sir." she said sadly. She wiped the tears from her eyes and gazed into the priest's eyes. Her cheeks went red with embarrassment as the man observed her.

"Why does that make you cry? Most individuals don't want to see me at all." the priest stated.

"I just feel like I'm losing a good friend." Desiree replied, downplaying the truth. The truth was that she loved the priest. One would probably ask how she could love such a man, hated and ruthless. But Desiree fell for those cold eyes, she was drawn to him as a moth to the flame. Despite his wickedness he was a handsome man, jaw length dark hair and strong bone structure.

"Desiree, you can come see me anytime. It does get rather lonely in this mansion of mine." he said.

The girl felt great relief hearing his words and smiled at him. "Thank you, sir and I promise I won't become a pest."

It was then time for her to go. She shook his hand and then right when she was about to leave his study, she blew him a kiss. She was blessed with one of his extremely rare smiles.


Lynx and Azazel sat in the cemetery leaning against the gravestones, they would only be here for so long. Their brother was gone, he rotted in the ground as they spoke. "Are brother has been buried alive, the worms now eat his flesh!" Azazel said.

His brother frowned and looked up to the sky, "Abel has not gone to heaven, but he probably holds a high rank in hell." Lynx said.

Lynx then ran his fingers through the wet grass of the cemetery, "And don't worry, Azazel are brother will be avenged."


The two brothers jumped up quickly, pulling out their knives. They saw a woman approaching she looked deathly thin and disheveled, with matted dark hair, her face scarred and slightly wrinkled. An appalling sight of woman the two brothers were thinking.

"Get out of here or I'll slice you open!" Azazel shouted.

"Now gentlemen, play nice. You may have killed helpless women and children but you won't be killing me." she told them.

Lynx suddenly came at her with his knife, she disappeared quickly. They looked around in shock and utter disbelief. "Where did that whore go?!" Lynx snarled.

They soon felt a hard shove knocking them back against the stones, their weapons getting knocked from their hands. The woman stood in front of them smiling, "Now that I have your attention-"

"Witch!" Azazel shouted, he was silenced when she struck him hard across the face. He was amazed by her strength never had he met a woman able to strike so hard.

"I'm far from a witch, but if I told you what I was you wouldn't believe me. However, my name's Daphne-"

"We don't care who or what you are!" Lynx snapped.

Daphne smiled and did not strike this brother, "I heard you say your brother Abel will have a high rank in hell." she said, "That's unlikely. Killing some women and children means nothing, I've been to hell my friend, I know all about it."

"What do you want?!" Lynx asked impatiently.

"Your brother will be tortured mercilessly, he could never be anything in hell. It's all about mind and soul which-"

"Shut up! What the hell do you want?! Enough of your damn speeches!" Lynx cried angrily. Azazel was being quiet, his face still hurt from being struck. Such a proud man, so easily brought down.

"I want nothing from you, I just want to show you and your pathetic brother something." Daphne held out her hands, taking them into darkness.

A/N:Got the name Azazel from christian religion(i think it appears in a few others as well) ..doesn't really have anything to do with the character's personality here i just liked the name. Just thought I should mention that.