Freewriting is a method of writing where you sit down and write, uninterrupted, for any length of time. You don't stop to erase, think of a word, or anything else until your time is up. You write constantly and try not to overthink it. If you can't think of a word, a scribble will do instead. You get the point: write without stopping for anything be it tornado, earthquake, or editing.

We are doing freewriting in my Writer's Craft class, and some of mine are actually decent. These following stories are them, my freewrites, unedited, exactly as they were written in class. Some will be written elsewhere, and the location will be put at the top of the page for those of you who are curious. And all of them will have different themes and topics so it's a mishmash of stuff!

Without further ado, let's get writing (freewriting that is!)

~Summerlovin' XOXO