Freewriting Exercise #2

Location: Living Room

Date: September 10, 2012

Topic: Autumn

I love fall, it's my favourite season. I especially like how it's a season of two names. It can be fall or autumn. Autumn just fits better some days. Like when the sky is a bright blue with only a couple of puffy white clouds. The wind blows light enough to be cool but the sun is shining down with all it's might, trying to infuse the air with a few drops of summer. As the breeze blows through the trees the bright leaves rattle and a few may even break free to fly somewhere new, away from the tree that gave birth to them. The ground becomes a carpet of colour from red to burgundy to orange to yellow to gold and even brown, but even that brown seems prettier than any of the usual browns.

Fall is the best season to me. Fall is my birthday, fall is sweaters. Fall is everything I love best. Hot chocolate, tea, spiced coffee, turkey, Thanksgiving, family, comfort. I love the temperature of the air, I love the blazing sun not-quite heating the air. It's my absolute favourite season. I don't like anything else quite as much as I like fall. Nothing compares, nothing even comes close. It's the closest thing I have ever seen to perfection.