The Last Day

I held her hand
In the darkened room,
And played with her fingers.
And made her laugh
For one last time
Before Christmas.

We linked arms as
We stole up the busy street,
Though I saw none
But her,
And she smiled as if
It was just us two,
And like our lives didn't lay
In tatters at our feet.

I waited with her,
The rumblings of the bowels of the city
The song of my farewell.
And she clung to me,
Though nothing will ever tear me away.
I will never be turned
For I am hers.

She sighed as she boarded
The number nineteen bus,
And as she made her way
Daintily to her seat,
I mouthed three precious words
Through the scarred glass
That separated us.

She gave me two in return,
But they were enough.
And though she barely
Whispered them,
They rang in my ears like
The bells of Notre Dame.
And though the streets are
Now silent and the
People are all gone,
They chime still:
"You too."