So, I came up with the idea of having short stories of when Riker's dad is actually alive. There will be around seven chapters, each one with one of those things Ryan could fangirl over.

Ideas to explain things:

Ryan was still shot, but obviously lived. Riker was in the shop with him and watched Ryan get shot, so he still has PTSD because of that. He still landed himself in the hospital sophomore year from cutting, but his parents know about it, and after that is when he finally got put on medications.

Any other questions, just ask :)

"Oh my god, I am going to cut you all," Carter hissed as he leaned towards the TV. George and Katie both snorted with laughter and then sandwiched Carter between each other. Carter let out a cry in protest and the rest of them laughed. "Why must you all interrupt me when I am watching my favorite show?"

"Well, Jeff, Jamie, and I can do what we want because we know exactly what is going to happen," Riker replied as he leaned back against Carter's bed.

"Sometimes I even find it creepy how involved you get in this show when you know five of the actors personally," Jeff added as he leaned lightly against Riker's shoulder.

"Pretty much," Jamie agreed. "Other times it is highly entertaining."

"Only sometimes," Katie snorted. "I mean, he is ridiculous. He's known Riker and Jeff since we were seven. He shouldn't freak out this much."

"I do what I want! Now hush! This is getting good!" Carter exclaimed, flailing his arms at all of them. George smiled and shook his head before lying back on the floor with his hands behind his head as he looked towards the TV.

"Do you know if Ryan is watching?" Jeff asked Riker quietly as he rested his head on Riker's shoulder. Riker shrugged and then pulled his knees up to his chest some.

"I would imagine so. I don't even want to know what he is gonna do once the episode is over," Riker replied.

"Probably die and go to heaven and then call you about it," Jamie giggled as she leaned against Riker's other shoulder.

"Probably," Riker agreed as he smiled widely.

"I love Ryan, but he is crazy," Jeff breathed.

"You think I don't know that? I mean, he is my dad after all," Riker replied.

"I still say your dad is your biggest fangirl," Katie suddenly said, turning to look at them. Riker snorted with laughter and nodded in agreement.

"He definitely is. When he found out I got the job he tackle hugged me and didn't release me for a good five minutes," Riker replied.

"Oh Ryan," Jeff laughed.

"Oh my god, I swear. You all need to shut your traps," Carter hissed, still watching the TV intently.

"And you need to back the fuck away from the TV before you ruin your eyes," George replied, tugging Carter back from the TV. Carter turned to stick his tongue out at George before turning back to the TV. The rest of them all exchanged looks and shook their heads as they smiled.

"Issues, Carter," Jeff added. Carter just waved a hand back at Jeff, eyes wide and jaws dropped as he watched the TV. Then, he looked back at Riker and Jeff quickly before looking back towards the TV. Jamie let out a small giggle while Riker and Jeff both sighed, sagging into each other.

"Oh. My. God," Carter breathed out. "This is gonna happen, isn't it?"

"Mhm," Jamie giggled, one hand clapped over her mouth. Jeff pursed his lips and scrunched his nose before reaching over to slap Jamie's arm. She let out a yelp and then slapped Jeff back.

"Hey! No fighting while I'm between you two!" Riker exclaimed, shoving Jeff and Jamie away from each other.

"Riker the enforcer!" George exclaimed, causing Katie to laugh loudly.

"Oh my god, I am so screaming that at you when I see you in the hallways now," Katie said as she looked back at Riker. Riker just snorted with laughter and rolled his eyes.

"Have fun with that," he added.

"Guuys!" Carter complained loudly as he waved his hands at them. "Shuuut uuuup!"

"Carter, you shut up and stop your fangirling. There isn't much talking in this scene," Jeff replied.

"You would know," Jamie replied, sending a wink in Jeff's direction. Jeff reached over to slap her again, but Riker caught Jeff's wrist and shoved Jeff back into place. Jeff jutted out his bottom lip and pouted as he batted his eyelids and Riker snorted with laughter, pushing Jeff's face away from his own.

"Oh my god!" Carter suddenly exclaimed, throwing his hands into the air. The rest of them turned to the TV to see Riker and Jeff pulling away from each other's mouths at the end of Eli and Nick's scene together. "Holy shit! My life! Those two!"

"Carter, you need to calm down," Riker said.

"No!" Carter exclaimed in response, flailing his arms at Riker.

"Dude, this is getting to a creepy level. That is me and Jeff," Riker replied.

"I don't care!" Carter screamed.

"Carter. Calm yourself," Katie said, pulling her cousin to her chest and petting at his hair. Carter just sighed heavily and leaned into Katie's touch, arms going slack against his legs.

"But they kissed. Nick and Eli. My favorites," Carter breathed.

"You are such a creep," George commented. "Like, seriously. You know the two people who play Nick and Eli and they are currently sitting in your room and you're freaking out like a Tumblr fangirl."

"What are you talking about like a Tumblr fangirl? He is a Tumblr fangirl," Jamie laughed.

"This is true," Jeff and Katie agreed in unison.

"Shut up," Carter grumbled before pulling out of Katie's arms. Katie just smiled and reached over to pat Carter's cheek. He grumbled and slapped her hand away from his face.

"You have no life, Carter," Riker told him as he shoved away from the bed slightly to pull out his phone as it vibrated.

"Aw, who is it?" George asked.

"Curt. He texted me with a bunch of random letters," Riker replied.

"I'm just waiting for Ryan to call…oh, which is right now," Jeff laughed as Riker's phone started ringing.

"You would be correct," Riker snorted before answering his phone.


"Hi, Dad," Riker laughed.

"What the hell was that?" Ryan asked loudly.

"It is called acting, Ryan," Jeff called out, having heard Ryan's yells.

"Nooo! Don't deny me what I want, children! That was real!" Ryan exclaimed. Riker rolled his eyes as all the others snorted with laughter and shook their heads.

"Ryan, sweetie. It is just a show. You know that they're actors. You're the one who pushed Riker into doing the show in the first place," Miri's voice came.

"No, Miri. This is big. They had to kiss!" Ryan replied. "I've been waiting for this for years!"

"Dad, you realize it wasn't actually Jeff's and my choice, right?" Riker asked. "It was written into the script for Nick and Eli to kiss. We were just doing our job."

"See, you're telling me that now, but you can't deny how awkward you were with Jeff that one weekend when you came home," Ryan replied, causing Riker's cheeks to immediately flush. "I'm guessing that was the weekend right after you taped that scene. Both you and Jeff were prancing around each other and shit. You can't tell me I'm wrong. That was an intense kiss."

"Oh my god, Dad. You are ridiculous," Riker breathed. "You realize you've been waiting for Jeff and I to start dating for nine years and it still hasn't happened, right?"

"I am perfectly aware of this fact, but it does not mean that you two won't get together in the near future," Ryan replied, sounding pretty convinced with himself. Riker rolled his eyes and Jeff eyed Riker with raised eyebrows. "You should let me talk to Jeffry. I know he's sitting there with you. You're all probably gathered in Carter's room because Carter made you watch the show together."

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Here you go," Riker said before handing the phone off to Jeff, who huffed out a breath and then pressed Riker's phone to his ear.

"Hello, Ryan," Jeff breathed out. Riker heard his dad talking on the other end, but couldn't make out what he said. Katie, George, and Jamie all exchanged a look as Jeff blushed furiously and then looked at Riker. Riker just shrugged his shoulders and raised his eyebrows before looking over at Jeff. "No, Ryan. I don't know where you're getting that from."

"I'm not sure I even want to know what Ryan is asking at the moment since he offered to let you guys watch porn when you were twelve," Carter said as he lay back on his floor and stretched his arms over his head.

"Excuse me, what?" George choked out as he tried not to laugh.

"Yeah. When Jeff came out Dad burst into my room and asked if I needed to watch different porn and experiment with Jeff to determine if I was gay or not," Riker said as he shrugged again.

"Oh my god, that is hilarious," Jamie giggled with one hand over her mouth.

"I learned not to question Ryan pretty quickly after meeting him," Katie said.

"Well yeah, speaking one of the first things he said to you was about how Riker and Jeff were going to date and get married and have babies when they got older," Carter snorted. Katie giggled and nodded in agreement.

"Your dad is so special, Riker," George laughed.

"Oh, I know," Riker chuckled in agreement. "But most of the time I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Yeah, well I would," Jeff grunted as he tossed Riker's phone back to him. Riker smiled and then put his phone to his ear again.

"Dad, what did you say to anger the mighty Jeffy?" Riker asked.

"That is between Jeffry and me, thank you very much," Ryan replied. Riker rolled his eyes at this and Jeff huffed out a breath as he crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back against the bed. "Anyway, change of topic. How are you doing?"

"I'm fine, Dad," Riker said.

"Taking your medication every day?" Ryan asked.

"Yes, Dad, I am. Jeff makes sure I do," Riker sighed. Jeff looked over at Riker with one eyebrow raised and Riker mouthed meds in response. Jeff nodded at that and then leaned back against Riker's shoulder again with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Good, we don't need you to end up in the hospital again," Ryan said.

"Oh my god," Riker breathed, rubbing his temples with his free hand. "I wasn't on anything then, Dad. I'm fine."

"Just checking, goodness," Ryan chuckled.

"Yeah, well, it can get annoying," Riker replied as the others exchanged looks and Jeff huffed out a sigh.

"Sorry, Tike. You know how I worry," Ryan said.

"Yeah. Sorry," Riker breathed out.

"Don't worry about it," Ryan chuckled. "Now, I have to go, but I expect you and Jeffry to talk about this."

"There is nothing to talk about," Riker said.

"You can't convince me of that! In love!" Ryan exclaimed before hanging up the phone. Riker rolled his eyes and hung up his phone before shoving it back into his pocket.

"So, Ryan convinced you guys kissed for real and are in love?" George asked as he lay down on the floor.

"Yep," Riker replied as Jamie snorted with laughter, knowing exactly what had gone down on set that day. Riker shot her a look and then shoved her slightly. She laughed even more and then leaned back onto Riker's shoulder.

"I love you, Riker," Jamie added.

"Yeah, yeah, love you too," Riker chuckled as he kissed the top of her head.

"Alright. I want some late night soccer, let's go," George said as he shoved up from the floor and kicked lightly at Riker and Carter's legs. They both chuckled and then got up also.

"Mkay, let's go," Carter said as he grabbed his soccer ball and headed towards the door. "The rest of you coming?"

"Yep!" Katie chirped as she got up and bolted out the door, Jamie following soon after as she laughed.

"You hit me with the ball and I will harm you," Jeff grumbled as he got up.

"Oh, chill your gay butt," Riker laughed as he grabbed onto Jeff's hand and then dragged him out the door. Jeff snorted with laughter then and rolled his eyes as they all headed outside, Carter and George bouncing the ball between them as they went.